Her favourite aunt seems to be Miho, her favourite uncle Takumi.

This is shown when he sets to someone else when looking at Hinata or performs a random dump shot. Tobio Kageyama DXF Figure Vol.

This event caused Kageyama to have the degrading nickname of "King of the Court". He is the only one of the kids’ group that sometimes manages to take the lead instead of Emi. While having abandoned his "crown" during the first official match against Seijoh, Oikawa seems to be quick when triggering this "kingly" side of him. He does possess the overwhelmingly amount of talent needed in order to be a top player in Japan, but he doesn't know how to use it since he's been held back due to his personality shifts. You blushed as you neared the car, his steely gaze travelling down your form then back up to your face without saying a word but you just knew that he liked what he saw. 3D Night Light Illusion lamp Hunter Anime Led Killua Zoldyck Figure 7 Color Changing USB Battery Table KATA, YuDanae Tobio Kageyama Plush Toy Plushie Doll Great Gift Choice for Anime Fans of Number 9 from Karasuno High School 11-inch (Tobio Kageyama), Unisex Haikyuu Hoodies High School Hoodies Shoyo Cosplay Costume 3D Printed Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt, Banpresto Haikyuu 7.5-Inch Tobio Kageyama Creator x Creator Series Figure, Banpresto Haikyuu!! Soon, they branched off of this "god-like quick" in order to push the limits of what they could both achieve. Saya and Aika can talk on the phone for hours. Kiyomi has been coming to her family’s clinic ever since Kiyomi’s first pregnancy. This side of him has lead Kageyama to develop poor social skills when it comes to casual talk. Age: 4Birthday: July 1st (cancer)Occupation: preschooler     Mamoru loves animals and animals love him.

tags: kageyama tobio , identical kageyama twins , Age: 15S/O: -Birthday: December 22nd (capricorn)Height: 180.6Occupation: student at Karasuno high school [year 1]Affiliation: Akiyama primary school; Kitagawa Daiichi middle school, Favourite food: pork curry with an egg on top, Age: 15S/O: -Birthday: October 11th (libra)Height: 172.1 cmOccupation: student at Kitagawa Daiichi middle school [year 3]Affiliation: Akiyama primary school, Age: 13S/O: -Birthday: January 15th (capricorn)Height: 168.5 cmOccupation: student at Higashigawa Joshi Gakuen middle school division [year 1]Affiliation: Akiyama primary school. Shoyo Hinata Tobio Kageyama Yu Nishinoya Kozume Kenma Comic Anime Rem Modo Protective Case Cover for AirPods 1/2 Pro (AirPods Pro, Black), ELEFINE Haikyuu!!

Age: 3Birthday: March 3rd (pisces)Occupation: preschooler / goes to daycare     Yui is the one that gets along best with Arata, who she calls A-tan. Kanna is his favourite aunt, Akio his favourite uncle. These links lead to the character profile lower on this page: FatherAge: 47S/O: ⚭ Kageyama KiyomiBirthday: March 29th (aries)Height: 193.2 cmOccupation: business analyst for the Bank of Japan, MotherAge: 47S/O: ⚭ Kageyama NaokiBirthday: May 4th (taurus)Height: 175.3 cmOccupation: home based online shop for handcrafted items (run with Aika)Affiliation: Nomura Family Shrine; Azuma Red Hounds, Age: 27S/O: ⚭ Shinozuka RenBirthday: September 1st (virgo)Height: 164.3 cmOccupation: home based online shop for handcrafted items (run with Kiyomi)Affiliation: Akiyama primary school; Haku middle school; Fukuyama high school; Tokyo University of the Arts (GeiDai)Children: Emi (F, 6); Mamoru (M, 4); Junpei (M, 2).

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