He thought he understood it, but now it seemed it was not meant for him, and perhaps exile was what he deserved. Nothing to protect. The group around him was no bigger than a few hundred, many of whom were women and children. Mance said showing a real vulnerable fear of death everyone experienced. Nightfall didn't seem long to fall upon them. 'You Sansa are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Tormund shakes his head scratching his beard, "I highly doubt it, but what other choice do we have?

Jon Yara Euron and Moqorro sail west in search of Arya. She trusted him. 'Kill the boy and let the man rise.' ", Jon sighed turning his gaze to her, "I'm sorry for your loss you two are strong for making it here.

Jon rests a hand on Longclaw's hilt glaring at the spot he'd last seen the movement. It will soon be too dark to carry on any further." Jon was briefly confused, but became quickly aware of his hand that was gripping the hilt of his sword tightly. Sansa sees no end in sight to her captivity in Kings Landing, until rumour comes that her brother has made an alliance with the wildlings and the King Beyond the Wall. Work Search: She offered a warm smile turning back to her friends in a faster manner. The stories he heard of his mother were overwhelmingly great, she was a strong willed honorable woman. Though the Gods have laughed in this life; he ends a king yes, but one without a castle or crown. ", Jon chuckled shaking his head, "I'm no king, just a ranger guarding the realms of men. Jon had heard enough of the loosely accurate stories of battle and wanted some distance from the group. He shook the mental image of Olly swinging lifelessly from the hangman's rope. Instead he took pride in following Uncle Benjen's footsteps as the first Ranger beyond the wall. Either by the Targaryens or the Starks, fate is decided to crown Jon Snow. Jon was abruptly brought back to reality with a stiff pat on the shoulder. I thought maybe if I gave you time… I don’t know what I thought Jon. You're the king of the true north—don't forget that. Enjoy the reading. It was as though the land remembered the vicious Winter that had nearly fallen upon all of Westeros. This will be a nice place to live.". What if Sansa had gone with the Hound after the Battle of the Blackwater? Live in the fucking mountains?" Toremyr took no time to consider Jon's suggestion before hopping off his horse. Jon gently pulled his horse to a stop, turning to face Toremyr who was near behind him. A love story about those who are not meant to be. Jon had felt the burning pain of loss so much in his life, and it still somehow surprised him that it never got any easier. 'It's a great honor serving in the Night's Watch; Starks have manned the walls for thousands of years, and you are a Stark you might not have my name but you have my blood.'

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