Zahn McClarnon stands at the height of five feet and six inches (1.68 meters). In the family, he also has a fraternal twin brother. However, Zahn has opted not to share his earnings with the outside world. The supporting actor Zahn McClarnon has been very secretive about his private life. Related To WestWorld:- Katja Herbers Husband, Net Worth, Family, Now.

He then first appeared on the screen via the role of a Hispanic kid in the TV show called Tequila and Bonetti in 1992. Born on 24 October 1966 in Nebraska, Zahn is the son of Gerald McClarnon and LorettaMcClarnon. Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth. During his early days in the film industry, he was seen with many guest roles in several TV series such as Baywatch (1992), Cooperstown (1993), In Living Color (1993), Murphy Brown (1993), Renegade (1994), and Thunder in Paradise (1994). The Native-American actor made headlines in November 2017 due to his head injury after hitting his head at home. He also believed the addictions he had were genetical as his mother was an alcoholic too.

At his age, many believe that he has a family but just choose to conceal them from the prying eyes of the media.

As such, no information about him being married or in a relationship is disclosed. Zahn McClarnon Married/Wife Since his big break with Fargo, fans have become increasingly curious to know if Zahn is married to anyone. Fortunately, he came clean and got into a happier state in life.

Zahn McClarnon is an actor who has worked in famous movies such as Halfway to Hell (2013), Bloodline (2013), Strike One (2014), and Neither Wolf Nor Dog (2016). The injury suspended the production of the show he was working on named WestWorld (2018). By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 2020 and All Rights Reserved With a zeal to rid himself of addiction, he took the AA 12-step program along with is sweat lodge ceremonies. © With more than 80 credits in movies and TV shows, Zahn must have a hefty net worth. Zahn discovered drugs and alcohol at an early age and had a very rough life in the beginning. Zahn moved to Los Angeles in1990 to pursue his career as an actor.

Sadly, Zahn has never revealed that information to the media, not even on social media. Despite sharing a humorous picture which was created by the members of the comedy sketch group, 1491s on his Instagram in Valentine's day 2018, and being a constant face in the Television industry for more than fourteen years, Native American Lakota-Irish actor, Zahn McClarnon's married life is a source of gossip for many.

Similarly, it is also not known if his sexuality is gay or straight.

You Might Like:- Peter Gallagher Net Worth. Regrettably, his dependence gave him a heart attack when he was 33, and consequently, he’d need to reside on drugs for the remainder of his life. He has a mixed ethnicity of Polish, Irish, and English descent from his father, whereas Hunkpapa and Sihasapa Lakota Native American, German, some French from his mother. As such, no information about him being married or in a relationship is disclosed.

So, it is not known as to if he has a wife or a partner. The 51-year-old is best known for his role of Chief Mathias in the … He is a kind of actor who is known to many but rarely spoken of as he is mainly seen as a supporting actor in the movies and TV shows he plays. His mom can be sober and currently teaches therapy at a rehab clinic in Rosebud, South Dakota. Talking about his early life experience, Zahn openly has shared his story of a battle with drugs and alcohol and how he was addicted on and off for twenty years. Zahn McClarnon at South Dakota on 20 November 2019 (Photo: Zahn McClarnon's Instagram). The supporting actor Zahn McClarnon has been very secretive about his private life. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. Similarly, it is also not known if his sexuality is gay or straight.

But, Zahn like his mom came clean and has been formally married in 2000, in age 34. He eventually climbed up to the bigger screens and worked on TV series such as Into the West (2005), The Shield (2004-2007), Ringer (2011-2012), Fargo (2015), Longmire (2012-2017), Westworld (2018), and The Son (2017). So, it is not known as to if he has a wife or a partner. Contact Us, Zahn McClarnon Married, Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Katja Herbers Husband, Net Worth, Family, Now.

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