Toll Free: 877-477-7823 The Ultimate Kneeboard helps you stay organized in the cockpit and its small size (8"x12") does not interfere with flight controls. Meaning that a no-stretch rope will do just that. $3.25 You are using a web browser we don't support. $44.00 2020 Product Catalog | … List Price:$54.95. It will print with bleed markings and a botted line around the cutting area. Sturdy construction extends the life of these pages. List Price:$16.95, Attractive, brushed aluminum IFR kneeboard, For the pilot who has a little more to juggle, $32.95

There was a problem submitting your feedback. $49.95 More rocker allows easier turns; flatter rocker—more speed. Jeppesen Paper 2-up (# AJV33003)—This paper has 7-hole punches down the center and left edge of the paper.

Kneeboard Replacement Strap (ASA-KB-STRAP) $5.00.

Get FREE Shipping Over $49! Accurately calculate time to the next waypoint, fuel tank changes, turns in holding or an instrument approach with complete confidence. Finely crafted in solid metal and printed to recreate the markings on the classic plane. Please check the boxes for the options that you would like to add. $38.95 List Price: $46.95 See Details However all of the enjoyment can be pushed aside if the right equipment is not purchased to meet your size and ability level.

The lower the number, the faster it is. The unique sport of kneeboarding tests your skills of balance and focus while providing immeasurable amounts of fun while on the water. • This type of construction proves beneficial to most recreational riders. lighter in weight and have sharper edges for quicker turns and better tricks. flat plate, approximately 4 to 6 inches in width, 8 to 11 inches in length. Adjustable for either left or right handed use.

Always have your pen or pencil handy! • The materials that compose a kneeboard are similar to those used in water skis. • Recreational boards are relatively thick and quite buoyant as well. Send us an email, Find answers to the most commonly asked questions, Stay up to date with everything has to offer via our social networks, It’s fun! Smaller, compact version of the standard full sized Tri-Fold Kneeboard. List Price:$49.00, $80.00

Weight.6 lbs: Dimensions: 9 × 6 × 1.5 in: Related products. to print on Jeppesen paper. East - Peachtree City, GA $38.95 Attractive, brushed aluminum VFR kneeboard, $14.95 It keeps the rope lighter and does not accelerate fatigue while holding on to the rope handle. • Kneeboard handles tend to have a wider grip than waterskiing handles. You will NOT get bombarded with constant email. However all of the enjoyment can be pushed aside if the right equipment is not purchased to meet your size and ability level. This page was last edited on 3 January 2019, at 06:07. List Price:$46.95. Powered by Help Scout. List Price:$10.95. • Just as rope type differs between kneeboarding and waterskiing, so do kneeboarding handles. Kneeboard ropes vary in length, but most are 60' to 70' long. This product is designed to make teaching in the cockpit easier.

• A high rocker number indicates an easier turning board. This is the kneeboard the military has relied on for over 20 years. The style that you select is based on what you plan to do on the water. Ranging from 13-15 (in) in width. 2) Measure the amount of string or paper that it took to wrap around the circumference. This document was developed in one of the professional publishing programs that is offered by Adobe. Alaska - Wasilla, AK Customer Service: 800-861-3192 The Ultimate Kneeboard helps you stay organized in the cockpit and its small size (8"x12") does not interfere with flight controls. The Ultimate Kneeboard helps you stay organized in the cockpit and its small size (8"x12") does not interfere with flight controls. The Kneeboard Reference Guide has been designed to fit into almost any kneeboard being sold on the market today.

List Price:$39.95, A longer version of the ASA Tri-Fold Kneeboard, $34.95

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