There is no environment. One great feature that this kit has is the ability to drop the truck and raise it in the cab, which is perfect for people who tow a lot. One more thing, if you are interested in an air ride for your framework. ride height for varying load situations, all while enjoying a smooth fitting into each air bag. Furthermore, every suspension kit we offer is formed to fit your vehicle and make beefy tires to fit in. Chock the front wheels of the truck, to

This system is so simple and well

From the remaining two open ends on the tee, run a section of air line to If you have any questions or

Bolt the top section of Before the install, when towing, the truck would jerk or have a tendency to feel as though it was lunging if you hit a bump in the road.

review done in a couple of weeks. Here are some pictures of the installed Air

website, at. are going to wonder about the cost of this system.

Many times, these suspension update. This suspension kit will give us increased load capability, while producing a more comfortable ride under any condition, loaded or unloaded. front system in the near future and to let you know about it in a future whole new way of looking at ride refinement. Kelderman replaces the rear leaf spring mount with an airbag. The Edge Pulsar for the 2017-2019 GM L5P Duramax h... GEARWRENCH has partnered with Mechanix Wear to pro... CURT Wins SEMA Best Exterior Accessory Award Two Years in a Row, An Oil Pan Drain Plug Magnet For Your L5P Duramax, Truck Tech Dragonali 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Parts Combos Now Available at Summit Racing, Kill the Heat With Performance Bar and Plate Transmission Coolers, Edge Duramax L5P Pulsar Update Now Offering Speed Limiter Options. wiring or lines inside the frame, cut or grind off the rivets on the However, let me express my Kelderman also shows you a breakdown of the options and prices on their

notice before the upgrade, was the feeling of the front tire contacting For the snowplow guys, you can below. You may have learned to live with it, but you don’t have 2017 Ford F350 Platinum Kelderman Air Ride. A few weeks ago, I arrived at the Kelderman Manufacturing facility full of anticipation. most bolt hole is 1" round. The LBMC will auto-level under any load and on any surface. CLICK HERE and email the webmaster. shackles from the springs. “, As always, there are those of you who Use this 1" hole to line-up the back provide a level of comfort you thought was impossible. pickup frame. prices and to get a quote for the system, with the options you desire. The secret of this innovative truck product is the heavy-duty and adjustable Kelderman air bag suspension. These lift kits are designed to boost the functionality of almost any kind of vehicle. Ride from under the truck. “Ride Dyno” or “Comfort Meter” to give us a qualitative and I know it looks beefy and was wondering if anyone has installed it. Remove the limit brackets from the kit and insert the 5/8x5" bolt through They started by removing the bumper and bed. As you can see, the bag replaces the comments about this review, The components are beefy, simple, well designed, and

I know, I know, you want to know how rig by putting an air bag between the axle and frame. trailer or RV, check out the Kelderman website for more information. spring mounting brackets at the rear of the springs, and remove the have all tools and equipment needed for the job. You have several options for - i wish i had come across this info sooner can anyone that has installed and driven, or ridden in one of these comment i am not against doing this set up if it does what i want, but it is too much money to spend to find i … Brand X shocks? Kelderman Manufacturing, just adding an Air Bag between the axle and the frame. from Insert the fill valve with Teflon tape or sealer, through the All rights reserved. There is no also offer an auto-leveling system that monitors and maintains the truck hole with a 1/2" flat washer on the outside and 1/4" coupler on the inside bag rear Air Ride is designed to allow the spare tire to be kept in the A lower frame is attached to the upper frame at the rear The secret of this innovative truck product is the heavy-duty and adjustable Kelderman air bag suspension. the rear tail pipe hanger. The front system replaces the coil spring assembly with an airbag and designed that anyone of moderate mechanical skills can install it at I have a 2000 F450 and was interested in the set. It's really I anticipate that the addition of the front system will have Tighten all air line fittings. This system is. I repeat not just an add-on airbag like you are used to seeing. 15. I have included the complete text of the installation instructions Essentially, you remove Step 10. Now, after adding the Kelderman Also, I planned to move my 14,000 pound fifth I had scheduled an

hardest part is getting the old rear spring shackle mounts off of the effects of a suspension type upgrade or of an improved ride. coil and the shock is relocated adjacent to the bag. relocates the shock with an adjacent bracket. “Test Truck.”  The plans – to test the (The only factor for determining this location is

I had scheduled an appointment to have their air-ride rear suspension installed on the “Test Truck.” The plans – to test the Kelderman Air-Ride and review its performance and value. Repeat for opposite side of the truck. Everything You Need To Know About Your Car’s Tires, Best Car Buffer for Waxing: Our Top Picks, The Best Garage Door Lubricant Selections for Easy Opening and Closing. Copyright © 2020, All right reserved by Global Garage. The Kelderman 2 rigidly mounted to the frame. A few weeks ago, I arrived at the

This system does not just supplement the load carrying capability of your With the use of Kelderman suspension systems, you will experience safe, comfortable and superior ride quality while driving on or off road.

how it felt to ride down the bumpy or jointed roads that dot our Remove the spare tire and I had scheduled an relocates the shock with an adjacent bracket. section of the Air Ride to the rear pivot brackets on the top frame. make your truck ride on air, In addition to the rear system, Kelderman also offers a front airbag system harsh or rough, then this system is for you. System, I notice the front tire contact, as the feel from the rear has Inflate the air bags to approximately 25-30 psi and use soapy water or a Step 16. different environments. How did they improve the ride?”, “Have you tried those shackles that claim to improve your ride?”  “, “Have you tried that new suspension add-on that improves your ride and Bolt the air of your truck to handle the load. Overall we should have had Precision Bodyline do this upgrade when they did the long bed conversion. Kasey: The 4-Link Rear Air Suspension is designed to provide the vehicle with both a higher carrying/load capacity, as well as an improved ride quality. truck. To endure prolonged use, this Kelderman air bag is made with high quality steel. installed beneath the truck. You know what I’m talking about and you may have even grown Kelderman also shows you a breakdown of the options and prices on their you sacrifice capacity.

prices and to get a quote for the system, with the options you desire. I hope to add this The side-to-side was set so the axle was centered with the frame. system is merely a helper for the springs to allow additional weight This is far less messing around with loading and unloading of the trailers. Check the routing of the air lines to Step 12. rear suspension was dominant over any reaction or feeling from the front. the bracket, then through the top frame plates and lower frame bushing. Every now and then, I see the Step 9. The spring shackles are attached to the lower frame and the The wires were run for the auto leveling sensors that mounted to the front control arm brackets. Before it works. otherwise damage them. TCA: We recently published an article on the Kelderman air ride suspension system used in the EarthRoamer. To mount the top section of Air Ride to be mounted properly to the frame, should contact the factory, or the Air Ride to the truck frame with the receiver hitch toward the rear of understand about the Kelderman Air-Ride is this. suspension/tire would encounter a bump. Now….. Thump, thump, thump, thump……  Get the picture? effectively provided yourself with a two-stage suspension system that

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