In line 23, "poison" is best understood to mean. In line 13, the word "hutch'' suggests the, indicate that the speaker has not actually experienced the sweetness, The verb phrase "must be'' (line 15) serves primarily to. A. D. Undaunted in the face of prejudice. Which of the following best paraphrases the meaning of line 12? Malicious Words. wry disdain. The speaker's tone in the passage can best be described as which of the following? AP Literature 2004 AP MC Mock Exam Questions.pdf, A colection of TOEFL Reading Comprehension.1.doc, A colection of TOEFL Reading Comprehension 2, SAT Literature, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, A collection of TOEFL Reading Comprehension 1-15, Dalat International School • NUR NUTRITION, Middle East Technical University • SAT 101, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals • ENGLISH 102, AP English Language and Composition Sample Test 2.pdf. In the third paragraph the speaker primarily portrays the critic as being A, 2 out of 2 people found this document helpful, the third paragraph, the speaker primarily, the passage as a whole, the speaker portrays, 43. Describe the extension of a particular activity into non traditional areas. The speaker characterizes the critic as being all, can be inferred from the passage that critics in- _, the speaker's time were most concerned with, follows this passage, the speaker probably. The structure of the sentence beginning in line 5 does which of the following? The primary effect of the discussion in the second and third paragraphs (lines 13-44) is one of. The style of the third paragraph differs from that of the first and second paragraphs in that it is. ridicule critics as inept but self-important .

The speakers description of the harp emphasizes all of the following except its, In lines 32-33, "the mute still air...instrument" suggests that the. 41. According to lines 23-26, Stephanie Nolen's primary criticism of book clubs is that they. View Test Prep - AP Lit Exam 2004, Complete, with Key from LIT 101 at Chapel Hill High School.

A. The speaker gives symbolic significance to which of the following? What is the subject of "provide'' (line 27)? preponderance of animal imagery. with very little effort. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. E. an inability to ascerain definitively. The fact that we can just hear The far off say shows how quiet our surroundings are. The "arrow" in line 38 is a metaphorical reference to. In the second paragraph, the goddess criticism is portrayed as being. C. Eager to appease her critics. Line Section. AP Literature 2004 AP MC Mock Exam Questions.pdf, Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY • HIST 120, BTM 354 TOURISM AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FINAL pdf, University of New South Wales • TELE 4123. Waters as, The use of the phrase "it will be'' in line 21 indicates that the speaker, The style of the third paragraph differs from that of the first and second, likening the popular conception of love to people's physical, In the fourth paragraph, the speaker establishes the predominant tone for the, The speaker's attitude toward "dancing-masters'' (lines 50-51) might best be.

infographics! In line 38, "tranquil" functions as which of the following? Lennie admires George, seeing him as a role model. Unrequited love. This preview shows page 11 - 13 out of 14 pages. Are too programmed. The mood of the poem is best described as, In line 10, "known to'' is best interpreted as, Between lines 24 and 25 and between lines 32 and 33, there is a shift from, The child's attitude is best described as one of, All of the following appear to shed tears or be filled with tears except the, The grandmother and the child in the poem are portrayed primarily through, both nature and human beings are animated by similar forces, Throughout the poem, the imagery suggests that, Which of the following literary devices most significantly contributes to the unity, The poet's attitude toward the characters in the poem is best described as a, emphasize the sense of abundance being described, In lines 1-4, the primary effect of using clauses that elaborate, The phrase "ought to be doing'' in line 4 does which of the following in the, The word "noon'' (line 7) refers most directly to the, The speaker characterizes a "romance'' (line 9) as all of the following except, The expectation referred to in lines 9-12 is reinforced most strongly by which of, From the statement "It is not positively affirmed that you shall not have a taste of, In the context of the passage, the phrase "cold lentils and vinegar without oil'', straightforward account of ordinary events, The speaker implies in the second paragraph that the narrative that follows will, The phrases "hatched under cradle-blankets'' and "undergoing regeneration by, Their bizarre behavior in the eyes of tradition-minded clergy, Which of the following aspects of the "disciples of Dr. Pusey'' (lines 29-30) is, suggesting the elaborate pretensions of the curate, The description of a curate in lines 32-40 has the primary effect of, The phrase "rods of Aaron'' (lines 43-44) refers specifically to, The passage as a whole introduces contrasts between all of the following, The importance of "Silence'' (line 1) is established by all of the following, Depicting silence as though it were a kind of sound, In the first stanza, the speaker makes use of paradox by doing which of, The reference to "curfew'' (line 6) indirectly establishes the, Which of the following best conveys the meaning of the word "uncreated''.

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