On the day the raft launches with Jin, Michael, Walt, and Sawyer, the french woman named Rousseau tells them the Others are coming for the child and Jack and other survivors attempt to open the Hatch using dynamite from another site on the island. During Aaron's birth, Kate, Claire, and Charlie, who left stage to help, all experience "flashes" of their true lives. In the flash sideways, Sayid helps his brother, who is in debt to a loan shark.

However, once they are located, they reluctantly reveal that they are indeed not there to rescue them.

The mysteries behind Richard Alpert's arrival to the island, his immortality, and his alliance with Jacob are revealed--plus more details about the purpose of the island and the relationship between Jacob and the smoke monster. Kate is shot, Jack rushes to help her, and they board the sub. When Kate returns to the Temple, she demands to see Claire.

David sneaks away to a piano competition, causing Jack to search for him. An anthology series exploring a twisted, high-tech multiverse where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. Reply. [58][59][60] Kelley appeared in five episodes, starting with "Recon".[61]. Promotional photos featuring Desmond were released following the airing of "The Package", though he was still absent from the group cast photos. Michael, Jin, and Sawyer meet up with them and after an understanding they head to the mid sections camp. Created by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof. Kate and Jin, with the help of two Others, go after him. Jack, now finally aware, joins everyone else in the pews of the church.

At the temp agency, Locke winds up with a job as a substitute teacher at a High School. Was this review helpful to you? Season 1 focuses on the mid section.

Do you like these lesser-known Joss Whedon shows? Michael's journey from escaping the island to working as Ben's spy on Widmore's ship is revealed, as well as his mission. The Flash season 6 (2019) Barry Allen, a forensic scientist with the Central City police force, is struck by lightning in a freak accident. Parent Directory-15-14-13-12-11-10-09-08-07-06-05-04-03-02-01: page 01 of 02 +01 +02 +03 +04 +05 +06 +07 +08 +09 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 <- Back | Next page ->

Charlie is found unconscious in the plane's bathroom, where he is saved by Jack, who discovers a bag of heroin lodged in Charlie's throat. He reaches the center stone and lifts it. The two groups share a final goodbye and part ways. Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, Sun or Jin, and Sayid find out that they were brought to the island as candidates to replace Jacob.

The survivors split into two groups; one led by Sawyer, the other by the Man in Black. The time warps stopped after Locke repeated what ben did to move the island because Locke was meant to do it in the first place, not Ben.

Ben and the MiB go to the well, where they find that Desmond has already been rescued by someone else. Michael tries to neutralize the explosives on the boat, while the "Oceanic 6" move closer to rescue.

Hurley gives Locke the number for a temp agency. [53] L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson reprised their roles as Rose Henderson and Bernard respectively, as does Kimberley Joseph who plays 815 stewardess-turned-Other Cindy. Jack says he should "let go", but Locke again refuses. A submarine filled with Widmore's people arrives on the island. On board, Jack decides to abandon the group and jump overboard. Sawyer catches up with Jack's group, and tells him MiB's plan of using Desmond to destroy the island.

On the island, Widmore subjects Desmond to a large amount of electromagnetic energy as an experiment. Locke sends Sawyer on a recon mission to the other island, where he runs into Charles Widmore and his submarine crew.

In Los Angeles, Ben contemplates a power play at his high school. Rose, Bernard and Vincent are revealed to be the ones who rescued Desmond. Also, minor characters such as Lynn Karnoff (Suzanne Krull) and Dr. Douglas Brooks (Bruce Davison) return. Sawyer is distraught over the loss of Juliet and it appears he is finally over his love of Kate.

Outside the Source, Desmond tells Jack that this - killing Locke and destroying the Island - doesn't matter, because once he goes into the cave, he'll go to another place where they can be with the ones they love. A few days later, Sawyer goes to talk with Kate in the police station. Jack then receives a call that he has to operate on somebody, and leaves with David.

He collapses in the same spot he awoke after the crash of Flight 815.

Boone and Shannon; a brother and sister, and Sayid; a torturer during the Gulf War.

Jack sees his childhood home in the mirrors of the lighthouse, which makes Jack so upset he shatters all of them. Locke wakes up from surgery, and having sensation in his legs again causes him to remember his life. Here the meet Desmond Hume who has lived in the Hatch for 3 years but runs away after he notes that they (the survivors) are his replacements. Jack restores the stone cork at the cost of his life. The Others submerge Sayid in the muddied water and he drowns; they hold him under until a small hourglass empties. The Man in Black and Ben confront Widmore in the secret room, and the Man in Black slits Zoe's throat. The stream from the waterfall stops, the electromagnetic force recedes, the light goes out, the pool dries up and there is a red hot glow emitting from the center.

Kate asks where he wants to leave to and Desmond drives off to show her. The Man in Black stands on the cliff above the cliffside cave. He also tells Kate that Claire is around but won't come. [18] Josh Holloway stated his character Sawyer would revert to his old self after the loss of Juliet. The search for Desmond reveals that he has been rescued and the Man in Black plans to use him to destroy the island. Later on, Claire's "friend", the Man in Black, stops by her camp. Charles assigns Desmond the task of babysitting Charlie so he can perform at Daniel's concert. The survivors lay siege to the sub and board it. Juliet exposes Sun's pre-island affair to Jin so that they won't defect to Locke's camp.

At the Beach Camp, the survivors debate on whether or not to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island by destroying the Ajira plane with dynamite. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, explore a world in which every human appetite can be indulged without consequence. He tells everyone that Widmore put the C4 there, intending to kill them all.

As revenge for the murder of their adoptive mother (who killed their real mother), Jacob throws his brother into the source of electromagnetism after being made the island's guardian, which transforms the Man in Black into the smoke monster. Season 3 This season focuses on the Other.

He was also not present in any of the new character specific promotional photos for the new season. The two continue to argue until Desmond reaches the bottom. Jack replies that he already tried that and that all of this matters. The only exception is Season 1, which has only two episodes with the title beginning with the word "the". Elsewhere, Kate tracks Sawyer to DHARMA's submarine dock. Ben tries to escape Keamy's custody so that he and Locke can follow through with Jacob's request to move the island. With Jack's help, Locke rescues the candidates from Widmore's compound, but their plans for leaving the island are forced to change.

Episodes She joins them on the Elizabeth as they betray the Man in Black and head to Hydra Island without him. [63] The entire season averaged 10 million viewers. A power struggle ensues between Jack, who wants to leave the island, and Locke, who thinks that they're supposed to stay.

The Man in Black leads James to a cave where he finds hundreds of names on the cave wall, most of which have been crossed out, except for 5; Shephard (Jack), Reyes (Hurley), Jarrah (Sayid), Ford (himself) and Kwon (either Jin or Sun). And in the end Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles, Lapidus, and Richard leave the island. Jack stands up and kicks the Man in Black off the cliff to his death. Later, at the benefit concert, Juliet is also forced to return to the hospital, so David and Claire go alone. Hurley and Sayid sit in their car outside a bar, and they see a fight break out. In the U.S., original episodes of season six aired between February 2, 2010 and May 23, 2010. He also beats up Ben, causing him to experience "flashes". Rose and Bernard plus Vincent are on the island too but don't get involved. He enters the back of the church, where his father's coffin is located.

With Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly.

Jack and Kate go after the helicopter, and are later joined by Sawyer.

Sayid and Desmond meet the ship's captain and discover who is working on the boat.

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