This is easily solved with a quick cerakote job, but I was disappointed to see it ding up so easily.

Create a free website or blog at Add to cart. This result is sort of like the spring/weight device. The extensions for the double stack 19 and 17s will be along very soon. The formula for free recoil can’t calculate this, but most people feel that they can feel it. This definitely reduces recoil. I found a weight and spring in the stock bolt hole of a Franchi O/U.

As cheap foreign competition within the U.S. market increased, the business was faced with a very common challenge to domestic manufacturers: adapt or die. Although the muzzle blast is perceived to be more forceful since it’s not being directed away from the shooter any longer, I have never found it to be uncomfortable on a 16″ AR15. We will be rolling our +1 and +2 magazine extensions for the Glock 43.

Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge, Fabarm Kinetik Stock Recoil Reducer (180g)(P-111-A), Place a minimum 25% deposit on the firearm, with the total amount to be finalised within 6 weeks, Ask our sales team for a quote on the paid in full price of the firearm. •Tasmanian Residents ONLY: We can ONLY send barrels, triggers, firearm parts and magazines to your nominated dealer (Please check with your dealer if they will receive it for you).

In fact, their manufacturing facility used to produce materials for the tattoo/body piercing industry, and were a leading producer of body jewelry in the United States. If the barrel is shorter than 20″, unburnt powder will create a flash that lights up a shooter’s position as well as obscures his or her vision. Mike, who is my point of contact for this piece, has always had a foot in both worlds. Main Menu (not logged in) Thanks much for your time! ( Log Out / 

The difference is in degree.

Bring your PTA in store for brokerage (no fee applicable if purchasing firearms from us). Further postage and handling fees may be applicable.

The gas gun generates a very different recoil curve. Pay the balance of the firearm and organise payment for postage and handling to your designated dealer. This redirection can nearly eliminate felt recoil by using the blast to counteract muzzle rise. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Most people at the company were avid shooters at this turning point, and the firearms market was (and continues to be) very strong. SKU: P00246 Categories: Featured, Recoil Reducers.

Home Featured Kinetik Recoil Reducer – 180g (All AXIS & ELOS Sporting models) Kinetik Recoil Reducer – 180g (All AXIS & ELOS Sporting models) $ 64.00. Normally, weight and spring reducers are set up with the largest spring in front of the weight and a small return spring behind the weight. Aye, there’s the rub. If you increase the weight of the gun by 5%, you reduce free recoil by more or less, sort of 5%. Contact our friendly sales team to confirm the availability of the firearm. Apply for an acquisition form from your state or territory weapons registry, using your local dealer's details as the registered owner and disposer.

The design philosophy behind the Comp/Can combination that we got to play with addresses a common issue in both markets.

© 2013 Solo Pine Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. Where the spring/weight device does pay off is that it adds weight to the gun. Fabarm Kinetik Recoil Reducer - 180grms. Even as a end consumer in the firearms industry, depending on the company you are dealing with it may be hard to get a hold of someone if you have questions or issues. Compared to the Lantac Dragon or the M72 Severe Duty, it’s about $20 more affordable. As I said above: push vs poke.

Now imagine that you’re clearing a house during a hostage crisis.

RECOIL REDUCTION, REDUCES RECOIL IN SHOTGUNS AND RIFLES . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So, part of the spring weight reducer’s effect you can calculate with the recoil formula (the weight) and part you can’t, (the spreading out of the recoil … Recoil reducer lugs to be fitted to stocks for magnum level recoil reduction.

In part of our correspondence, Mike notes that “It was common for a guy to set up in one lane with his 5.56 SBR right next to a father teaching his son to plink with his Ruger 10/22 and just SHOCK the kid as the round exited his muzzle brake…” That’s the thing- muzzle brakes and compensators are very loud and very bright. The area under the curve (total recoil) naturally has to remain the same, Mr. Newton being as strict as he is in conserving energy.

After making the choice to move towards a new (but familiar) market, Kineti-Tech has grown into a manufacturer, LGS, and shooting range that deals with citizens and SWAT/LEO types alike. This wasn't possible before its instillation.

The idea is to lower the peak of the recoil pulse by spreading the recoil out. Since suppressors efficiently deal with that powder and gas, they greatly reduce noise and visual signatures.

Notes FABARM KINETIK RECOIL REDUCER Perfect add on to your Fabarm shotgun. Never in doubt.).

We pay VERY close attention to what our customers want and what we feel would be a great product to bring to market.”.

Please enter their details at checkout (In the ''Shipping Address" field), Have not fitted it yet but people I have spoken to have nothing but praise thank you for excellent service.

Compensators and brakes are commonly found on competition guns to help shooters engage multiple targets quickly, but are often avoided by the military and law enforcement agencies in favor of the “birdcage” style flash hider. If you’ve ever been on the line next to a standard AR15 with a 16″ barrel and a brake, you probably jumped a bit the first time it went off. *Please note that permits may be issued on average 5-7 business days from application date if firearms are already on your licence.

If you have to fire your weapon, you (probably) don’t want to deafen and blind everyone in the room.

This causes the spring in front of the weight to compress as some of the rearward energy of the gun becomes stored in the spring. I’m a big fan of Mini RDS style sights, and the weight of the UBR combined with the Zero Recoil made the muzzle so absurdly stable, making for pretty awesome groups running drills between 25, 50, and 100 yards. He’s an AR15 & Glock lover, self described “huge” supporter of the NRA, and has been in manufacturing/sales for the last 15 years.

(Often in error. Hartmann’s Hint #80: Attending the NSSA Mini World and World Championships. You may want to ask yourself whether or not you actually want a comp/brake combo on your rifle at all, though. When the gun stops moving rearward, this front spring catches up and releases it’s energy by pushing the weight to the rear a very short time later. Product code P-111-A. In my time I have seen  companies go out of business just as fast as they came in.” When I asked him how the company was doing, he was very positive: “Business is great actually!

The system allows you to add 4.25 - 7 ounces in 1.41 ounce increments. Shooting an SBR (short-barreled rifle) or AR pistol can be unpleasant given all that unburnt powder flying out of the muzzle, and a “flash can” or “redirector” can make the shooting experience more pleasurable.

As the force peak of the recoil curve is lowered, while the time base of the curve is broadened.

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Personally, I think it’s a hoot- but a rifle outfitted with a comp/brake would not be my first choice for home defense or SHTF type scenarios.

My only complaint is minor- I didn’t exactly bang the thing around a lot, but the can already finish missing in spots. Please enter their details at checkout (In the ''Shipping Address" field), •Western Australian Residents ONLY: We can ONLY send barrels, triggers, firearm parts and magazines to TNT Depot Perth. In the real world, most people feel that a gas gun kicks less. Essentially, the Kineti-Tech offering is a very effective recoil reducer with a can to eliminate the sometimes unwanted concussive thunderclap that accompanies such devices. You can calculate this. Click here to apply. Weight: 180grams .

Instructions .

After 20 rounds or so, I slapped the can on, waiting for the place to clear out before really doing some vigorous testing.

The theory is easy. It’s not necessarily that one 5.56 rifle is louder than another in terms of the decibels created by the powder igniting, it’s that compensators and muzzle brakes purposefully direct the blast to the sides (at other shooters on the line) and sometimes even back at the shooter. The formula for free recoil contains only entries for weight of shotgun, weight of ejecta and speed of ejecta. There is no time parameter.

We have  a few ideas stirring around.

Don't have a licence? I sure can’t. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Unit Each.


The “birdcage” also functions as a compensator by redirecting some of that powder and gas upward through a topside three-slotted vent from which it is named. Additional information; KAK industries is a noted manufacturer of a standalone “flash can,” which serves the same purpose. Yes! Recoil reducer lugs to be fitted to stocks for magnum level recoil reduction.

We answer the phone and reply to emails. There’s something about the aesthetics of the can on this rifle that really do it for me as well. The recoil impulse of 5.56 or .223 is not very aggressive, and unless you’re a competitive shooter, you may find that the benefits don’t exactly outweigh the flash, blast, and annoying effects that come with this kind of muzzle device. For example, the 5.56 NATO round was designed to burn all of its powder while traveling the length of a 20″ barrel.

To the free recoil formula, a fixed breech shotgun recoils just as much as a gas operated gun if gun weight and cartridge are the same.

The DTS Kinetic Balancer functions as a gun balancing and a recoil reduction system. I put the Fabarm Kinetik Stock Recoil Reducer on my 300 Win Mag and I'am very happy to report that It has reduced felt recoil to the extent that I can observe the strike of the bullet on and around the target. AR15 DMR Build: Lessons Learned, Parts Reviewed. This is a huge deal to us.”, “New products! The gun moves to the rear, but the inertia of the weight keeps it sort of suspended where it was for a moment.

I plan on purchasing one for myself after sending the tester off. ( Log Out /  Purchase the firearm, using one of our flexible payment options: 3. According to Mike, “We hope to stay competitive in the firearms industry as it is a pretty cut throat business to be in actually. You can calculate this. Remember that a standalone flash can is not intended to affect recoil or muzzle rise, and actually makes it feel worse than a standard “birdcage,” which is technically a compensator. This way recoil becomes more of a push than a poke. The spring weight generates only a slightly different curve.

Flash hiders are designed to help disperse unburnt powder that creates the fireball at the end of a barrel. That’s because the recoil of the gas gun is spread out over a longer period of time due to the gas mechanism. Kineti-Tech was not always in the firearms game. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The weight can be adjusted forward or backwards to fine tune the balance of your gun.

The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

Send the original copy of the PTA to us for brokerage. Mauser M98 FN Bolt with bent handle (missing extractor) (MAU98H057), Savage MkII Firing Pin, Extractor, Ejector Set (Short) (SPART0630), Timney Trigger to suit Sako "A" Actions with Safety.

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