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C9 She has been very free with her money, sending Jester away from Nicodranas with five thousand gold[18] and sending another two hundred gold to Jester later in Zadash.[19]. A little gift to leave the community that has changed my life over the past 2 years, but i'm not sure i can make it before i have to leave, so i'm posting these now. [7], The Mighty Nein met Marion for the first time after witnessing her perform at The Lavish Chateau. Bluud has been Marion's personal bodyguard for a long time. Race Jester: “Well, it’s my least favourite type of cake, so rarely.

Beau, Caleb, and Fjord, all staring at Jester: ….

Jester is Marion's only child.

I’m just letting you know. I didn’t mean to yell.

Humanoid Well, thank you for letting me know, Jester. While discussing their travels, the Mighty Nein realized that The Gentleman resembled Marion's description of Jester's father, Babenon Dosal. The Ruby of the Sea

The Mighty Nein decided to take a quick vacation in Nicodranas after the events of TravelerCon. Fjord: Everyone synchronize your watches. Which of us do you think that’d be? C10 [art 2], Marion is warm, jovial and motherly.

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)"O Captain, Who's Captain?" She got Jester books and paints to occupy her time while Marion could not be with her. [4] Babenon and Marion planned to get married and Marion was going to leave Nicodranas with him. 5.

The attack missed, but luckily she was able to Blink into the Ethereal Plane. C7 (2x36)"The Second Seal" (2x47)"Homeward Bound" (2x48)"Agreements" (2x61)"Family Gathering" (2x71)"Between the Lines" (2x78)"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97)"Frigid Propositions" (2x109)

Marion recognized the description as someone she had seen at some of her performances in the past and asked the party if Jester was safe. Fjord: Yeah, but I didn’t expect this much of it to actually work.

Place(s) | 21 | [email protected] She seems to have kept Nugget inside Jester's old bedroom and never took him outside due to her agoraphobia. . C4

The two of them have lived in the Lavish Chateau for Jester's whole life.


This is my “I don’t care” face. Jester: You bathe yourself in water. Nott: If you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?

But it is a trial any mother must endure, I suppose. [art 3], Jester communicated with Marion via the Sending spell for the first time. It was unclear whether or not he knew that Marion was pregnant with their daughter, Jester Lavorre, at the time. Episode Appearances

Marion seemed to be unaware that The Traveler is real and has never seen him.

Fan art of Marion Lavorre, by BlackSalander.

Jester, internally: Please be your shirt please be your shirt. In "A Dangerous Chase" (2x64) she tells the Mighty Nein she is under the impression that leaving the Lavish Chateau makes Marion anxious and that Marion feels safe there. lvl 15. Character Information

Pre-Stream 12

Ever since Jester was sentenced to death, Marion has been trying to get the charges dropped. Fjord, sighing: I have something to get off my chest. Click each card to check out their corresponding character sheets. Jester Lavorre (Daughter)

Jester, badly injured and unable to see anyone else, said "I'm all alone" before attempting an attack on the dragon. She gave Jester a necklace with a ruby she had specially made. Marion has ruby red skin and dark red hair, from which her illustrious title is derived. Status

Caleb: I’ve only … Connections

[9] Jester insisted that they would take care of the problem for her.

The night of the party Marion felt nervous about leaving the Chateau, but was welcomed warmly and the Marquee's estate and her performance was well-received. She seems to have thought he was Jester's imaginary friend.

Included was a letter to Jester: I do so hope your journeys have been safe, fruitful, and wondrous.

Beau: See? If I absolutely have to, I’ll just eat the frosting.” If I absolutely have to, I’ll just eat the frosting.” critical role the mighty nein jester caduceus clay incorrect quotes source: brooklyn nine nine Courtesan

C5 In "Whispers of War" (2x18), Marion sent a package to the Pillow Trove for Jester. Last seen I got the wonderful opportunity (& permission from eurydeus on twitter) to bring this beautiful cosplay turned art. Caleb: No, I’ve bathed before, yeah, I know what a bath is. Keg: Keg is Aroused! "Dinner with the Devil" (2x110) estuschan: “Leetul Sapphire! Sorry about that. Marion looked after Nugget from "Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35) until "Homeward Bound" (2x48) while the Mighty Nein were at sea.


Your laughter, your energy, I've been sick in your absence. (warning the, Her name seems to come from the French name. Commissions and art trades are open. [21] She seemed relieved that Jester Lavorre was taking him with her when the Mighty Nein set out for Felderwin.

Jester played with him when she was a child. Jester's mom said that Jester should just talk to him in person and ask if he wanted to come for dinner sometime. (response to Jester's Sending spell after the Mighty Nein highjacked The Mist) "Oh! [12], As The Mistake left the docks in Nicodranas, Jester cast Sending to Marion and let her know that she is safe but they had to leave. When Jester suggests the Beau should have twitched to mak… Specials

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