Most ancient Egyptian creation myths involve the first god emerging from a chaotic watery abyss, and depending on the story, Nun either lived in the watery abyss or *was* the watery abyss. Her name means “throne,” and she is frequently depicted with a symbol for a throne above her head. She was also associated with bows and arrows. Calendar of Events; Covenants & Minutes; Home Project Submission; Directory; Newsletter It’s an adjective used to describe statues and religious icons that have erections, and Min is a prime example. Wadjet was the goddess and protector of Lower Egypt. A goddess of divine law and justice. They just paint a nondescript woman with her name on top. – and went through a lot of changes over their 3000+ year history. It has a poster of this, as well as updated versions of the Norse and Greek god family trees I did a while back. According to one telling she would swallow the sun every night and give birth to it every morning, but I had no idea how to represent that on the chart so I didn’t. Khonsu was originally a violent cannibalistic god who would absorb other gods’ powers but eating their organs, but over a couple thousand years he was changed into a much more mellow god of time, measurement, and prosperity.

She plays a major role in the Fall of Mankind, a story in which mankind rebells against Ra, and Ra sends Sekhmet to beat ‘em all up, except Sekhmet takes it too far and won’t stop killing everyone and rolling around in the oceans of blood she’s created. A lesser-known angry baboon god who I drew here mostly because I think he’s funny. He is portrayed as a man with a scarab for his head. Oh, and I wrote in my notes that “incestuous dreams dashed. He had to be defeated to establish the cosmos itself, and still lurks beyond the edge of the world, ruining stuff. Every human pharaoh is an incarnation of him. He was sort of the original creator god, but over a few thousand years he got replaced by/combined with Ra, who was in turn replaced by/combined with Amun. She also, apparently, invented birth itself, and weaving, which made mummification possible. Which probably explains why Akhenaten’s religion more or less died with him. Bull god of vigor and strength, considered to be the son (and/or a messenger) of Ptah. And since Osiris didn’t have a son, that made Set pharaoh.

You might notice that I drew Khonsu with a side-ponytail. And now that I’ve disclaimed historical responsibility, onto What I Know About Those Gods Up There: Nun is usually more of a place than a person, but he’s person sometimes too. Think of Set as the god of necessary evils – mean, threatening, dangerous, but useful if put toward the right purpose. Subdivision located in Southwest Fort Wayne, IN. Which is surprising, because she seems to have been a pretty big deal once upon a time. Name, Pseudonym, Homonym, and/or Honorary Title: Everything © Korwin Briggs. Paintings of her are almost painfully boring. in later funerary texts, Atum and Khepri merged into a ram-headed beetle who was the ultimate expression of the power of life over death. Lioness-headed consort of Shu, and that’s about all we know. In Memphis, they used an actual black bull to represent Apis, which was chosen based on strict criteria including “is there a white triangle on its forehead,” “do the splotches on its back look anything like wings,” and “does it have a beetle-sized lump under its tongue?” If a bull passed, it got to live out its life in luxury, on a private pasture, with a whole harem of cows, until age 25 when it was killed and given a giant funeral and they’d start searching for a replacement. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Hapy is usually depicted as a fat blue man with pendulous breasts, carrying lots of plants and food. He was depicted with a beetle for a head. She represented the Egyptian ideal of femininity. She was also the patron goddess of art and drunkenness. Horus is the reigning pharaoh of the gods. And then a glowing disc emerges from Set’s head and that disc is Thoth (or something like that). Even though Khepri is said to have been self-created he has been placed in the family tree of Egyptian gods as Neith’s son, making him the brother of Ra, Atum, and Apep. Nephthys was Seth’s wife, who turned against him around the time literally everyone else turned against him. Egyptian myths state that crawled out of a hole as a dung beetle (dung beetles are born in holes and crawl out when they are ready), which relates to him being the god of rebirth.

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