The above chart in an aproximation of the age of largemouth bass in Northern Illinois and the Chicago area. The fish many anglers call “yearlings” are actually two-year-old fish. live bait is great, but fishing with lures will ultimately make fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass is a great sport. An angler who catches a big bass wants to know, "How old is it?". [18], Largemouth bass usually reach sexual maturity and begin spawning when they are about a year old. This feeding habit may impact the ecosystem positively, but more research must be conducted to verify this. The fish many anglers call "yearlings" are actually two-year-old fish. [11] The largemouth is the largest of the black basses, reaching a maximum recorded overall length of 29.5 in (75 cm)[12] and a maximum unofficial weight of 25 pounds 1 ounce (11.4 kg). We all know how much a bass can vary in weight related to its length, so some three-year-old largemouths just barely weigh a pound, while others will be well over 1½ pounds. Length Conversion Chart, Cook

Small largemouth, of 10–14 inches, can contain higher quality meat, especially during the spring.

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The fish will often become airborne in their effort to throw the hook, but many say that their cousin species, the smallmouth bass, is even more aggressive.

some of the most popular fishing lures for catching bass. Which? The heaviest reported weight for was 10.1 kg (22 lbs.). Article by Frank Seargeant – Editor The Fishing Wire, ©2017 -- Designed by Jared Pease -- Powered by An Angler's Dream.

Knowing this, it is possible to make some general observations about bass growth. [13], The juvenile largemouth bass consumes mostly small bait fish, scuds, small shrimp, and insects. However, the chart above will give you a fair estimate of the weight Girth Use this chart only as a method for determining the approximate weight of your bass. When the fry reach 1.5 to 2 inches (5.08 cm) in length they will begin to feed on insect larvae and smaller fishes.

Consider this before you take these numbers to heart. Young largemouth bass will feed on crustaceans, insects, and small fish. The upper jaw (maxilla) of a largemouth bass extends beyond the rear margin of the orbit. Nation Regional. How fast does a bass grow? Fisheries managers must consider these factors when designing regulations for specific bodies of water. The male will then guard the nest until the eggs hatch, which can take about 2 to 4 days in the southern U.S and Northern Mexico, and slightly longer in the northern part of its Native Range. [15] In larger lakes and reservoirs, adult bass occupy deeper water than younger fish, and shift to a diet consisting almost entirely of smaller fish like shad, yellow perch, ciscoes, suckers, shiners, and sunfish. Average Bass Length (inches) At Various Ages.

Looking at the table above, the standard weight for a 20.5” is 4.96 pounds.

Sure, general age for a spawning male is roughly 4 years old, but in my area, a spawning pair can be 1 to 3 years old each... which is pretty much a couple of 12- to 18 inch bass. Old fish increase in length very little from year to year, but do continue to add weight. A big bass, say five pounds, might be anywhere between six and 16 years old. Growth rate is an important aspect of the biology of bass and all other fish species, and it takes a careful examination of many fish to provide information of value to Division biologists. County Forest Preserve District, Illinois It causes the decline, displacement or extinctions of species in its new habitat through predation and competition,[25] for example in Namibia. [20] Males create nests by moving debris from the bottom of the body of water using their tails. of the fish. Local variations could occur. At 5 years, females may be twice the weight of males. Properly Set Reel Drag or Backreeling? A 15-inch bass might be an average four-year-old, a fast growing three-year-old or a slow growing five-year-old. Fish of 23 inches are usually in the 7-pound class, and to weigh 10 pounds a bass needs to be at least 25 inches long. Largemouth Bass Age Chart. After one is found, the two bass swim around the nest together, turning their bodies so that the eggs and sperm that are being released will come in contact on the way down to the nest. [29] The largemouth bass has been causing sharp decreases in native fish populations in Japan since 1996, especially in bitterling fish in Lake Izunuma-Uchinuma. [9] The upper jaw (maxilla) of a largemouth bass extends beyond the rear margin of the orbit. Remember...

McHugh says that bass in most habitats need to be about three years old before they are large enough to interest most anglers. For bass, there is usually a range of about four inches between the largest and smallest individuals of the same age, he says. Note that it is illegal to use Neogobius melanostomus as bait in the Great Lakes Region. For bass, there is usually a range of about four inches between the largest and smallest individuals of the same age. To estimate weight of a specific bass, weigh in tenths of pounds and measure in inches to nearest ½ inch and then using the table above look up the relative weight of the bass length. To get the exact relative weight of a bass, use the standard weight column from the table … Fly fishing for largemouth bass may be done using both topwater and worm imitations tied with natural or synthetic materials.

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