Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, traditional naming practices, writes one commentator, were recognized as "com[ing] into conflict with current sensitivities about children's and women's rights". [21] Those changes accelerated a shift away from the interests of the parents to a focus on the best interests of the child. A new trend in the United States for Hispanics is to hyphenate their father's and mother's last names. In Spain, a new law approved in 1999 allows an adult to change the order of his/her family names, and parents can also change the order of their children's family names if they (and the child, if over 12) agree.[45]. In the case of Cantabria the family's nickname is used instead of the surname: if one family is known as "Ñecos" because of an ancestor who was known as "Ñecu", they would be "José el de Ñecu" or "Ana la de Ñecu" (collective: the Ñeco's). In Peru and the Dominican Republic, women normally conserve all family names after getting married. In Spain, a woman does not change her legal surnames when she marries. In Ethiopia and Eritrea, a child adopts the given name of one of their parents, usually the father, as a pseudo-surname. With one simple test, you can discover your genetic origins and find family you never knew you had.

"[10], By 1400, most English and some Scottish people used surnames, but many Scottish and Welsh people did not adopt surnames until the 17th century, or later. ], praenomen became less useful for distinguishing individuals as it was often passed down for males along with the nomen (like an entire culture where "John Smith, Jr." was the norm), and females, were often given no praenomen at all or functional names like Major and Minor ("Older" and "Younger") or Maxima, Maio, and Mino ("Biggest," "Middle," "Littlest") or ordinal numbers rather than what we might think of as names: Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quarta, etc. Patronymic name conventions are similar in some other nations, including Malaysia (see Malaysian name) and other Muslim countries, among most people of the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala (unlike another Indian state Andhra Pradesh, where ancestral origin village names have become surnames for the people), in Mongolia and in the Scottish Gaelic personal naming system. However, the child may have any other combination of the parents' surnames, according to euphony, social significance or other reasons. In certain rare situations, a woman may be addressed with her paternal surname followed by her husband's paternal surname linked with de. Accessed 5 Nov. 2020. This is true especially in the English-speaking world, but also sometimes even in the Hispanic world, since to many Hispanics unfamiliar with this and other compound surnames, "Paz y Miño" might be inadvertently mistaken as "Paz" for the paternal surname and "Miño" for the maternal surname. Some couples keep their own last names but give their children hyphenated or combined surnames.[20]. Others denote a personal trait: Lacourse might have been a fast runner, Legrand was probably tall, etc. During the Middle Ages this practice died out as Germanic, Persian, and other influences took hold. Luis Telmo Paz y Miño Estrella is also known more casually as Luis Paz y Miño, Telmo Paz y Miño, or Luis Telmo Paz y Miño. There are also more complicated names based on occupational titles. For example, if José García Torres and María Acosta Gómez had a child named Pablo, then his full name would be Pablo García Acosta.

Examples of Old English elements are frequently found in the second element of habitational names. [9] A four-year study led by the University of the West of England, which concluded in 2016, analysed sources dating from the 11th to the 19th century to explain the origins of the surnames in the British Isles. Some Chinese surnames use more than one character. An exception is: 1) the female surnames which correspond to nouns in the sixth declension with the ending "-s" – "Iron", ("iron"), "rock", 2) as well as surnames of both genders, which are written in the same nominative case because corresponds to nouns in the third declension ending in "-us" "Grigus", "Markus"; 3) surnames based on an adjective have indefinite suffixes typical of adjectives "-s, -a" ("Stalts", "Stalta") or the specified endings "-ais, -ā" ("Čaklais", "Čaklā") ("diligent"). In the Americas, the family names of many African-Americans have their origins in slavery (i.e. Henry VIII (ruled 1509–1547) ordered that marital births be recorded under the surname of the father. slave name). [28] Losonci Rose and Rose v. Switzerland challenged a prohibition on foreign men married to Swiss women keeping their surname if this option was provided in their national law, an option available to women. Examples of surnames are documented in the 11th century by the barons in England. Hanks, Patrick, Richard Coates and Peter McClure, eds. Traditionally in many European countries for the past few hundred years, it was the custom or law that a woman would, upon marriage, use the surname of her husband, and that any children born would bear the father's surname. Soeiro Mendes da Maia bore a name "Soeiro", a patronymic "Mendes" ("son of Hermenegildo – shortened to Mendo") and the name of the town he ruled "Maia". In England, the introduction of family names is generally attributed to the preparation of the Domesday Book in 1086,[citation needed] following the Norman conquest. Other name etymologists use a fuller classification, but these four types underlie them. [2] It was not until the 15th century that surnames were used to denote inheritance.[2].

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