Restrictions are in place to protect our water supply and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe visit - with penalties up to $44,000 applying: Recreation Areas at WaterNSW dams will be closed on ALL Total Fire Ban days. Grazing goldens and monstrous carp will also turn up in surprising numbers at times and scoff baits intended for a catty.Silver PerchSilver perch at times over the past decade have been thick to say the least, but numbers seem to have dwindled in recent years. As you can imagine, such an enormous body of water means you rarely, if ever, experience any problems with the crowds often associated with coastal waterways.Public access points are divided into three sections covering every major point of the dam, including Burrendong State Park, Mookerawa Park and the Mudgee end. Orange from the south east lies an impressive expanse of google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5999143218504732"; reason, why not put Burrendong on your itinerary as

Lake Burrendong State Park is a not only a great base camp for chasing trophy golden perch and cod, but also for visiting many other fantastic local attractions such as The Wellington Caves and Phosphate Mine, Lake Burrendong Sport and Recreation Centre, Burrendong Arboretum, The Old Dubbo Gaol and the world famous Western Plains Zoo.

An ever present food web of small redfin feed Burrendong’s cod, with those fish caught sporting a healthy girth and beautiful colouration. Anglers can, however, take catfish from Lake Burrendong, with night fishing using baits under a running sinker producing plenty.

Construction Date: 1967 Hectares

Construction of an auxiliary spillway to divert floodwaters around the dam in a rare and extreme flood so as to protect the dam and ensure it remains safe in an extreme flood was completed in 2014. Anglers can use one of the three boat ramps located in the Lake Burrendong State Park, Mookerawa State Park or the Mudgee end of the lake to launch a boat and set up a comfortable camp in search of some fishing fun, or perhaps even a trophy native for the photo album. Impressive trophy fish with humped shoulders and small heads populate the dam, thanks largely to local restocking groups such as the Wellington Fishing Club, which has for the past decade stocked the impoundment with fingerlings made available via community generated funds.The winter months see impressive schools of yellowbelly congregate against the trunks and limbs of gigantic sunken trees, in anywhere from two to 50m of water, depending on the location of the thermocline. To receive Early Warning Network notifications below please register your details with us. Access allows anglers to launch a boat or fish the banks in any given arm of the lake. Work recommenced in 1958 and was completed in 1967. The not-for-profit event attracts competitors from around NSW.

Cudgegond River arms. Saddle Dam A is expected to breach, releasing large volumes of water. SkyScraper State Emergency Service (SES) require advance public warning to evacuate if such a failure may occur. Macquarie, Bell and Cudgegong rivers as well as numerous

Some of the huts were transported to Burrendong following the construction of Keepit Dam on the Namoi River north-west of Gunnedah.

Burrendong Dam is one of the largest inland dams in NSW with a capacity of 1,678,000 megalitres, three times Sydney Harbour. Boating

The golden perch or yellowbelly were often thought as a greasy feed when coming out of stocked impoundments but for some reason the Burrendong fish are a lot leaner and cleaner fleshed than from other areas namely Windamere dam. A structure was also constructed around the intake tower to reduce the impact of cold water being released from the bottom of the dam downstream into the Macquarie River.

Catfish are a common catch particularly for bait fishers through the townships of Wellington, Dubbo, Narromine and Warren, but due to all but disappearing from the Murray, Murrimbidgee and Lachlan Catchments, anglers can no longer take catfish from western flowing rivers such as the Macquarie.

One such morning, we thanked the fishing gods as we were blessed with a complete “glass-out”, with barely a ripple as far as the eye could see. Waters State Park.

Rylstone The The spillway allows flood waters to pass through seven radial gates each 16.8 metres wide and six metres high.

After letting the outboard, along with our fingers, warm up for five or so minutes, we set off across the main basin with our navigation lights creating a red and green cocoon in the foggy canopy. Notification - Releases at Burrendong dam are planned to increase from [YY] ML/day to [ZZ] ML/day at [time and date]. Trigger - Spillway flows of 20,000 megalitres per day or more. The rock wall is 1116 metres long and 76 metres high.

streams and creeks flowing in from the surrounding ranges.

The Central Western community of NSW has gotten right behind the comp, with close to $40,000 in cash and prizes for the 2012 comp to be handed out. There are several accommodation options from cabins to powered and unpowered camping sites in the local area. The local redfin were obviously in full feeding mode. Trigger - Storage level has reached main embankment crest level.

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