, Chapter 5: LEGO Storage for Large Collections,,, We also included a bag of some Lego candy which you can actually build with. But if you email me I can send you the documents as attachments.

Lego Brick template. Thanks again!!!! ); Thank you for being so generous to share your ideas and downloads.

My question is…Is there a way to enlarge the labels slightly, so are easier to see at a glance (I wear glasses but sometimes find them too small) ? I found a lot of useful information at here. Thanks for posting all your fun bday party ideas! I made these for my sons favor boxes for his 4th birthday a couple of months ago. Thank you Delia, for helping me make my son’s Lego party, email send.

The LEGO Parts/Sets/Colors and Inventories of every official LEGO set in the Rebrickable database is available for download as csv files here.

I love the idea of having your son help create the favors.

When prompted to enter a serial number for your device, enter “B2Z112233” (a serial number for the QL 500).

I agree with most LEGO builders that the best way to sort a large LEGO collection is by part, rather than by color. MYMINIFACTORY.

I wish I had kids so I could just do this party!!! My boys and their friends will love this !

I am assuming I am doing something wrong. Time limit is exhausted.

thanks for your wonderful lego creations – they have given me lots of ideas for my grandsons birthday card. First he said he wanted to go, then he said he wished it was his birthday. I will look at the INDEX files to see if I made a mistake. You will need to use a Windows PC or a Mac computer (not an iPad).

Happy birthday to your son!

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much! Subscribe to the Brick Architect newsletter for early access to exclusive content, the latest articles, and updates to the Printable LEGO Brick Labels, LEGO Storage Guide, and my book The LEGO Architect. You can also print LEGO Brick Labels on black label tape. (And how is the E-6000 holding up for the rings? I’m seeing the same thing in Version 3.4. Hi!

But I’m not sure yet how many kids we will be inviting. I am planning a lego party for my son, and you sharing this stuff is going to make it a whole lot easier! I actually went one step further and mapped all the drwas into Excel with all the item numbers so now I type in the item number and excel shows me the exact location of the item in the draws, making it even easier .

Oh and…if you are a Lego collector. Phew…almost done. Wow! Thanks for sharing your ideas and printables:) I am not able to open the lego bumps document via google docs, either. Thanks so much! The labels are waterproof, smudgeproof, durable, and they come in a variety of colors such as White, Black, Pink, Yellow, Lime Green, Clear, and even Gold. Happy party planning! You can download the Preview PDF here:, (It was updated to include the new labels. What a blessing!

Everything works without problems.

I’ve already started working on v3.5 and added these items to my todo list.

How many lego creations can you make with that set from Wal-mart?

I will use some of the things you created, thank you soooo much for sharing!! I printed out your LEGO gift boxes on a 8×11 paper but it seems so small for an actual gift box.

If you open TECHNIC-gears_4.lbx, and scroll all the way to the right — keep going ! Thank you so much for the printables!!

(Custom high-contrast images were created for each part to ensure they look great when printed.). Thank you. Prior to printing, I have to switch to Advanced mode, and manually insert a cutline between each element (and yes, I’ve got ‘Auto Cut’ enabled in the print options) – any idea what might be causing that? There are about 30 new general-purpose LEGO elements every year. My son wants a Lego party for his 7th bday…thank God we are finally done with the $500+ parties at the moon bounce places.

Add these fun and free LEGO printables to your early learning time at home or in the classroom!

of things, therefore I am going to tell her.

(This looks good on the latest version 3.4, with my Windows 10 PC.). nine I would love to link to your Lego posts if you didn't mind.

Do you by chance also have the picture you used for the place cards? If my son hadn't just had his party, I would be ALL over these neat ideas. The Cube Plus is a fine unit, but you should do some test prints before deciding whether standard or high-resolution printing looks better to you.

I have been searching for Lego party ideas for my son. JD, Which fonts do use there? We are having a combined LEGO party for both my boys in a couple weeks, and this is the perfect way to get them more involved. The labels are designed to work with a wide range of storage solutions, including my favorite: The affordable 64-drawer cabinets by Akro-Mils.

In building a lot of LEGO Architecture models and sorting through 50 pounds of used LEGO bricks, I learned that a well organized brick collection is a requirement. Please solve this math problem (to prove that you aren't a robot.). My sibblings and I still have our bin of lego at my mom's, ready for the grandkids. New labels added for popular brand-new parts, all existing LEGO Power Functions parts, several Minifigure parts, and more. That’s why the number of labels in the collection doubled in November 2015!

I was initially going to go for the Cube Plus when noticed your note about having to use lower text quality to avoid the images being too light. Thanks Delia! Thank you for not only sharing your ideas but also for sharing your templates and printables so your ideas can be achievable! I love love love your ideas!!! This is just an entire 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Lego bumps. Found a few small things that need fixing in 3.4: 1) In the MINIFIG Accessories section, you have the Wrench 4006 displayed twice – once at the start of line 2 and once further down with a different angle and the full description – not sure if this was intentional or not? It was nice to be able to create on my own. As for issue #1, the first wrench is meant as a “category” label, in situations when you want to dedicate a drawer to miscellaneous minifig accessories, and the second label is specifically for the wrench part. Can I use the labels on HP? I love those lego rings.Year Old Birthday Party Ideas. I love to save money!! Thank so much for the huge effort on these!!

Personal use only please. This site might rock your world: You are the COOLEST mom ever and this is such a GREAT party! I just took ring bases {3 adjustable rings in a pack at Michaels for $2 and some cents, and then even less with a coupon} and glued on a square Lego with E-6000 glue. Hi Tom, Hi Tom, just finished my first round of printing with my new PTD600. (Thanks to Gabriela who received the workaround from Brother customer support, and Lauren for helping diagnose this issue.).

Today, I am sharing THREE free printables with you. Layer Height: 0.2mm

You did a fabulous job! (Photo: Shannon Peel).

Wow, this post is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds I do not have a Brother printer.

Thanks so much! Liz,

You are SO creative and sweet. Replacing with a supported font”-error though this does not work as expected. ), I’ve also ensured that the top 600 most common parts from the last 5 years are included in the collection. The final decision about where to put a piece when there are multiple reasonable categories comes down to my own intuition (and I’ve updated this organization over the years.). Yum!

Make sure to check out the main Lego Birthday Party post for more on my party. I especially love the juice boxes and invites. I made them small boxes and just used 8.5″x11″paper. The labels are waterproof, smudgeproof, durable, and they come in a variety of colors such as White, Black, Pink, …

In the meantime, I’ll just sing your praises. Printer: flashforge dreamer

[email protected] Thanks! These labels are just fantastic and such a help now that I’m using some drawers for the small Technic pieces and minifig accessories. We also included a bag of some Lego candy which you can actually build with. (I keep meaning to follow-up with Brother support to clarify the high-res printing issues, but I’ve been too busy!

Happy birthday to your son and have fun party planning! 313

No offense taken!


I could kiss you! I have printed several sets of labels from updates. Have fun party planning! You are most welcome. Yum! Thank you for sharing your party! Hi, I love your lego ideas and my favorite is the lego box favor. Making order out of chaos is so much fun for an 81-year-old AFOL! (Please feel free to leave a comment on this page or send me an email if you have any additional questions!).

Thank you, thank you! You will connect the printer to your PC/Mac (using USB or Bluetooth), then use the ‘P-touch Editor’ application to print the LEGO Brick Labels. I am planning a lego party for my son’s birthday next week. I noticed that part 98285 (last entry on TECHNIC-plate_3.lbx) is marked Top, but it’s the Bottom part. Many thanks. Required fields are marked *.

Can you help, please? Please reload CAPTCHA. Many thanks and I’ll go though your links when I come to buy! You can sure try enlarging them and printing them on 11×17 inch paper. When printed on ½″ (12 mm) laminated tape, each label is less than 2″ (5 cm) wide. We used them for invites but if we had a little more moolah I would have printed a big poster with Owen’s name on it or something to welcome everyone to the party. It's just a smidge too small for my loot! If the missing part is pretty common, ask me to include it in a future update! I get emails asking for Lego stuff all the time. Please reload CAPTCHA. Lots of great ideas here!

I made some with hot glue but it's not that sturdy.). That goes for anyone that has issues with the links actually! And, thank you SO much for making your invitation and lego juice box templates available for our use! I can’t wait to tell them the idea tonite.

The multi-function PT-D600 seems to be the best value at this time.

I am hoping to make the juice boxes, as well! I'm going to use your picture that says what type of food each platter is since all my good is lego & it will help the boys & girls!! I spend a lot of time thinking about how all of these thousands of pieces “go together”., I’d be ok with making my own but having the pictures like those on your labels would be killer.

April 3, 2020: Several Mac users have experienced a bug which prevents them from printing a complete 11 ¾″ strip of labels. Raft: no, Be the first to share a picture of this printed object, collections where you can find Lego Bricks by, Subscribe to MMF+ for a FREE mini and exclusive access to 50% off over 100 STLs! Maybe you might want to switch to a font that is available on Win and macOS by default. We have LEGO worksheets for math, literacy, science, challenges, and coloring! Your email address will not be published. My son is turning 4 and we would be drilled with these ideas since he is in to Legos. I threw in an extra block and some “jewels” to add to the top…which are really the little one bump Legos that are used for truck headlights and such. It is not perfect, just pretty close.

Patrice – Would you provide the link to the Akro-Mils quarter dividers? He is so excited .

(Recommendation based on testing with a Windows 10 PC, and version 5.2.032 of the Brother P-touch Editor application.). Thankyou so much for sharing…I've just done a Lego themed party for my 9 year old and used your box template for the loot boxes. Most of the LEGO Storage products which work best with LEGO Brick Labels are featured in Chapter 5: LEGO Storage for Large Collections.

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