Fiona (in series 1) and Debbie (in series 4–6) were especially hostile since they were the ones who were forced to take on the household duties. Once again, she states that she is going out to purchase a loaf of bread and disappears. Maxine desperately tries to explain to Ian. Nin Gallagher is Frank Gallagher's (David Threlfall) grandmother who appears in the first episode of series 7 of Shameless. She arrives from Glasgow to live with her aunt and cousins, Shane (Nicky Evans) and Micky Maguire (Ciarán Griffiths), in Chatsworth and her looks immediately attract the attentions of many residents, including Shane. Marty reveals that him and Sue lived happily for years in Spain with their kids, only for Sue to cheat on him with a rich local and kick him out of the house. Paddy reveals that he felt shamed by his sons for abandoning him during that night, and in a moment of self-pity, paid Kelly for sex to "hurt" his son, but he now deeply regrets it. Libby is furious when she finds out, but Liam assures her that he didn't have sex. He can offer good advice, for example saving Liam from being taken into care when a parent was needed. Lillian was revealed during series 2 to suffer narcolepsy, when she was questioned by the police about medication she used, suspecting that her late husband Brendan may have been killed due to a gang-based turf war over drugs. Carl continues most of his habits and is tended to by his siblings. In series 3, Carl briefly worked for the Maguires by growing marijuana for them in his loft, until the police found out about the production. Katie is not seen or mentioned again until the eleventh and final series, where Frank is seen pulling faces at a young girl on the bus. Meanwhile, Shane, Billy Tutton (Michael Taylor) and Jamie try to enter the room, but Ruby has placed furniture in front of the door. Kash became a city councillor in Series 3. A recovered heroin addict, she became a prostitute and inspired Lillian Tyler (Alice Barry) to open up a brothel, and struck up a relationship with Shane Maguire (Nicky Evans), which ended under intimidation from his father Paddy (Sean Gilder). Maureen then returned to the kitchen with matches. She returns in the show's penultimate episode when she sees on the news Frank and Stella are held hostage and tries to negotiate a deal where she would take Stella's place, but ends up locked with her daughter and ex-husband. Mandy later admits to lying, and Donny stops harassing Ian. Unbeknownst to Mandy, but Karen has begun an affair with Joe. In various episodes, Liam is seen to adopt Debbie's mannerisms and views in respect of his feelings about religion, figures of authority and the ways in which his family cope with one another. In the tenth episode of Series 7, Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone) takes Katie to Brighton to visit Lip. Carl finds Maxine at hospital and admits to her that she was right to abort their child. Telling Karen to take Connor back and do whatever it takes to make it work with Jamie, he drags Joe's body to the trunk and then drives the car away.[12]. Things begin to go badly for Chesney a party thrown at his house takes an abrupt turn when a drunk girl is taken advantage of, and the boy that transpired the events gets battered to death by the girl's older brother. After this, Debbie and Mark have sex in on the kitchen floor, reminiscent to the scene in the first episode where Steve and Fiona also have sex in the kitchen, in the same place as Debbie does. Norma expresses dissatisfaction with her living conditions, much to Debbie Gallagher's (Rebecca Ryan) annoyance who tells her to "put some effort in" after saying that she mooches off them almost as much as her parents do. In the end, he makes amends with his family and partakes in their activities. Joe's temper flares up as he drives Lillian Tyler (Alice Barry), from his shop.

During her early appearances on the show, Kelly had a hostile relationship with her sister-in-law Veronica Fisher (Maxine Peake), who was the one that eventually discovered her addiction to heroin, and helped Kelly get clean by locking her in the bathroom against her will, she would later return to Chatsworth looking for a room to rent and Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall) used it as opportunity to collect cash from her, and allows her to live with him and Sheila Jackson (Maggie O'Neill) but little do they know that's she's a prostitute and kick her out because of it. He and Mimi married on the last episode of Series 8. Joe and Karen resume their affair, but Karen is afraid to tell Jamie the truth. function notAvailable(me) { After a short conversation, Paddy hands Kelly an amount of money, in exchange for sex. She later takes Ian to a party at her parents house under the pretence that Ian is her doctor boyfriend. When the second series begins, the Maguire family are introduced, with certain episodes just focusing on their family, and both the Maguire family and Gallagher coming into contact and conflict, with marriage, teenage pregnancies and neighbourhood rivalry. Mimi gives birth to a newborn daughter, later named Cilla, at the end of Series 7 after complaining of stomach pains and nausea which scared her into believing she had started menopause. She tells him that she's always felt like he undermined her and that she'd always been told she had no confidence—even today she had lost a job as head cleaner at the hospital because of lack of confidence. Joe works as an accountant, and captains a local amateur football team in Chatsworth. Still feeling like an outcast and wanting badly to make her marriage work again, it's only after she runs into Frank at the hospital that she realizes she's tired of being judged for her past mistakes. Fiona Gallagher. Sita Desai is the cousin of Chesney Karib (Qasim Akhtar) who comes to Chatsworth to look after the shop and keep Chesney on the straight and narrow. As she continues to help clear Carl's name, Ian bitterly accuses her of caring more about Carl than she does him. Also, Mimi is someone upon whom Libby Croker (Pauline McLynn) can depend when she seeks advice or assistance.

He claimed to have been incarcerated in Strangeways Prison. 16 Foot Lumber Yard Skiff Plans, Surely, though, most of her self-destruction is revolved around reckless decisions made while chasing men. Norma accompanies Monica back to the Gallagher home in series 4, and lives in the Dormobile in the garden. Early in the series, it is revealed that Kash is homosexual. Mimi decides that it is best to leave Katie in the care of her father. Fiona was reluctant to leave with him, as she did not want to abandon her siblings and friends. In series 5 he begins a relationship with shop owner Yvonne Karib (Kelli Hollis). When Fiona returns for the final episode, it is revealed she gave birth to his son. When Jock is in hospital, Paddy reveals that he had been a young boxer at the club; he had real potential to use his skills to get a better life, but Jock essentially sold him to a crime family. When Ian attempts to kill this man with the gun he used to threaten Maxine, she tries to stop him from taking matters further.

Carol then moved in to The Jockey.

She appeared in 5 episodes. Unfortunately, Micky struggles with the course and is distracted by an erotic story his professor accidentally slips in with his coursework. Stella is born to Frank and Monica in April 2008, with Monica giving birth next to Frank, who is in a coma during the birth. In Series 8, Mandy briefly appears as an apparition or hallucination to comfort her mother when she suffers from insomnia. It is revealed that he has finished university, acquired a new job in London where he is now working as an architect, and would have been engaged to be married to Mandy. Virgin River Book Summary Wikipedia, Carl's name is soon cleared and he attempts to make amends with Ian, but Ian isn't interested. Billy appeared in 40 episodes overall.

Later in the show on the start of a season Kev and Veronica were seen on TV when apprehended by Romanian authorities for attempting to buy a child from an orphanage. In the meantime, Jamie tricks his brother, Shane (Nicky Evans), into willingly giving up his attempt to run the family business. Both Kev and Veronica now reside in Nottingham, where Kev works in construction. Frank and Liam came into serious conflict in series 7, when Liam was forced by circumstances to take over Debbie's former burden as the de facto head of the family.

The Grand Tour Seamen, In series 7, Kelly is chosen initially by Jamie and Karen to be the godmother of their newborn son, Connor Joseph Maguire.

Even though Lip and Carl try to convince Fiona otherwise, Fiona refuses to believe they will change and offer Frank money to leave as he intended. Vernon Francis "Frank" Gallagher (born 12 March 1960) is the main protagonist of Shameless. He tries to plead with Fiona to stop her choice, since they turned out fine with or without their parents. In Series 6 Shane suffers a head injury whilst running a hotel scam with his lover, Kelly Ball (Sally Carman). Kelvin Alan "Kev" Ball (born 24 January 1974) worked in the local public house, The Jockey, and was the next door neighbour of the Gallagher family. The last straw for Shane was when Jimmy promised to harm the family, including Liam. Shane was upset at the thought of never having children.

Mandy realised that Maureen was the person who kidnapped Paddy. Wild Kratts Go Nuts, Carl proposes to Maxine, but she turns him down. Steve appeared in 16 episodes overall. Dominic "Dom" Meak is a priest on sabbatical leave due to his affair with an underage girl who became pregnant but then miscarried. Monica replied that her relationship with his father was "above right or wrong". The following is a list of fictional characters from the English comedy-drama Shameless, created by Paul Abbott, which began broadcasting on Channel 4 in 2004. Carl develops a long tally of sexual conquests in the later series, one notable example being the mother of one girl whom he was dating during his last year of secondary school. His parents delayed his birth registration for over a year. His secret girlfriend from university, Alex, decides to make a trip to the Chatsworth Estate.

Frank's hallmarks are drunken rants on a wide variety of literary, historical and philosophical subjects, usually returning to how decent, hard-working people, among whom he erroneously seems to count himself, are discriminated against. Joona Linna Wife And Daughter, He appeared in 108 episodes in total. Tam appeared in 10 episodes overall. She named her twins after two famous chefs, Delia Smith and Nigel Slater (although it is possible that the latter was named after Nigella Lawson). Since the series started, the Gallagher family has split hugely, with many of the Gallagher children departing the show, due to the actors' moving onto other projects. The two live relatively happily in the Gallagher household for a time, until Marty accompanies Kev and Veronica in a scheme to buy a Romanian baby from an orphanage. Margaret Harmonica Joy Catherine "Mimi" Tutton[4][5] (also Hepburn and Maguire) is the brash, foul-mouthed, and violent matriarch of the Maguire family. In the final episode of Shameless, Liam was stated by Lip to be a practicing Buddhist. They hide in Chesney's shop but when Jimmy again threatens Carl's family, Carl attacks him. Joe distanced himself from Karen during and after her mental breakdown, but they continued to have feelings for each other. Between Series 7–8, Liam was the remaining Gallagher on the Chatsworth estate that possesses any sense of responsibility and maturity. In the fifth episode, just before Frank and Libby's wedding, Carl reads a best man's speech written by Liam, which turns out to be a personal message from him. In his only appearance on the show, he bundles Ian Gallagher (Gerard Kearns) into a car and attends Ian and his sister Mandy's (Samantha Siddall) engagement party, where he is involved in a pub brawl. Libby starts putting up posters because of his disappearance. In Series 6, Mandy has recently fallen for Joe Pritchard (Ben Batt), an accountant and the captain of a local football team. However, with physiotherapy and speech therapy, his condition begins to improve.

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