After nearly 15 years behind bars, a sensational courtroom victory for so-called "Grid Kid Killer" John Giuca: an appeals court overturns his controversial murder conviction. More on this story here: Check your local listings at Subscribe to our YouTube page:…2018-03-21T19:42:52.000Z. In the recordings, Allo is heard saying that he's prejudiced and also revealing that he didn't disclose that he knew some of Giuca's friends during jury selection. Slowly, Giuliano gained Allo's trust, turning their conversations toward her son's murder trial.

ET on ABC, including a new jailhouse interview with John Giuca. On the stand, Avitto said that Giuca had told him that he had pistol-whipped Fisher before someone else then took the gun and shot him dead. [4], On August 6, 2019, the Guica legal team filed a CPL 440.10 motion to vacate his conviction based on a taped interview where jailhouse informant John Ingram tells prosecutor Nicolazzi that Russo had confessed to him that he had killed Fisher alone, with his own gun. Eventually, the wall of silence cracked as some of Giuca's friends began to turn against him. After her son’s trial, Giuliano went undercover in an attempt to find out the truth about what happened the night Fisher was killed. [19] Prosecution evidence included the witnesses’ hearsay accounts of what Russo had said about his own involvement and of Giuca's role in the murder. They claim that the prosecution brought a contradictory case by arguing for multiple mutually exclusive motives and outcomes, such as asserting that Giuca had pulled the trigger while also accusing Giuca of having ordered the killing to occur while he was not at the scene.

Anthony Russo's affidavit in which he confesses to shooting Mark Fisher. 3106, Complaint No. Fisher said, ‘Why did you shoot me?’ And Russo fired the rest of the bullets from the gun at Fisher, killing him.”, Appeals Court Overturns 'Grid Kid Killer' Murder Conviction – Crime Watch DailyAfter nearly 15 years behind bars, a sensational courtroom victory for so-called "Grid Kid Killer" John Giuca: an appeals court overturns his controversial murder conviction. One of the worst parts about this is people thinking that I’m a murderer.

[9][35][40] Giuca's lawyers said that "Allo's failure to disclose his personal knowledge of Giuca disqualified him as a juror regardless of whether he acquired this knowledge before or during the trial, or both."

In the words of ABC News, “He had been viciously beaten and shot five times.

A street sign for Argyle Road in Brooklyn, New York. To prove it, she went undercover, testing her sanity, her marriage, and the justice system.”. "All I can say is that in any dealings that I had or the detectives had, I think we always found [Nicolazzi] to be of the utmost integrity," said Casazza, retired New York Police Department homicide squad lieutenant. Mark Bederow, a former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney, represented Giuca. John Giuca, now 34, remains in jail at New York's Rikers Island. Associate Judge Jenny Rivera wrote in a dissenting opinion that prosecutors had an obligation to provide the defense with information that may have supported arguments against Avitto's testimony. The judge also ruled that Giuca had received a fair trial. [35] Giuliano's crusade has earned her the nickname "Mother Justice". Both were found guilty of murder by a jury in Brooklyn, New York, and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Mark Fisher, unknown to Giuca, ended up in the group's company after meeting a fellow student, Angel DiPietro, at an Upper East Side bar and following DiPietro and a girlfriend to Giuca's for an impromptu party. During Columbus Day weekend in 2003, John Giuca had an impromptu party on the night of Oct. 11. That certainly makes him the prime suspect.”, How one mom went undercover to fight for justice for her sonJohn Giuca’s mother, Doreen Giuliano, went undercover and secretly recorded her conversations with one of the jurors in his murder case to expose misconduct. That weekend, he was hopping from bar to bar on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, when he ran into a girl he knew from school, and was immediately attracted to one of her friends. She has since been given the name, “Mother Justice.” In their profile of her, Vanity Fair writes, “When her son was sentenced to 25 years for Brooklyn’s 2003 ‘grid kid’ slaying, Doreen Quinn Giuliano was sure he’d been wrongfully convicted. Giuca's house was searched and he was repeatedly stopped and frisked. Doreen Giuliano, AKA The Undercover Mother Fight For Her Son John Giuca Justice On LI BackstoryToday’s guest is Doreen Giuliano, dubbed the undercover mother by 20/20.

[26], Giuca and Russo were tried together, but with two separate juries. Antonio Russo, aka "Tweed," is said to have supplied the marijuana at the party that night, according to authorities. Prosecutors denied any arrangement with Avitto.

"He [Russo] had dreadlocks that he had cultivated for years, so for him to get them sheared was very suspect," former New York Police Department detective and author Robert Mladinich told "20/20." We all have said, or heard people say they would give their life for their child,…2018-08-23T17:26:56.000Z. In a 2009 interview with ABC News, Allo said he had told the truth in court, and he and his attorney Salvatore Strazzullo denied what Giuliano claimed she had caught on tape. [4] Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, writing for the majority of the court, wrote: "We hold that, to the extent there was any suppression of impeachment material, there is no reasonable possibility that the verdict would have been different if the information at issue had been disclosed.”[4] Cleary said that Giuca mentioned that he had led Fisher out the house to where Russo was waiting with a gun to rob Fisher, but when Fisher put up a fight, Russo had shot him dead.

For months, Giuliano staked out Allo's every move on a corner in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. But if it decides Giuca is entitled to a new trial, it will be up to prosecutors to decide if they want to go through with it.

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Giuca’s attorney, Mark Bederow, countered that the lower court had decided to throw out his client’s conviction, and that his client is entitled to a new trial. Giuca's supporters say he was simply a young man with friends from a variety of backgrounds. Why Is Someone Else Still Locked Up? [16], After a year of little progress in the case, witnesses began to come forward, implicating Russo and Giuca. At Salpeter's first meetings with Avitto, he stuck to the story that Giuca had been involved in Fisher's killing.

Allo insisted that he did not commit perjury or withhold information during jury selection. And I want that wiped away because it shouldn’t be there in the first place.”, The outlet quotes Doreen Giuliano as saying, “John is innocent and we can prove it… They put away an innocent man and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me.”. They took two days to deliberate his conviction. Using Giuliano's Jason Allo recordings, a legal brief was filed by Giuca's attorney Lloyd Epstein, arguing that Giuca did not receive a fair trial because Allo had failed to disclose his connection with and knowledge of people in the case.

"[47], On February 7, 2018, a state appellate court in Brooklyn reviewing Nicolazzi's case against Giuca unanimously overturned the conviction and sent it back to the Brooklyn district attorney's office. Giuliano then began to investigate those who had testified against her son, starting with John Avitto, Giuca's former cellmate who had testified under oath that Giuca had told him he had committed the murder. Giuca's legal team then filed a motion in court to vacate his conviction based on prosecutorial misconduct. He was found lying on a blanket that had come from Giuca’s home.”. [4] Today, he remains in Riker’s Island jail.

On March 22, 2018, New York police detectives sent by the Brooklyn district attorney interviewed Russo, Giuca's co-defendant who had also been found guilty in the murder and imprisoned. John Giuca’s life took a turn for the worse last year, ... Oct 23, 2020 .

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