Jasmine even believes the house is haunted and tells her followers of unexplained occurrences. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. TikTok star Jasmine Chiswell lives in Marilyn Monroe’s house in 2020 has perfectly coiffed platinum blonde hair, a penchant for red lipstick, and a wardrobe of exclusively 1950s dresses. https://evoke.ie/2020/05/25/life-style/marilyn-monroe-lookalike

‘Of course I found her signature while changing lightbulbs one day in the kitchen.’. She said DiMaggio was ‘cold and indifferent’ to her and that days would go by when he wouldn’t speak to her. The Scottish blogger loves showing off her four-bedroom home, which includes an original chandelier, vanity mirror and tiled bathtub which Marilyn would have bathed in.

The pundit and former Liverpool star has revealed his tips ahead of Thursday's clashes. Liam Payne sports deep blue eyeliner in 'accidental' selfie... as fans brand the bold look 'breathtaking' The iconic pin-up is lived there with her second husband, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, in the early 1950s - with a cheque for paying the rent signed by Monroe dated 1953.

I didn't realise at the age of 22 I'd be moving to LA all on my own with no family not knowing anything about LA and then keep pursuing my career which I still am today. Dumfries and Galloway coronavirus figures for Thursday, November 5, A further 19 positive cases have been confirmed in the region since Wednesday, Michael Owen delivers Celtic and Rangers Europa League predictions as pundit expects Steven Gerrard pain. Nevada results could come on Thursday after officials delay count, John Lennon’s Palm Beach home which he bought but never visited sells for $36million, Hospitals are NO busier than normal, top experts claim, Virgin Media’s super-fast broadband now available to millions across the UK, Liam Payne sports deep blue eyeliner in ‘accidental’ selfie. Neighbours say the blast was 'like a bomb' amid calls for a ban.

I didn’t realise at the age of 22 I’d be moving to LA all on my own with no family not knowing anything about LA and then keep pursuing my career which I still am today.’, She added: ‘I didn’t realise I would meet my future husband – who dresses vintage too – and live in my dream home which is Marilyn Monroe’s house. Didn't mean to post that!' Jasmine told how she found the charred remains of a magazine in an incinerator (left), and Marilyn had allegedly circled certain articles (right), According to Jasmine, in one room of the house is the pawprint of Marylin’s beloved dog Maf, a Maltese terrier given to her by Frank Sinatra to comfort her after she split from husband Arthur Miller. The blogger, who has amassed an impressive 95.8k followers on Instagram, moved to LA three years ago after acting in various BBC kids shows and doing a masters degree in acting. Corey Liversedge, from Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, sadly passed away on October 24. Jasmine loves to show off her four-bedroom home, which the late star shared with baseball player Joe during their short-lived marriage in 1954.

Protect Scotland app extended for use across England and Wales.

Marilyn began dating Joe DiMaggio, center fielder for the New York Yankees, in March 1952 – just a few months he had retired from baseball, aged just 36, because of injuries.

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