There is 12v to the ignition switch (red wire), but the black wire w/ red stripe (goes from ignition switch to starter relay) only has .9 - 1.0 v at starter relay and ignition switch.

The clicking sound is coming from the starter solenoid. Instead, you should wash the ATV by hand using only a garden hose and mild soap. Key switch (or wire to key switch)or relay maybe? The filter will be at the very bottom of the assembly.

In addition, you have possible fuel pressure regulator issues or bad o-ring seals. Clean or replace the air filter with a new one, before trying to start the bike again. If the gas in the tank is old or contaminated, you should not put it back in the tank after cleaning the valve. The problem is likely a dirty carburetor. Use a fully charged battery, and a set of jumper cables to test if the starter will spin as it’s supposed to. A worn fuel pump may not be able to create a high enough fuel pressure for the injection system to mist the fuel properly, which in turn may prevent the ATV from starting. Trace the fuel line all the way from the fuel tank to the carburetor. If there are any signs of weather cracking, replace the line. Reinstall the plugs and try starting the bike.

Clean the carb as described earlier in this post. Not all ATVs have one, but if yours has a primer pump, you should use it to pump fuel back into the carb manually. Today, he moved a bale of hay for me and backed it out of the enclosure.

When too much gas enters the carburetor, there won’t be enough space left to mix the required air/fuel ratio for the bike to be able to start and run.

Using a hairdryer will speed up the process. You should get a voltage reading of 12V or more.

Make sure it is turned on. The task if troubleshooting fuel injector problems, however, is a task that often gives even seasoned mechanics a headache. The solenoid should make an audible “clicking” sound each time you hit the starter. Disconnect the fuel line from the valve to see if gas comes through.

Identify the vacuum line that goes to one of the inlet ports.

Remove both the main jet and the pilot jet.

Remove the spark-plug wire (on a carbureted ATV) or the ignition coil (on a fuel-injected ATV) from the spark-plug.

(Or Slower?). Got my new ignition switch and installed...tractor cranked immediately. If the tractor has sat for a while, the lights will work. The black lead goes to ground. Lookup a timing diagram for your specific ATV and make sure all the timing marks line up. Due to the backfire, you know that at least some fuel is getting through. Note that the coil may be bad even if you’re getting a spark. Clean a carburetor by using chemical carb cleaner: Fuel-injected engines use an electronic pump to feed pressurized fuel through fuel injectors and into the engine. If fuel does not flow freely, you need to remove the valve to clean it. If it breaks, your bike’s timing will be off immediately. Re: L2900 intermittent electrical issue, won’t crank If the switch was hot, then most likely its burned up. Look for a button on the side of the carb that may look like a choke knob.

Both you and the ATV can catch fire from a spark caused by a short. The steps involved are a bit different depending on whether your ATV has EFI (electronic fuel injection) or a traditional carburetor system. The battery should read 12,6 – 12,8V.

I recommend these links for a more detailed and illustrated guide on how to disassemble and clean a carburetor (external links): How to disassemble and properly clean a carburetor:

Check the connector at the positive post of the battery; mine were corroded inside but when I cleaned them, no more problems. Charge the battery or replace it if it is dead.

If you do it incorrectly, you risk causing permanent damage to your engine.

Water trapped inside the spark-plug booth may cause a short that will prevent the ATV from starting. You should get a reading of 0-2 ohm.

Use a multimeter to test if the solenoid closes the circuit as you try activating the starter.

Make sure you are following the proper procedure for jump-starting an ATV. After ruling out a bad battery, it’s recommended to have further troubleshooting done by a mechanic. Please refer to your service manual.

Fuel filters are cheap and easy to replace, so it’s worth doing if you suspect that something is disrupting fuel flow. It’s much safer, and just as effective, to carefully pour or spray some gas straight into the cylinder through the plughole.

Micro arcing or fretting.

Some issues are easy to fix at home, while others require assistance from a mechanic. The fuel pump will need some time to suck up fuel after the bike has run completely dry. There should be no continuity when the switch is off, and continuity when it is on. A clogged fuel filter or clogged fuel lines may cause a too low fuel pressure as-well. Fixing such issues is usually a job for a mechanic.

The next time, he'd hit the differential lever.

He stopped the tractor to close the gate, and again, it won't start. L1501,home built carry all, mini plow blade. Poke one probe into each of the two cables going into the switch.

As long as the spark plug is providing a bright blue spark, and fuel is entering the cylinder, you may suspect that your compression is not good enough. When run dry, the RPMs will go up, and the pump will burn out due to lack of cooling and lubrication from the fuel.

I'm also the owner and editor of Use an air compressor with a nozzle to clean all the small passages inside the carb.

This may not be what is wrong with yours but I would double check the cables and posts. Open the airbox to drain any water and let the filter dry out.

There is either a vent in the gas cap or a separate gas tank vent tube.

Set the meter to 200. Also, inspect the fuel lines going from the fuel tank to the fuel pump.

You may need to do this 2-3 times before you succeed.

Pulled seat off and replaced, do not see any type of safety switch. Test if the kill switch works by using a multimeter, a test light, or a simple continuity tester. Leaks will prevent the pump from working correctly.

This step will help you narrow down the possible causes of why fuel is not reaching the cylinder.

These bangs are known as the ATV backfiring, which is usually caused by the air/fuel ratio being too rich or too lean. I think I have a bad ignition switch…..any suggestions?

The key is located on the crankshaft.

Here are a few things to try out if your ATV is not getting a spark: When you try to start the ATV, the engine seems to crank just as normal.

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