I actually find all the inconsistencies quite funny.

Stanley was in a few later episodes, but then he just disappeared and he was never mentioned again. More questions & answers from The King of Queens. The Shower Poem, The finale has the length of two regular episodes, being counted as the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of the ninth season, running about 45 minutes without commercials. after installing Fedora KDE, Tutorial: How to delete Flash cookies using Better Privacy Firefox add-on, How to enable the IP filter feature in Tixati P2P client, How to solve unspecified transaction error in Fedora (Linux). And, yes, Deacon’s kid’s ages are not consistent. This was one of the cool things about the show. It clearly showed at the end of the episode that they lost all the money in stocks. Lol. ). One our favorite shows we watch it almost every night. I knew when I first saw Danny , he was related to Doug in real life . In the first season, 1999, Carrie is turning 30. He’s also in a lot of other episodes, don’t know his real name though and I’m too lazy to IMDB it…. Hell And Heaven Difference Meaning, 11/10 - Schitt's Creek - The Complete Collection In another the same guy was working for a rival company who wraped doug up in bubble wrap. It is awesome when the main actors are allowed to use a family member or a friend to be on the show even if it is only a guest spot.

Early in the series, the, story was that they met in jr high. On the episode with Adam Sandler, if you look at the shelves behind Carrie in the video store they are filled with copies of Adam Sandler's movies. Where was Spence during all of her “adventures”?

?She suosed to be Dougs sister, yet she is never mentioned!

Conrad Stott Smith, As is Deacon & Kelly’s getaway cabin.- Doug is given the position of supervisor at IPS, when his boss gets sick & then dies. Hyderabad Ipl Team 2017, There are people who would do these tiny minor parts for minimum wage, and I’m sure even a few that’d do them free just for the opportunity. In a flashback, Doug didn’t have a job but lied about working at IPS to get Carrie to sleep with him, but in another episode he was a bouncer when they met and wanting to open a sandwich shop. – A Lot of times when the IPS truck is shown being driven, it’s shifter is actually in park. 10/27 - The Flintstones - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) If they are cousins, shouldn’t Doug already know/be related to her? I love this show, though. Here’s a few more. Hi King of Queens devotees ! Also, the number of windows change periodically. What about the episode when Doug and Carrie visits his parents in Florida, and Doug’s dog Rocky is still alive after 30 years. 09/15 - South Side - Season 1

I’ve noticed all the inconsistency with character placement as well, which is what led me to this post in 2018. Borussia Dortmund Kit 17/18, like the show, I honestly do. Kaplan,” but they’re such different personalities , New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the kingofqueens community, Doug and Carrie Doug and Carrie Doug and Carrie Doug and Carrie Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur..., Press J to jump to the feed. Doug mentions to Carrie on the way home from the housewarming party, how well Arthur played the piano. 126 Comments. Then later in season 5, when Doug is trying to get everything he wants through Arthur, Doug got the idea because Deacon tells Doug that Kirby started getting Major to ask for all the things Kirby wants, so Major is asking for a Victoria Secret catalog, for Kirby. 08/11 - Final Space - The First and Second Seasons (Blu-ray) It's not the first time that Arya has rejected safety in favor of adventure; when Brienne tried to "rescue" her earlier in the series, Arya spurned the offer and instead ended up heading to Essos to study with the Faceless Men. But, personally, I feel like “The King Of Queens” is truly “THE KING” of inconsistencies! 09/22 - Brockmire - The Complete Fourth Season

I hadn’t noticed all of these inconsistencies but, the one that bugs me is the front of the house from the outside versus the inside. I think they should have written her real pregnancy into the show, even though I know she had just had a miscarriage on the show . Also, back in season 8, there was the episode where Carrie cut all her hair off and sold it, but the very next episode, her hair was right back to the way it was. Here are a couple more faux pas….. Carrie’s birthday is supposedly June 19, but in one episode, it is snowing when they have her birthday dinner out on the patio of the restaurant because Doug waited too late to get reservations inside. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show !! Anthropology Synonym,

Another inconsistency is how Doug and Deacon became friends and how long they have been friends. //-->. – The garage Full of Arthur’s Rice A Roni was only mentioned/seen in one episode. He’s played Dougs doctor and a coworker named “Rico” also played several other characters. Later they talk about in school that Doug asked Carrie to dance at a party and she gives him the finger.

Hi, I’m new to this site but I had to research inconsistencies on King of Queens after I noticed a few. This was pretty much the breakthrough roles for both James and Remini, so I understand they probably didn’t have much of a budget but come on now. I can hear the writers just saying, “hahah let’s just use that guy again for this character it will be hilarious.” Patton Oswalt said the writers were the most stonery writers he’s ever worked with on a sitcom. How Doug & Carrie met. Just to add another flaw that came to mind: We see Deacon and Doug drinking beer and smoking cigars all the time. 09/22 - Brockmire - The Complete Third Season Another one – Deacon’s dad was said to be a dentist in one episode (fairly high class), yet in the episode where they go on a road trip to stop Spence’s ex-girlfriends wedding, they stop by the dad’s meager house, and the way he is portrayed doesn’t add up. Doug even “Loans her out to Deacon” to fix him & his kids a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Yeah, I understand, “it’s just a sit-com” it’s not supposed to be realistic, it’s just supposed to be silly. Viridian felt he was the only one who could bring lasting peace, because he was doing all the fighting while his brother and father remained at home. Pretty cool. Kevin James has a great propensity for physical humor and combined with his great chemistry with Leah Remini and hypertensive Jerry Stiller, the show is quite funny. Directed by Rob Schiller. Best Player To Never Win A League Title, He doesn’t actually like Nascar. There's a 2001 paintball episode where Deacon is celebrating his 33rd birthday which makes him born in … NBC Pulls Connecting... From Lineup; Fox Says The Great North to Air in February

There are many more very obvious inconsistencies I’ve noticed that you didn’t mention now but I know why, and that is, they just don’t come to mind until you see them on an old episode after watching the entire series many many times on TBS and knowing the show word for word; scene for scene..at least for me anyways lol. In a different episode Deacon is leaving a fake message on Doug and Carrie’s answering machine and as Carrie is listening to the message hears a dog barking in the background and discovers that it’s their neighbor’s dog “Pepper”.

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