To use the skill, stand near the object and press B to enter a "repair" state. Play as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Carnage, Green Goblin and dozens of other Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in this cosmic battle across the time-tossed city of Chronopolis! Experiment to see what you can find, but there's not much use to listing them, or else we'd be here all day. After Giant-Man disrupts Iron Man's repairs on his suit, Wasp states that she needs a vacation. The real life Stan Lee passed away on November 12th 2018.

After Baron Mordo was repelled, Doctor Strange claims the Book of the Vishanti. Click on the character name for information on costumes and much more, or hop to the Character Costumes Abilities section. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a Video Game released October 22, 2013 in North America, and on November 15, 2013 in Europe. As Baron Zemo's biplane crash-lands, Black Panther arrives with a defeated Klaw just as Thor and Captain Marvel arrive, stating that they will pursue Kang. These vines need to be cut with a sharp weapon. There may be more, but i haven't unlocked everybody. Arriving in Wakanda's Vibranium mines, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk find Klaw and Man-Ape gathering Vibranium. Thanos was most likely included due to his importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Physics can go take a hike. In the case of normal gold objects, the object will turn white as it heats up before being destroyed. For those, you'll need a weapon that can be thrown that has a Smash property, like Thor's hammer. Wong claims that the Book of the Vishanti is in the Mystical Cabinet of the Nisanti behind the vacuum cleaner. Press B on these to being scribing a rune. Arriving in K'un-Lun, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Iron Fist enter the Cave of the Dragon where the mysterious voice states that there are challenges ahead on their way to that which they seek. A very situational ability. Old West Captain America helps the heroes defeat M.O.D.O.K., who gets away. Follow these prints in their trail to reach the endpoint, after which you can tap B to dig up whatever is hidden. Star-Lord and Kid Colt defeat M.O.D.O.K. With Kang an infant, the superheroes celebrate their victory as the remaining villainous forces are being defeated. Kang arrives with Ravonna and pits the Guardians of the Galaxy against Eson the Searcher upon summoning him from the end of time. After the Guardians of the Galaxy defeat Eson the Searcher, Nova Prime thanks them for helping to clear the civilians as Kang the Conqueror unleashes missile-like devices which cause a section of Xandar to disappear. Hold down B near the pile to do so. These runes will appear as line puzzles where you must start at a specific point and draw a single line over the entire shape without tracing the same line twice. Examples: Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Captain America. Look especially for those green handles. Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man 2099 fight Carnom and his second form of Maximum Carnom. In the case of golden walls, the character can trace a line around the wall to cut out a particular shape from it. To help make your life easier we have put together a full guide to help you discover, unlock, and enjoy all 300 characters in game. After his defeat, Doctor Octopus tells the heroes that "he's coming", before Spider-Man webs his mouth to prevent him from talking any further. Kang states that he thinks that the Avengers are putting the Nexus of All Realities back together, yet he doesn't know what purpose.

Double tap B while flying to disengage "flying state" and drop to the ground. Ego hears Kang's name and states that he shall pay for his insolence after the heroes pay for their incompetence. Tony Stark and Giant-Man state that they should create a channeling device to raise the footprint high above Avengers Mansion as Doctor Strange will create the portal in that position. Also, there are certain paths that only small people can enter, and sometimes you may have to change yourself a little further just to get inside (flying, sphere, etc.). Arriving at the bridge, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord confront Kang and attack him only to find that they are attacking a hologram. Upon deactivating Damocles, Kang leaves Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord with a parting gift in the form of Korvac. After being surprised that she is a Minifigure, Gwenpool narrates different bonus missions that get unlocked through certain conditions.

Infinity Gauntlet: Thanos can release blasts of cosmic power using his Infinity Gauntlet.

Press B near them to make some light-blue footprints appear. While they catch up to Klaw, Bowman, and Tactical Force, Captain America, Black Panther, and Star-Lord also fight the Hydra agents sent by Arnim Zola. Examples: Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man 2099, Medusa. Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange arrive in Lemuria to search for the Nexus Shard only for Attuma to trap them and flush them to the arena at Sakaar.

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