OMG, done with sears.

Last compressor just Friday, 8/9/19. Elite Fridge, Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher. For labor. I then replaced water filter and air filter thing maybe a sensor tripped. It was delivered on 9/10/2015 and the compressor has just died.

Purchased a Kenmore elite model 79572063.110 temperature on front of door we have at 33 inside fridge and freezer not cooling at all.

Our refrigerator (model # LMXS30776S) is just over 3 1/2 years old, and this will now be the 7th time we've had it fail. It is the compressor. I was trying to get a expedited dispatch. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator purchased July 2019 stopped working over 2 weeks (now going onto 3 weeks) ago and since I have extended warranty, I placed a call for service. Ridiculous!!! It is still covered under manufactures warranty but does not cover food loss. Less than 1 year icemaker failed (jammed) was able to unjam, but this happened several times over the next few months until it totally failed after just over a year. Technician says it is the compressor and 3 other parts. I have argued until I'm blue in the face with a thousand Representatives through Sears LG and Sears Kenmore Department which are all pretty much tied together and they are making it where you have to replace your fridge within 3 years every three years because they are trying to drum up business bye making us customers that stuck with them through the possible closures and shutting down of all locations we get treated like this and then to kick me while I'm down they offer me $160 in points on my Shop Your Way account to put towards a mini fridge to get me by until the repairs can be done 2 weeks later but there are no fridges available whatsoever on Sears website for my town that will make it to the store or to my house before my fridge will be repaired so to add insult to injury they give me $160 I can't use which infuriates me even more and being told when I bought the items that they would last me 15 plus years but yet they already knew the refrigerator wood fell within the first 3 years but proceeded to tell me it would last me 15 plus years and nobody can step up to the plate and make this right I asked for a replacement fridge not a repair 2 weeks later because of the fact that there will be a smell that develops from my fridge sitting not being used for over 2 weeks but yet the charges that I would have to pay if it wasn't covered under warranty would be $950 plus they gave me $300 towards food loss and that hundred and sixty dollars but to just give me a new fridge of the same model which is now reduced in price by half due to all it's bad reviews it's only $1,200 now but do the math they will spend $100 more not to give me a new fridge that's BS and I hope that the right person sees this post and brings all this to light on a national level because Sears needs to be shut down and penalized 4 their wrongdoing and lying and misleading and forcefully making customers K obscene amount of money for repairs my repair states that the compressor is $424.91 but if I were to order it on the site myself and get it shipped to me it's only $350 why can anybody explain because of the fact that they are cheating every system that they possibly can so those of you who had to pay for their repairs I would go back and look how much they charged you and how much the parts actually are because there's about $100 in difference between all of their costs from the repair guy "not including labor" versus their own website!!!

31-03-2016 Now it's July, 2018. Sears sold me a faulty refrigerator and they will not stand by their products and replace when they are faulty. Bought a Sear Kenmore Elite 3 door Counter Depth. I purchased a Kenmore Elite Bottom-Mount refrigerators (7954015411) in March 2016 from the local Sears store in Henrico, Va. In September 2018 the Ice Maker and Water Dispenser stopped working I called in to my LG Warranty amount and was given Claim #1403xxxx about an hour later my wife told me everything in the Freezer was thawed I called back added that to the problem. Never buying a Sears, Kenmore, LG product! $1,000.00 to repair (paid $2,500 for the refridgerator). He said LG has come out with a new linear compressor that should last longer but it is made in China. Any suggestions?

Kenmore sewing machine manual for model 158 click the button GIBSON REFRIGERATOR REPAIR MANUAL, Read and Download Ebook Norcold Refrigerator Manual N611 PDF at Public Ebook Library 1 Purchased Kenmore Elite 3 door refrigerator Model# 795.73133.410 October 2016 paid $2010 on sale from Sears. When I called LG they saod they would give me numbers to call for a tech to come out service charge alone would be 95.00. when this happens the food thaws and then refreezes over and over again until the unit finall failes. Kenmore stove 317b6442p001 manual click the button I had purchased the extended warranty for a couple of hundred of dollars after spending over $2,000.00 for the refrigerator. Estimate he gave me for parts and labor is $1,100. It also was the compressor. LG needs to be investigated thoroughly. Nothing but heartbreak and compressor failure with these babies.

The next appointment was 3 weeks away so we hired a repair service that came out much quicker. Called LG who sent out a repairman a week or so later. Rented a small fridge ( 60.00 for 2 weeks). I now have had 3 other service calls all 4-6 months a part for the same issue. 1-04-2016 Controversi, For download I contacted our local news agency as this is just ridiculous... worst product ever and worst customer service ever. I can't pay $500.

He replaced the part and mentioned that it may not work and something major could be wrong. 1 Upon arriving, he ran a few diagnostics and reset the circuit board. I contacted Sears warranty they sent a technician out today 10/2/19 I was told it would cost me $495 to fix the problem. LFXS24623S about 4 months later the Ice Maker stopped working and was replaced. The part was backordered. Just found out about this recall online now. the tech guy came and told me that all these kenmore series have major problems as they have LG compressors and they usually damaged after almost 2 year. Technician did not show, his reason was he was overbooked, he was tired and it was too late. None available. Sears service said the soonest appointment we could get to "diagnose" the problem was 5 weeks out. It's a good thing we have a little frig in our garage. I owned for about 5 years. Minimal amount has been offered for lost food, which doesn't even come close to what it actually costs.

Sears should stand by their products, but they won't and even the repair man said he doesn't know why they keep selling these refrigerators because they are bad. 1 31-03-2016 Kenmore 253 refrigerator manual click the button Purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 8/2016, the compressor is out at exactly 3 years. This thing cost a small fortune. ft., you'll find this style the perfect refrigerator … Going out to buy a new refrigerator today, and I can assure you it wont be Kenmore or LG!!!! Sears has TERRIBLE customer service. Our service tech from a local LG company is baffeled. In April 2015,we purchased a Kenmore Elite Grab n Go refrigerator. History would suggest that we will be in the same position in another 6 months down the road. Someone needs to be held accountable!

My LG refrigerator has been giving me an error code E Com and I had a sears tech come out to tell me there is a bad wire in the door and it would cost $1100 to replace the door.

Unfortunately, they are the only certified techs in our area....seriously?? I was then advised to go to Schedular chat on Monday.

First a compressor at under 2 years (which by the way took Sears 2 months to obtain a new part!) I have model number LMXC23746S. Like everyone, I lost a lot of valuable food and I have to buy mini-fridge to keep household running. After 2 days, the unit was still not cooling. Model #795.74013.410, RE; KENMORE ELITE PURCHESED 2011.. MODEL 7957253, My Kenmore Elite model 745 74022 410 has continual. 23-03-2016 When I explained where the warranty information came from, they said I had to call Kenmore. Self diene had postd, Read and Download Ebook Gibson Refrigerator Repair Manual PDF at Public Ebook Library Fridge cost around $2,000.

I pulled off the back cover and it has an LG compressor. I was made aware of that my Kenmore is a LG refrigerator and about the lawsuit when when I spoke to a local appliance repair technician which cost me $120.00.

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