Virginia enjoys cooking, shopping, date night with the hubby, amusement parks and spending quality time with family and friends.

How Many Socks Can Jbird Put On His Right Foot In One Minute? The KVJ ATS Podcast 18+ Adult Language (04-27-20), KVJ ATS Podcast 18+ Only Contains Adult Language, Have Jbird Rate Your Work Vending Machine! (07-28-20), GOATS By Category, Facebook Fishing, Am I The Jerk, Five Reasons Restaurant Burritos Taste Better Than Homemade, Dennys or Animal, Was A Helicopter Following Bird? In Kansas City, Kevin had been the “stunt boy” for Danny Douglas (Czeckalinski). (ATS Starts 2Hr 31Mins 18+ Only), World Record Wednesday, Quarantine Quarrels, Breast Milk To Boost Immunity, Facebook Fishing, Who Is The Legit Basketball Ball Boy?

(06-30-20), Who Would Win In A Blindfolded Race Between Jbird and Suits? Struggles of Balancing Work & Kids During The Pandemic (05-01-20). (08-27-20), Why Did Virginia And Panda Name Their Son Rocco? (10-01-20), The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ Only (09-30-20), What Is The Worst Way You Were Dumped? Telena Harpel | October 30, 2020. Put Em To The Test!

(10-29-20). How Many Times Does Kevin Say Like In This 30 Second Clip? Son of God, Family Guy, Buckeye fan & Host of The KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF KVJ Entrepreneur, Scientific Myths Movies Made Us Believe, Mystery Box, World Record Wednesday, KVJ Confessional and Am I The Jerk? #KVJ “Best Movie Badass” Draft! three great kids together – a pair of early teenage twins and a son in Caring. Make Up or Break Up is Back!

I also love music and organization. (ATS Starts 2Hr 39Mins 18+ Only), What Are The Best Snacks For The Munchies? (ATS Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only), Who Pays More Attention On The KVJ Show?

KVJ reads the best ones! Radio became my hobby . Jbird can't wait to answer! Welcome to all things involving The Kevin, Virginia & Jason Show. Think Fast, Call Them Out, Weekend Jeopardy, Have You Been In A Car Chase and How Late Do You Let Your Kids Sleep During Summer Break?

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How Well Does Jason Know His Movie Taglines? (10-02-20). and what is the largest and most loyal of any radio show in South Florida. Fortunately, Kevin was still released, without an arrest, but he did receive a lifetime ban from the Gardens Mall. KVJ TV (11-05-2020) (11-05-20). Marianna was a key part of the show on-air and soon the show evolved from being the Kevin & Virginia Show to being The Wild Morning Show with Kevin, Virginia, Jason & Marianna. The show has since resurfaced in the area on rival 97.9 WRMF. (08-05-20), FML, World Record Wednesday, 3 Keys To Slow Aging, Song Association Game, Audio Charades and Have You Ever Gotten TMI From A Stranger?

The Weird and Whatever Crew Is Back For Another Season! Looks like there is another Boys Night in the works, but we all remember what happened to the last Boys Night... Bikini Girls Showed Up! (ATS Starts 1Hr 43Mins 18+ Only). […], Listings for America's Most Horrifying Homes, Make Up or Break Up, World Record Wednesday, South Florida Haunts and Am I The Jerk? 4. (09-24-20), I Am Terrible At Talking Dirty & Need Some Help! She has a wonderful husband, that they have lovingly nicknamed Panda. The broadest and most diverse audience in South Florida comes to the KVJ Show daily for the most entertaining way of catching up on all they need to know – from celebrity gossip, to the latest in pop culture, relationships, trends and idiots in the news. Fact or Fiction, Schoolcations, KVJ 2010 Movies Draft, Dennys Joke Jury, Something Legal That Feels Illegal, FML, Random Questions and Why Do They Sorority Squat For Photos? Take me back to Saturday in my yard. KVJ Cuts- Who Gets It? His parents were lovers of music, junk food, and laughter, which all had a very strong impact in shaping Jason’s life.

In typical J-Bird fashion, he attended six schools before eventually graduating with a Bachelors degree in communications from Florida Atlantic University. . Love Island is over but luckily for us- Big Brother has a ton of "likes"! Follow Bird and Producer Dennys @jasonkvj #WeLoveYouAllAndBigfootIsReal. (09-01-20), Have You Ever Had a Repairman Clog Your Toilet? What Age Are You The Most Miserable? (08-19-20) Publicerades 8/19/2020 The KVJ After The Show Podcast 18+ (08-18-20) Publicerades 8/18/2020 Jason Was On Paranormal Caught On Tape!

Jbird attempts to break the World Record for Most Legos Stacked One Handed- Will he break the current record of 30?

Its been awhile since we done this oldie but goody! I Am Terrible At Talking Dirty & Need Some Help!

An impromptu candy challenge has Jbird shook! Virginia says, “I was about to accept a job in my hometown of New Orleans, working on the station I grew up listening to, WEZB, when Kevin called. […], THe gang gets spooky (and Weird and Whatever) for Halloween! (10-21-20), What Would Be The Most Useful Superpower For Parenting? . (06-09-20), How Late Do You Let Your Kids Sleep During Summer Break? (09-17-20). (06-29-20), Call Them Out, Coronavirus Mask Song, Facebook Fishing, Think Fast, Best Patriotic Movies, Sex Raise Your Hand Poll and The Blindfolded Foot Race! (10-19-20), KVJ Cuts- What Was The Most Popular Slang Word The Year You Were Born?

Feel Good Friday, YouTuber Gives Up Kid, Missed Connections, One Digit From Elon Musk’s Number, No Name Movie Game and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High (ATS Starts 2Hr 26Mins 18+ Only), Can KVJ Not Make A Face While Drinking Wasabi Tequila? (ATS Starst 2Hr 12Mins 18+ Only), Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, I Don't Want My Husband Bald, Our Show Stinks, Cereal Mash-Ups and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High? The show moved to WFLC in 2013 from West Palm Beach-based WLDI-FM where it was home from 1999-2013. (Ats Starts 2hr 8Mins 18+ Only), The KVJ After The Show Podcast 18+ (08-18-20), (Contains Adult Language) Virginia, Jbird, and Dennys Discuss Kevin Being Out With The Bronc, Jason Was On Paranormal Caught On Tape!

Vote for who on KVJ has the best pick for “Best Movie Badass” in the comments!

[…], Make Up or Break Up is Back! […], One hand has a delicious treat and one has a terrible one... Will Jbird pick correctly? So defibrillators aren't used correctly in movies? an area that I love.

(09-30-20). (ATS Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only), Fifth Graders- Can You Stump The Bird? Think Fast, Fact or Fiction, Signs of a Cheating Spouse and Whacked Out News! What Have Been Your Top Covid Comfort Foods? Five finalists were chosen and for a whole week they would perform parody songs, bits and even a street stunt. (08-13-20), KVJ Draft- Best Comedies, Random Questions, KVJ Confessional, Dennys Joke Jury, KVJ GOATS and Was Suits at the Sex Store?

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