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Plus I lived in Dubai and saw these schemes run on South Asian nannies and teachers everywhere. I feel like all she had to say was that this was a hard reality for her to accept because these are her parents, but at the same time, they definitely were not as innocent as she's claiming.

they did it with bo burnham too back when he was poppin for eighth grade. the government doesn't just hand out federal indictments. I know the ladies hate her but she's a good writer. Anyway it’s wack to bill yourself as a critic and then not take a position. omg there was a comment from a user here a few weeks ago saying a journalist is going down soon and I thought hinted at jia..... oh lol I remember one like that, it was in the Alison Roman post and said another nyc media person had a very bad history that was about to unearthed. It’s certainly helped your career, from developing your voice blogging for Jezebel to building a social media fan base that now numbers near 150,000 followers on Twitter. “I stand by that blog post,” she says. I’m like a vacuum. a large number of the population still lives in poverty and the main reason that philippine citizens end up entering into these wildly disadvantageous contracts to work abroad is out of necessity or desperation to try to better their own circumstances. I wish I hadn’t had to write this, but I wanted to make some things clear I think about this all the time. ", Press J to jump to the feed. The daughter of Filipino immigrants, Tolentino was raised in a Houston megachurch community, but says her parents gave her the freedom to follow her interests. Tbf Jia is a type A goody two-shoes but she does bring up some good points/ideas in her writing — or at least does a good job of simplifying certain points/ideas of more serious critics of neoliberalism and digital culture for a mass audience.

what? My friend Emma and I are working on a screenplay; like all journalists, I’m inching into that world a little bit. It's awful! I could feel myself assetizing myself just by promoting the book, which I did believe in and wanted people to read, but I was like, “Will doing the thing that brings me the most meaning always bring me deeper into the clutches of this sort of capitalist selfhood?”. Want more Rolling Stone?

Jia Tolentino is a Canadian-born American writer and editor.

There’s definitely things I haven’t written about for various reasons. I have a time limit during the day. but i am very annoyed by these people who have made their identity a brand and then are beyond themselves when their privacy has been breached. So I’m new to it. I also thought it was weird that she only cites her parents as her sources in her blog post. interesting to quote him right after dissing red scare for being anti-metoo (and Jia's old jezebel articles were, let's say, pushing being "skeptical" of victims, but that's less of a good career move now so she's not taking that line anymore), kind of shitty and petty of Jia to include a throwaway denigrating line about Caroline, who for all her issues, hasn't actually done any notable harm and is "meltdowning" in part because of very recent grief and doesn't deserve to be mocked by a new yorker writer she's publicly fangirled over, especially as it adds nothing to the piece besides being topical, lol..i saw leftist chud posted by others as well. I agree that her parents and grandmother were definitely profiting off of this ordeal with the "security deposits" and probably some from the school districts and their company in general, but do we know if they got a cut from Blue Pacific for referring these teachers for the loans?

“See? I used to, and I basically can’t now, and it’s really depressing.

I had to give it another glance when I saw that handle while looking at her replies myself.

idk if that makes any sense, it's late and im high, I went back and read that UT article and this line at the end, though out of context, really struck me: "The difference comes down to a very old question about whether a person is obligated to do anything to right an injustice that they did not personally commit. I think if I started having a bad time, absolutely, I would get off social media, but I have a good time on the internet. Underneath the vision of “less” as an optimized life style lies the path to something stranger and more profound: a mode of living that strips away protective barriers and heightens the miracle of human presence, and the urgency, today, of what that miracle entails. Recently, I spent a few months absorbing the new minimalist gospel, beginning with Marie Kondo, the celebrity decluttering guru, whose book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has sold more than ten million copies, and whose stance can seem twee but is rooted in Shinto tradition: having fewer possessions allows us to care for those possessions as if they had souls. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. THAT BOZO THAT KEEPS POSTING THE BULLSHIT DEEP FRIED SCREENCAP IN THE THREAD." Beneath the vision of “less” as a life style lies a path to something more profound. i hope that the filipino teachers who didn't receive the job placements they were promised got refunded their $10,000+. the hall monitors of twitter. She somehow managed to make a piece on Kanye at Coachella about her Southern Baptist upbringing.

the charges are quite serious, yet jia plays it off as if they are totally unfounded. His dual response to the all-white apartment is one of the only moments in “The Longing for Less” when Chayka acknowledges his attraction to superficial minimalism, but that attraction pulses throughout the book. Maybe I let my horniness cloud my judgment bc she is just so damn hot. Beneath the vision of “less” as a life style lies a path to something more profound. “The reward is satisfying whatever itch made me write in the first place.”, But as an increasingly high-profile essayist for The New Yorker and the bestselling author of 2019’s Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion — a now-seminal text for millennials stumbling through late-stage capitalism and social media malaise — it’s getting harder to pretend she’s writing into a void. Jia should have just sat there and ate her food.

What do I desire to reject?

As for the cosignatory in the Philippines, that's another shitty move by BP to make sure that they can hold someone criminally accountable for the loan even if the teacher doesn't return. So that comes as no surprise. we live in a strange world. These people need to get perspective. I think that I just read so much, I’ve been influenced by everything I’ve read in some way. I have blockers that restrict my use before bed and in the morning. Ashley is fucking hilarious. It is a vision shaped by the logic of the market: the self is perpetually being improved; its environment is ready for public display and admiration; it methodically sheds all inefficiencies and flaws. Why do I need to name and jargonize this when I have grown up knowing that I could do anything I wanted, and knowing that sexism was there, but that we were working it out already?” And then after I graduated, feminism just became the language of women’s writing on the internet because of places like Double X and Jezebel. Because I always think about things in terms of desires, needs, and freedoms. I have a time limit during the day. “I just have this natural suspicion about any narrative we make up about ourselves,” she says.

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