Seniors get their morning walks in. Which is why Jasper Mall is so great: you feel like you really get a sense of the microculture that forms in a mall like this. Watch Award This! "Jasper Mall" pivots on McClelland, a former zookeeper.

Whitcomb: Films can change your life and we wanted to be a part of that. While “Jasper Mall” provided a gripping visual on how shopping malls are struggling, malls continue to be reimagined around the country, and the possibilities are many for rural malls and those in large metropolitan areas. Like many malls across the country, Jasper Mall has struggled in recent years. “This is going to be a place for the community to come and enjoy themselves,” he said. Alabama shopping mall subject of new documentary film.

Inside under harsh incandescent lighting, McClelland handles maintenance and other mall matters in solitude, as if he's marooned alone on another world, like in that 2009 Sam Rockwell astronaut movie, "Moon.". Jasper Mall. Another way to get Alabama NewsCenter content. Repurposing the Jasper Mall space turned into a community effort. For "Jasper Mall," Allen and Whitcomb were a film crew of two, although a couple others were brought on to help during a few busier sequences, including a carnival scene and one involving a bored Santa Claus. There are many a recollection in Jasper Mall of how busy the mall was back when it was constructed in 1982, how packed it was with people. At one point, former zookeeper (!) Many of its retailers have closed, and only one anchor tenant, Belk, remains. Volunteers clean out the Jasper Mall space that once housed J.C. Penney to make way for a church and a nonprofit to locate in the space.

Malls and "Jasper Mall" with its untouched '80s aesthetic fit the bill perfectly. ", It's well documented consumers have gravitated to online shopping in recent years and shopping malls are looking extinction in the eye. While the northwestern Alabama mall is not abandoned quite yet, as store closing after store closing persists, the inevitable YouTube video is not too far off. Visually, at times "Jasper Mall" resembles an indie feature or Netflix limited series. They shot “Jasper Mall” throughout 2018. Allen: Of course.

SLAMDANCE 2020 FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW! Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. “Many vacated malls, shopping centers and big-box stores have desirable location attributes – frontage along primary commercial arterials and public transit routes, proximity to employment centers and site configuration or building design that’s well-suited for adaptive reuse,” CCIM’s K.C. We got the impression the mall was very busy through the '80s and '90s. "Jasper Mall" had its world premiere at Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The owner of mall-based jewelry stores like Kay, Zales and Jared will close as many as 400 locations, according to its recent financial statements.

In addition to McClelland, "Jasper Mall" viewers get to meet shop owners and mall patrons. Bradford Allen: All of our films are inspired by something nostalgic from our childhood, and usually we try to take a look behind the curtain of that nostalgia, so to speak, to see how these things have impacted individuals or continue to impact individuals in the present day. “What we’re trying to create is a place our community can be proud of.”. US Navy. Allen: Some of the same ones Brett listed, plus "Marjoe," "American Movie," "F for Fake," "Crumb" and "Hands on a Hardbody.".

Legal. Brett Whitcomb: I think the way the mall looked inspired us the most. about his life as a zoo keeper —> mall janitor. Jasper, AL Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Looking at the mall now (which, from a design standpoint, is trapped in the glory of its 1982 heyday), it is a skeleton of its former self. "He truly cares and takes pride in the work he does there.". 20 music stars who got their start as sidemen/sidewomen, How Muscle Shoals music Meccas are surviving and reopening, How local libraries turned the page during a pandemic, Black is Beautiful for these Huntsville breweries, Alabama rapper’s timely Black Lives Matter music video, Visit Alabama Media Group, Birmingham at (Worship Life Jasper), Raising Arrows feeds an estimated 5,000 meals to children in Walker County each week, and the nonprofit group has renovated an old shopping mall to enhance community feeding efforts. A church, Worship Life Jasper, has filled more of the 54,000-square-foot former department store. As a premium athletic retailer, our … I remember being a tween and young teen and malls were a place to meet up with friends, girls, etc. The nonprofit works to develop future leaders in west Montgomery. These fortresses of capitalism were crucial in the social lives of countless teens and, many times provided focal points in a community. Subtitled, “A year in the life of a dying shopping mall,” the doc “Jasper Mall,” is now streaming on video on demand platforms.Bradford Allen and Brett Whitcomb are the film’s co-directors. Moon's Day Spa. “It seems that it will allow them to expand and be more efficient,” O’Mary said of Raising Arrows. The Children's Place. Our Jasper, AL, Hibbett Sports is conveniently located in the Jasper Mall at the intersection of Highway 78 and N. Airport Road. “I think the best days of this mall are ahead of it,” Wayne Lee said. Susan’s Hallmark. Raising Arrows moved from smaller quarters and now fills the back section of the old retail space. ", Jasper Mall opened in August 1981. He has a Southern accent at the beginning of the film; morphs into an Australian? A few of your favorite all-time documentaries? Here's the full list of stores closing.

As he puts it during one moment in the doc, "I left a zoo, now I'm in a jungle." The Jasper Mall made headlines this year, with filmmakers Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb making an observational documentary about the mall. Anyone who grew up in the days before the Internet changed everything, will, perhaps fondly, recall how the prominence of the local mall featured in his or her everyday lives.

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