I told him that until this was resolved he couldn't go back to Shaker, because everybody in Shaker would think of him as being a suspect. Dan told police that he had forgotten Lisa was coming over to meet him that night. Like I said, I really enjoyed it- just wish we could have a 1-2 episode wrap up/update. It sounds to me like he was innocent, and it should have been obvious to these “professionals”. She was involved in a litany of extracurricular activitiesÊ- student council, marching band, softball, field hockey, the school paper.

Kevin told him to take his fingerprints, if that's what he believed.

She only wished her boyfriend could be there to congratulate her in person when she got back.

In his report Gray wrote, "I told Kevin that I had enjoyed the time with him but that it had been a long day and that I had to get back to the real world. Dan returned to his bedroom and continued to clean it. "Understand, I've got a spread of one," said Miron, according to a transcript of the conversation. He has achieved a great deal but has not come anywhere near exploiting his immense potential.

who lives behind Dan stated, in the police interview, that there was a girl on the German trip who had an issue with Lisa. I was sort of waiting for that and was a little let down when you didn’t do it. He is my #1 suspect. - just some other thoughts. script.id = 'commitchange-script';

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TrueCrimeGarage community, Press J to jump to the feed. P.S great music too captain ? He was on probation at the time for truancy, among other things. WHAT!?

The new format is cool, and I’m excited to see how it concludes. The city hired Wyse Landau Public Relations to work damage control, and police detectives consulted with another psychiatrist to try to help them elicit a confession.

Dan Dreifort killed Lisa. Although I appreciate the time and effort that went into creating this, I prefer your usual format. Haters gonna hate and ain'ters gonna ain't. But the fact that someone is in clear distress, with a scream that lasts for 15 seconds or more should have warranted more concern on Dan and his father's behalf. I need out of here.

I love this!

Sorry Nic, didn't mean to discourage anyone from listening! Eventually, he escorted Lisa to her mom's car. Nice try but stick with what we know and love. That type of teasing may have been common given the era. Just wanted to take a look at an unsolved case through a different perspective and in a different way. It’s great that you wanted to try something new - I’ve been listening to you for years but I just can’t get into this. ... Ken Workman and the Union Ken Workman - Cold Canadian Nights Ken Workman - Cold Canadian Nights .

Cleveland, It's the American way! His mother actually believed the scream to be somewhat unremarkable and said it faded quickly. I was shocked to hear of his passing. My Mom is a bitch and I hate her.

Anyone know how he died?

I found it good but lacking in details like why mental hospital and how did Kevin Young die so, well, young.

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