1 Episode (2014), Bill Smitrovich Avenue 5 HBO release date: When does it start? Young Boy Back in Vancouver, and with only a few days to spare before the Off-shore bank meeting, the Reardon banker, Hogarty goes on a drug-fueled bender. With its pilot first airing on November 28, 2005, the series began regular broadcasting on October 10, 2006. Gordon Greyson It is also viewable through ABC's iview platform.

1 Episode (2014), Emily Chang We were nominated for eleven Geminis. The series is available in the United States on Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service. With Royden out of the way, Mary is appointed head of the Asia Pacific Region of CSIS. 1 Episode (2014), Johnny Kostrey The closing scene of the episode has Reardon, who is on his cell-phone with Stella, his daughter, being hit by the Americans in a drive-by shooting. / ... Intelligence centres on Jimmy Reardon (Tracey), one of Vancouver's top organized crime bosses, and Mary Spalding (Scott), the director of the Vancouver Organized Crime Unit (OCU), who has offered Reardon immunity from prosecution in exchange for his role as a police informant. Intelligence premieres tonight (Friday, February 21) at 9pm on Sky One. 1 Episode (2014), Michael Trucco 1 Episode (2014), Iris Almario The Intelligence.

Norman 1 Episode (2014), Lucia Sullivan 1 Episode (2014), Peter Bryant Francine takes Stella and leaves Reardon.

Ted discovers, through his investigation of Dante, that Jim has sold Dante his ATM business and has acquired an off-shore bank in the Bahamas. Directors: Stephen Surjik (7 episodes, 2006-2007) Stefan Pleszczynski (4 episodes, 2006-2007) Stuart Margolin (3 episodes, 2006-2007) David Frazee (2 episodes, 2006-2007)

This page was last edited on 7 September 2020, at 20:40. Schwimmer serves as an executive producer on Intelligence, alongside Mohammed and Nerys Evans. ", When Ted informs Mary of the impending gang-war, she tries to get Reardon to bring Dante and Phan (the Vietnamese leader) to the bargaining table. His grandfather was a prohibition-era rumrunner and his father was into the heroin trafficking business. | Alexa, GCHQ employee | 1 Episode (2014), Michael Seitzman 23 Episodes (2014-2016), Stephen Williams

There's a theory afloat that CBC Television cancelled the unusually good drama Intelligence in fear of upsetting Canada's New Government, which is thought to be slavering for an excuse to junk the nation's public broadcaster and sell off the parts. [2], An NSA agent (David Schwimmer) is assigned to act as liaison to the cyber crimes unit in the UK's Government Communications Headquarters, quickly antagonising the unit's chief with his brash style and tendency to try to take over. 23 Episodes (2014-2016), Josh Holloway order back issues and use the historic Daily Express

Amos Pembroke Lillian Strand 2 Episodes (2014-2014), Peter Coyote 1 Episode (2014), Ethan Cohn Intelligence is a Vancouver-based crime drama television series created and written by Chris Haddock starring Ian Tracey and Klea Scott that aired on the CBC. Express. Dominik Salvi

Viewers will be treated to a double bill of the workplace comedy, with episode two airing from 9.30pm until 10pm. DEA Agent Williams, re-arranges the evidence in the diner to make it appear as if Jim is a cop killer. To get revenge, he organizes a double-cross that puts this supplier out of business and allows CSIS to make a major drug bust. Jim attempts to surrender to the Americans, only to end up causing a shoot out. Acorn Media has released the entire series on DVD in Region 1. Ted's investigation uncovers the bigger picture about Jordan and his men. His other credits include Hank Zipzer, Uncle and Reggie Perrin.

"A Dark Alliance (Season Finale, Part I)". HBO 2020 release schedule: What’s new on HBO in January 2020? 1 Episode (2014), Vachik Mangassarian Full list revealed. Salmon is a British actor, best known for playing Charles Robinson in three James Bond films. 23 Episodes (2014-2016), Tomas Arana The FBI travel to Vancouver to hunt Reardon down on murder charges. The tense situation in Vancouver's underworld seems to have calmed down a bit, when the Americans launch a surprise attack on the Alliance. It appears that he is still alive as the scene fades to black.

1 Episode (2014), Tom Connolly 1 Episode (2014), Ilia Volok Sylvestra Le Touzel takes on the role of Christine Clark, the boss of computer intelligence at GCHQ. Stanwick Finnegan Season two begins with Jim Reardon trapped in a Seattle diner during a DEA setup.

[3], The series is being broadcast in the UK on Sky One. 1 Episode (2014), Konstantin Lavysh He most recently starred as General Zod in the Syfy series Krypton. 1 Episode (2014). Most notably he directed the 2007 British comedy Run Fatboy Run starring Simon Pegg. He has another meeting with the Americans and agrees to "cut" them a piece of the street trade. Imam

This series goes behind the scenes of the future to meet the people who are building tomorrow's world. 1 Episode (2014), Simon Chin Torbin Salvi A government agent has a microchip in his brain that gives him access to key intel information. Mackenzie Bradshaw

1 Episode (2014), Yorgo Constantine | Reardon becomes increasingly worried about this American crew, when his surveillance teams put Jordan and the murderer of Dante's man, working together. This convinces Reardon that the Americans are in Vancouver for more than just kidnapping him. Chinese Ambassador Get a daily burst of illumination from The Economist's worldwide network of correspondents.

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