This is a great response and should be top comment. Profitec 300, Mozzafiato Type V, Lelit Mara 62, and some other machines are available on their website. As for plumbing, at this point, I am "not allowed' to do that presently, if ever, so I didn't ever let that enter the equation. I tried to put in the link to them, but as a newbie I can't post hyperlnks for the first 10 days of membership. If you want an alternative to the R58 (which is a dual boiler), consider the Profitec 700 or Alex Duetto. i ended up pulling 30ish shots on my first day. Great build quality on any of the units, and full on rated for commercial use if you get the PRO which is substantially less of a budget stretch than the Linea Mini. bianca comes with a rotary pump, 1 naked portafilter, double sprout portafilter, 4 types of basket and a precise 58.55mm tamper. There is no pressure or preinfusion profiling. You need to perform a cooling flush on HX espresso machines, although many suggest that you should flush double boiler machines before pulling a shot too. Price. But we did compare the Appartamento with the Breville Dual BoilerSubscribe To Our Channel ▸▸ More About The Appartamento! /r/ Coffee is a place to discuss any and all things coffee. It uses only commercial parts and has the ETL/UL/NSF certifications to match; it's all stainless steel, body and frame, so rust will never be an issue; and it has a best in class 2.6l stainless steel boiler, for durability, and crazy levels of steam and super fast recovery. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Profitec 300, Mozzafiato Type V, Lelit Mara 62, and some other machines are available on their … In terms of electric, there's a ton of options. I hope you can give me some feedback about these machines, especially HX and the difference between the Giotto and Appartamento (apart from PID, which according to online reviews is not necessary in a HX). Is it just the burr diameter that is the issue? Single boiler machines have one boiler ;-), but you’d probably guessed that! Honestly: Once you hit a basic level of machine performance and quality, the grinder is more critical. quite extensive too! I'd recommend a Profitec Pro 300 for the fast warm-up time and save your money for a non-manual grinder upgrade. The Appartamento is for $1570 from my official local dealer ($1420 from unofficial dealer), so that's a lot of savings. A cut away ECM heat exchanger I took a photo of at Bella Barista.

I take morning showers so I can simply turn on my machine when I wake up. BUT I'm not a fan of anything that dilutes/bastardizes espresso anyway so others can easily chime in on that part of it.

With your budget you can get just about any type of machine with most features. Not worried about countertop space. Haven't purchased a grinder yet so I've got more time to look into a better one. Lelit Diana is also something to consider if you're going the DB option. Pro-sumer features and abilities to grow into. Rotary pumps tend to last a bit longer so maybe the extra money might be worth it. This is what they meant to say. Heat exchanger machines such as Lelit Mara & Rocket Appartamento, start from around the grand mark, while dual boiler machines tend to start at around double this. The Lelit MaraX is an E61-type group having automatic brew temperature control that allows all users to easily pull the perfect espresso shot. In regards to the steam wand, I read that the insulated ones don't foam the milk as well as an standard one. Heat exchanger machines allow you to steam milk and pull espresso at the same time, as do dual boiler machines, but they do so via different methods. The Kinu M47 is great for pour-over but if you really want the best espresso you're probably going to need to upgrade to something with bigger burrs. ECM Barista Espresso is available for $1725 and ECM Mechanika IV for $1875. Do I stretch my budget for a Dual Boiler versus a Heat Exchanger? I'd hold out for a used Compak K10 or something similar.

I was set on Rocket because they seem like the most reliable and two official dealers are available in my country. (0.50568318367),,,, I just got the Kinu M47 grinder yesterday and made two V60's so far that were excellent and flavorful, and it's my first time using the V60 (did french press and cold brew before). Lelit Mara vs. I'm sure it would have been fine, but I worried mainly about servicing and help on forums such as this should I need advice with this particular machine. Stainless definitely has it's rightful place, but not necessarily better than other materials, especially regarding heat retention/thermal recovery. I went ahead and got the Rocket Cellini last night. Thanks for this. cappuccino) that are plain white café style, but am having difficulty finding some.

Rocket Appartamento vs. Profitec Pro500. Are Lelit's products as reliable and durable as Rocket's or Linea's?

Single boiler machines will usually be warmed up & ready to pull shots quicker than dual boiler machines. I was the same in the beginning. Profitec Pro 700 is the top end of your budget and is a beast. For your budget, I'd rather go the dual boiler route. as a new lelit bianca owner, i feel that pressure profiling is a really slippery slope. I got it because I do not want to pay $1000+ on a grinder, and having a hand grinder eliminates any electric components failures. vastly increases the options available as the options in my country are limited to Rocket, ECM and La Marzocco. For example, on pricing budget alone, none of the machines are in the range you set. Subject: Re: Le'Lit PL62T Mara or Rocket Cellini Premium Plus w/PID? Profitec 300 is a great choice. Rocket Appartamento $1420 Rocket Mozzafiato Type V $1760 Rocket R58* (out of budget) $2450 Profitec Pro 300 $1500 Profitec Pro 500 $1700 Profitec Pro 600 $2100 ECM Mechanika IV Profi* $1770 ECM Mechanika V Slim $1750 Expobar Leva DB $1540 Lelit Mara 62S $1240 Thanks in advance! My question to the crowd is whether this is just a quirk of distribution and business relationships, or if it reflects a deliberate choice by a number of familiar retailers (who have very slick and hip-looking ads that show up a lot in my social media, or have lots of fun and endearing videos on YouTube, for example) to *not stock* this machine because they think that despite the comparable price it's not on par quality-wise with the other two. Bill, nice catch on E61, passive infusion. Everything I could find dated back to 2013-2015. BillRedding,Thank you so much for your advice. That helps a bunch! Dual boiler machines, as the name implies, have two boilers, one for coffee, one for milk.

I've noticed you're really set on Rocket products. Purpose: Invest in a machine that will last me the next 5-10 years. Ask yourself these questions, and see how many you boxes you tick for each  simple :-). Linea isn't the brand.). Your pros/cons and min/max budget are all over the place. Will look into a better grinder for sure. First I've heard anyone say that. All the temperature control of a dual boiler pid and more but without any of the warmup time of a boiler.

Yet the reasons you give for going with a Rocket vs. LeLit (which may be under-rated due to it being less "mainstream" to most of us here vs. I’ll move it up on the list of consideration. What if I’m not concerned about warm-up time? Rocket Appartamento vs. Profitec Pro500 Greetings all, After 8 years with Silvia, the Auber PID I installed on her, and of course her buddy Rocky, my wife and I are ready to take that rite of passage that is moving from Silvia to something better. Helps to get a fresh perspective on their products.

9 months ago. In terms of the design, that is much to your personal preference. To add, with Rocket you pay extra because of the name and they're pretty.

Lelit Mara is very cheap and seems to have good reviews. Dual boiler machines tend to take longer to warm up than HX machines. And rightfully so! If you're really about that hand grinder life, then consider the M68 or the new Helor products (looks very promising). 47mm is less than K10 or Mazzer SJ, but bigger than Sette 270 (40mm). Eric's thermometer is great and all but I'm pretty sure the whole routine will get old real quick. I will make a maximum of two shots of espresso a day (morning and afternoon). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Entry level espresso machines such as Gaggia Classic, Sage Barista Express, & Rancilio Silvia plus, bean to cup machines such as Gaggia Brera & De’Lonhi ESAM 4200, tend to be single boiler machines. There isn’t a similar function on the La Marzocco Linea Mini, right? Life is like a box of chocolates, so join my Brew Time list, follow me on Twitter & Instagram, follow the coffeeblog FaceBook page, and that’s all I have to say about that. Thanks, will take a closer look at it. For straight espresso it's as capable as any of those mentioned above, just takes a bit longer to recover shot-to-shot and of course for lots of steaming definitely won't keep up.

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