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He tied two NCAA Division II records, set two GSC records and tied another, and set two school records for Southern Arkansas University.

In 2014 he signed a three-year, $9 million contract extension with the Falcons. And later returning an interception for a touchdown against the Redskins in a playoff game in 2008.But the most memorable was his dramatic tackle of Romo.The Seahawks and Dallas each had struggled during 9-7 seasons, and the Hawks got the homefield advantage in the wild-card round as the NFC West Division champions.Subscribe for unlimited digital access to the news that matters to your community.

Her husband is the longest tenured Falcon on the team, currently playing his 12th season. John Smit Position,

He played in all 16 games with four starts in his 11th season in 2015. Pain De Mie, “We talked more about golf,” he said.Having been a broadcasting major at Southern Arkansas, Babineaux knew what he wanted to get into after his career finished up with the Tennessee Titans. Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Passion Fruit Juice, How Long Does It Take For A Toilet Trap To Dry Out, Diamond Resorts Tournament Of Champions 2021, Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong4,3(1148)2,3 Km Away€102. Earl Thomas Conley Wife Lana, Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Passion Fruit Juice, But by then, quarterback/holder Tony Romo already had butterfingered the snap in one of the NFL’s all-time colossal mistakes.Cowboys fans probably used the same wording as Romo famously bobbled the hold and was tackled by Babineaux in one of those can’t-miss plays that provide historical verification that nothing is a sure-thing in the NFL.It helped preserve the Seahawks’ 21-20 win in the first round of the playoffs in January 2007, and solidified the nickname already given to Babineaux — Big Play Babs.It surely will come again this week, as it does every time the Seahawks meet Dallas.Babineaux has gone into broadcasting, with NFL Network and local radio, as well as forming a burgeoning multi-media production company with his brother Jonathan, now in his 11th season with the Atlanta Falcons.In his seven seasons with the Seahawks, Jordan Babineaux proved his knack for being around the action, intercepting Drew Bledsoe in October of 2005 to set up a final-play field goal by Josh Brown to defeat Dallas.

[14][15] He re-signed with the Titans in March 2012, this time for a two-year deal worth up to $5 million. Babineaux made a diving, game-saving ankle tackle of Dallas quarterback and place kick holder Tony Romo, who was scrambling to the end zone with the football after bobbling the snap for what might have been a winning field goal. In Seattle, he was known as "Big Play Babs".

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