Sarada tells Kawaki that he if needs help, he can call her as she left but Kawaki was not impressed by her. Due to his harsh childhood, he is a stranger to simple joys like pastries, as he is openly amazed at their flavour. So, the question that is striking every Naruto fan is that “is Naruto really dead in Boruto?” well, if we put this into perspective then we are getting a clear idea of what the creator of Boruto series is up to. Take a second to look at our. I think it might be possible if he was somehow reduced in strength greatly, and fighting alone.

I don't think he's dead, it's more like sealed or send to comma or something. In his weakened state, he was overpowered by Garo's power but his Kāma seal gave him more power. Moved by the story, Kawaki wondered if he could become someone like Naruto. Kaguya was the main antagonist of Naruto. I know its a different writer but maybe like naruto if they dont specifically say the word kill/death regarding someone that character isn't dead tbh. Sasuke Uchiha | Akatsuki |

There, he attempt to flee again, but in the process destroyed a vase, leading to Naruto asserting his prowess and intimidating Kawaki into submission. Kidomaru | Kawaki was furious at Amado's calm demeanour, demanding to know how much of this he planned for.

The event made their marks react.

I had an idea that maybe Naruto has been locked in a time prison like Toneri? Taka |

When Delta attempted to use Himawari to get Naruto on the path of her eye beams, Kawaki shielded him from the beam, rationalising it as them being good as dead if Naruto had been hit, and considering him and Boruto even regarding Himawari's vase. Since living in Konohagakure and taking an interest in ninjutsu, he began learning it from the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki was found by Jigen when the latter met the abusive father to take him as his son. Shin Uchiha (Clones), Akatsuki Affiliates

Put an end to the ninja era. He took in in stride, insisting that his body wouldn't give in so easily.

One way or the other he will die and he will have to die in order to give more space and time to Boruto and all the other young generation characters. Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2.

Orochimaru | We all know about Boruto and how irresponsible and unattractive he is at the moment.

We will have to make up our minds and should accept the fact that one way or the other Naruto or Sasuke will definitely die in Boruto. Despite Jigen's promise of safety, Kawaki would later describe his life from then on to be a living hell. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Garō, Others As he tries to put the pieces of the vase back together he loses is patience and interest. Killing stronger people is always possible. Kakō | While shocked, Kurama explains its role in watching over him, and corrected certain misconceptions Kawaki had about Naruto, explaining the various hardships he had to overcome. Noting that they had to destroy the special core implanted inside Boro, Kawaki joined in assault Boro while Sarada searched for the object. When Boro attacked them, Boruto was possessed by his Karma, and killed Boro. As the God Tree can only reach full maturity by sacrificing an Ōtsutsuki, once Boruto was fully transformed by his mark, Isshiki could sacrifice Boruto instead of himself. One more thing that gives us a strong indication that Naruto will die is the plot. However over time, Kawaki begins to warm up to Hokage's family and was willing to protect Naruto and his daughter, Himawari, from Delta's attack. After the team returned to Konoha with Naruto, they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Urashiki Ōtsutsuki | He had grew so attached to Konoha that he was willing to stand up to Jigen when he insulted Naruto and knowing that Jigen could very well kill Naruto, even surrender to him immediately. But the current situation predicts that Naruto’s death is confirmed in the Boruto series. Kurama | RELATED: Boruto: 5 Strongest Characters From The Chunin Exams Arc (& 5 Weakest). Besides, Boruto's Jougan is extremely foreshadowed to be able to jump across dimensions to a certain extent. Naruto says that he wants to take her back to get information on her, but Kawaki tells him that she is too dangerous and that he should kill her. Kandachi | Following the battle, Kawaki was brought to Katasuke to repair his arm. Killing Sasuke is unbelievable. Later, while watching Boruto and Naruto spar, Kawaki insisted Boruto try using Kāma, prompting him to activate his to activate Boruto's.

To his surprise, Boruto instinctively activated his mark to absorb the shock wave and protect his team. As a result, Delta attacks Boruto and attempts to kill Himawari by firing a laser beam at her after throwing her into the air. Afterwards, Naruto introduced himself as the Hokage. Kawaki will never be able to hit the same level as him. Tobi, Taka

She was revived by Black Zetsu during the Fourth Great Ninja War, but she was sealed once again by Team 7. Because without any great twist and drama the plot of the storyline cannot move further. Hagoromo Otsutsuki is also known as the Sage of Six Paths. Amado explained that Isshiki's resurrection was unstable and would seek out Kawaki again to rebrand him. Jūgo | Kawaki joins Naruto, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki as they talk about the similarities between the Strength of a Hundred Seals (that Sakura Haruno and Tsunade have) and the Kama mark.

I think Naruto is not dead because Kawaki said: “he’ll send Boruto where he sent the Seventh Hokage”and if naruto’s really dead then why Boruto is talking to Kawaki so calmly. Kawaki harbours deep resentment towards Kara, becoming highly alert and aggressive when facing off against members of the group. Naruto firmly tells Kawaki that he is hear to watch him and that he is also here to protect the village. Kawaki's name translates to "dry" in English. As Kawaki rebukes him, he is powerless as Jigen twists his arm and continues to degrade Naruto and Konoha as he says Naruto only cares for the peace of Konoha and expresses his desire to cut off the prosthetic and once they return to Kara, fix up his right arm. Naruto and Sasuke went head to head with Jigen who is a monstrous creature with unbelievable powers. Boruto Manga Chapter 38 and Naruto Death Parallels, Here are Top 10 striking reasons why Naruto Death is Confirmed in Boruto Manga, Boruto and Not Naruto is the Main Character, Naruto Death is Inevitable Because Anime Runs on our Emotions, Naruto Death Will Help Boruto Get a Reason to Be A NINJA, Naruto Will Definitely Leave The Plot for Boruto, Kawaki and Boruto Conversation After the Destruction of Konoha, Naruto Death Confirmed in Boruto Series – FAQ. In his absorbed form, Momoshiki was unstoppable. This also triggered Kawaki's Kāma, which raged for a moment before disappearing, leaving Kawaki unconscious.

Taka | Wondering what everyone thinks of Kawaki saying he will send Boruto to meet the 7th. Madara Uchiha | Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, so he already has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. NF always hate on things that provide big power levels(bijuus, sharingan, rinnegan, sage mode etc). The group ran into Boro, and Kawaki warned them that Boro was almost as powerful as Jigen. Drop your theories about Naruto death and how will Naruto die in Boruto in the comment section below. There's no proof that he's dead. "I'll send you to the same place as the Seventh, Boruto". Naruto can also use the nine tails chakra mode to its fullest potential, and last but not the least, he can use Six Paths chakra. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As a child, Kawaki was raised by a single father who would constantly beat him up and demean him. This change in nature largely came from Naruto, who would continuously show such patience and compassion to the boy. He is the vessel of ishiki otsutsuki and he is in the hidden leaf village to capture Naruto. Delta eventually unleashed eye beams that Kawaki noted to be designed to overcome regeneration abilities. He later became the vessel for the Kara organization. As noted by Jigen, Kawaki's particular nature has the potential of becoming a "perfect Ōtsutsuki". He managed to bring out Isshiki, but he was unable to beat him. You are using an out of date browser. He was an immensely powerful character, who managed to push Jigen beyond his limits. It's that simple. It seems, in this generation, Naruto and Sasuke are considered god-level shinobi. Ishidate | Seeing Jigen powering up in order to fight the Hokage, Kawaki pleaded with Jigen to not harm the Hokage if he came with him. There are plenty of ways to kill people stronger than you. NEXT: 5 Designs That Improved From Naruto To Boruto (& 5 That Got Worse).

Origin Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! Kawaki being subjected to Jigen's experiment.

He could simply kill him. Suigetsu Hōzuki | Even more, he become infuriated with Jigen after the latter insulted Naruto, ordering him to never speak ill of Naruto. Boruto manga has given us all the answers to the Naruto Death theory. Later at home with Naruto, after giving up on finding the last piece of the vase, Kawaki's Kāma unexpectedly created a portal from which Jigen emerged. Even if Kawaki sent him away because he couldn't defeat him, he would have no reason to send Boruto away as well.

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