Ekobo reincarnation, Shin Ekoda, described him a "fine young man" who had "the appearance of a man among men". Ultimo Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Origin Yamato Agari (東 大和 Agari Yamato) is the main character in the series Karakuri Dôji Ultimo. Alias

He has demonstrated obsessive feelings towards her, ever since their chance meeting in elementary school, but she has yet to provide any indication on whether these feelings are mutual. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Tetsuki_Yamato?oldid=3922368. However, Yamato admits he can't trust Rune anymore because they are enemies and Rune refuses to change sides due to his anger towards Ultimo for killing him in past life and Yamato's current infatuation with Sayama. He also tends to be rather melodramatic when he believes that he ruins his chance with her or does something awkward in front of her, thinking "my life is over". Although Yamato still wants to remain like a normal human and sometimes even thinks about leaving Ultimo, but he always questions if he can really leave Ultimo because he is someone he cares about. Resident Evil fans have quite a lot to look forward to with Netflix as not only is the streaming service working on a new live-action ... One Piece Cliffhanger Sets Up Yamato… https://demonsz.fandom.com/wiki/Yamato?oldid=4038. N: The premise is always that Yamato saves the Earth. Yamato Agari (東 大和 Agari Yamato) is the main character in the series Karakuri Dôji Ultimo. He was shown to be caring, fair, noble, kind, calm, and showed great leadership skills over his group, which was composed of adults and children alike.

Due to the present circumstances surrounding his age, Yamato spends a significant percentage of time in school, resulting in his typical clothing consisting simply of the uniform that he wears when attending Senjo Academy. is a character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Adventure tri. ZECT Kamen Rider While he initially wanted nothing to do with the dôji, he reenacted the Pledge Ritual with Ultimo and decided to fight to protect all of those close to him. Yamato confesses to Rune that he always felt lonely and the cheerful demeanor other people usually sees is more or less a facade. For example, he was able to stop Jealous by simply taking his master hostage instead head-on likes some might excepted from him.

For his age, Yamato is relatively tall and is a man of normal build. Due to his father leaving him when he was very young and his mother Fushimi Agari rarely ever home, Yamato was usually more or less has the company of (questionable) adult babysitters for most of his childhood.

However, the current Yamato is known for his loud voice, naive remarks and impulsive actions, much to the annoyance of many characters and is regarded as an "idiot" and somewhat "incompetent" by his friends and the dôji. Crimes He along with his group of bandits tried to steal the two boxes containing Ultimo and Vice, thus starting the everlasting battle between them and the other Karakuri Dôji. Although, his hair still retains it's largely spiky styling, it is considerably longer in length and is tied back using a long thin length of cheap fabric.
Complete Jacob's Ladder.Destroy Neo-ZECT. He is the reincarnation of a bandit, also named Yamato, that tried to assault Roger Dunstan in 12th Century Kyoto. Riku Kagami | Issei Kurosaki | Tetsuki Yamato | Next-Worms. This obsessive crush has once saved him from Jealous in Chapter 18, as the dôji's heart reading ability had him see many mind images of Sayama, acting like shield in Yamato's heart. When it looked like he was losing the battle, it was revealed that he was fighting with love to "save" Rune by breaking through his heart. Although, a large portion of items remain the same, they are of much higher quality and have lost the peasant appearance previously attributed to them. His kind, noble, and albeit rash actions is often a surprise to many characters and sometimes has an impact on people, noticeably Jealous, who often thinks about Yamato's kindhearted actions and even Vice, who briefly thought about Yamato after saving him from Roger Dunstan. When Yamato found out the truth he was very shocked and saying that "now is now", as they are both male, best friends and he likes Sayama. I absolutely don’t want to break that. Yamato is also rather comical compare to his friends and others, often causing or getting into embarrassing situations, thus providing most of the comic relief in the series. During a mission to eliminate Neo-ZECT Ketaros confronts and fights Kamen Rider Hercus only for Kamen Rider Kabuto to intervene in their fight. https://ultimo.fandom.com/wiki/Yamato_Agari?oldid=20172. A 17-year-old girl, who attends the same school as Yamato in the 21st century and one of his friends.

Although usually trying to win her affections, Yamato doesn't let his feelings for Sayama influence his moral compass; as when offered a chance to impress her and was offers money to buy lavish gifts for her, Yamato refuse because he knows buying someone's affections wasn't right. Tetsuki Yamato is a Kabutech Rider in service of ZECT, Kamen Rider Ketaros, and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love. By Nica Osorio 10/28/20 AT 3:00 AM. Yamato often lets his emotions get in away of battle, to Musashi Murayama's dismay, but Goge and Sophia are able to sense that this is because he fights with love without negative emotions or intent, which is why Ultimo choose him as his master.

Readers are taken back and forth in time. Goals Kamen Rider Kabuto Minor Worms: Aracnea Worm Rubor | Aracnea Worm Flavus | Aracnea Worm Nigrita | Lanprys Worm | Bellcricetus Worm | Epilachna Worm | Pulex Worm | Verber Worm | Verber Worm Rota | Coleoptera Worm Aeneus | Coleoptera Worm Croceus | Coleoptera Worm Argentum | Musca Worm | Sectio Worm Acuere | Formicaalubus Worm Oculus | Formicaalubus Worm | Formicaalubus Worm Maxilla | Viellis Worm | Sepultura Worm | Tarantes Worm Purpura | Genomyas Worm | Brachypelma Worm Aurantium | Brachypelma Worm Viridis | Geophilid Worm | Acarina Worm | Acarina Worm Amber | Culex Worm | Cammarus Worm | Cochlea Worm | Leptophyes Worm | Subst Worm, Movie
It was abject poverty that drove Yamato towards the occupation of a bandit and his clothes are a representation of the current life leads, being both of the lowest quality and greatly torn, and comprising of only of an unbranded kimono and dark sash with a single katana worn on to his left side. Kamen Rider Ketaros Yamato's original incarnation of the 12th Century, remains relatively the same in appearance, with only his clothes changing dramatically between the two periods. Sails Worms After numerous years of traveling with Ultimo during this 12th Century, Yamato's wears have drastically altered, demonstrating the significant amount of respect and popularity he has now earned. However, he was shown to be rather crass and cocky at times, which lead him to underestimate his enemies and acted recklessly, but confidently charged into battle all the same.

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