“I saw the article when it popped up on my news feed for ‘Michigan News’ and I quickly emailed her the answer to her question about her rock.

Agate Trivia Nickname: “Lakers” Best time to look: Right after a storm What town’s beaches are prized for agates? Michigan has long been a favorite place for rock hunters because of its geologic history, which spans 3.5 billion years. Tips For Rock Hunting In Northern Michigan, MyNorth Rocks! You can even find them in parking lots and your own backyard.

Grab a bucket and keep your eyes on the prize. And her love of rocks was born in the Upper Peninsula during visits to her grandmother’s home.

Mighty Lake Superior // Photo by Thomas Bos. He said there are bigger ones. Get your copy. Where? Or walk the beach after a storm.

Unfortunately, not everybody shares my excitement!”. The article's author, however, clarified that he deliberately qualified his claim with the words "may be," which means his report is still true. Wanna be a Petoskey pro + learn how to polish them at home? Michigan's pudding stones are usually white quartzite full of jasper, which tends to have a reddish color, said Sarah Brownlee, a geology professor at Wayne State University.

“When you look at the geology, it’s everywhere and I see things that I find so exciting everywhere I go. In shorts and a Michigan T-shirt, Abram explains he found the pudding stone a year ago. Michiganders, he explained, love pudding stones, and then, there's simple math.

Well, that’s anybody’s guess, Kevin says. And the radio station followed up with a update to its readers. This petrified coral is also known as Charlevoix Stone and is a cousin of the Petoskey. Glaciers covered almost 200 million acres when they formed and acted like a giant conveyor belt bringing rocks south to what is now Michigan.

Michigan is a favorite place for rock hunters, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. After the impurities cool, the result is slag. The northern rim of the coral reef was there, and glaciers pushed the stones south. Large pudding stone boulders have been found near Clare. Meteorites can be found in Michigan. Abram said he was surprised — and somewhat delighted — to see the interest in his video; although he added that implying the stone was the largest in Michigan was "just silly."

Michigan was once covered by seas that were home to a variety of corals, including Hexagonaria percarinata.

St. Antoine, who now works for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, knows a thing or two about rocks. By Carly Simpson on July 30, 2019

The heat liquifies the sand into a glass cone.

But Abram didn't.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in geology from Lake Superior State University. The Charlevoix stone looks a lot like its cousin, the Petoskey stone. If you go, good luck, and save some for the rest of us!

Then, last winter, during a stretch of snow days and boredom, Abram started recording YouTube videos. Kevin gives us a lesson on Northern Michigan’s most iconic stones…. Michigan rock hunting is a passion unlike anywhere on Earth, because we have the best darn beaches anywhere on Earth. At Korner Gem, tucked across the street from West Grand Traverse Bay and Greilickville Harbor Park, you’ll find thousands of stones in every color—and Kevin grinning as he polishes a Petoskey. Our favorite rock. “Pyrite nodules (or concretions) are pretty common. He's even seen some. All rights reserved. But Mary Ann St. Antoine, an environmental quality analyst for the state of Michigan who has a degree in geology, took one look at the picture of the shiny find and knew exactly what it was: A pyrite nodule.

When the smelting industry ended in Leland, heaps of slag were dumped in Lake Michigan.

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