I saw a solid white hawk on my mail route...I stopped and watched it soar above me on a lonely dirt road ....breath taking!

I did get a few good pictures before it flew off! I hope we see it again.

Saw one this afternoon enroute to Blairsville. We have, however, decided to relinquish the honor of feeding expensive birds to the ever beautiful Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk. I got a picture of it flying away. I have several photos that I will post in the near future and expect to acquire several more shortly as it is feeding on a deer carcass on my property. Once received your call will be directed to the appropriate person to assist you. Pretty amazing!

This one had no dark splotches on it. It is normally perched in a large tree about 100 yards off the S side of the highway near St. Rt.

While on our side by side, but still in a rural residential area, the white red tail hawk landed in a tree some 50 yards from us.

He, like his colorful brothers, is a little timid or skittish when it comes to observers. on 12-29-20129, Spotted on of these beauties on my way home to Columbus, Ohio 12-29-2019. I believe this Axolotl is only available within the United States. I thought they could be juvenile ospreys, but this isn't really their territory.

Very cool!

Saw 2 large raptors at the top of a pine tree today in the Ohmer Park neighborhood of east Dayton, Ohio near Wayne Ave/Watervliet Ave. We have had a leucistice red-tailed hawk in our back field ( by pond) now for three days.. I've never seen anything like this before. A wild type axolotl is a combination of greens, browns, blacks, and just about any other color with speckles of shiny gold iridophore pigments. I didn’t even know they existed but I would know that silhouette anywhere, especially after it took flight.

The protein allows the Axolotl to glow vibrant green under UV or blue lighting. 201. I look forward to having another photo op with him. These hawks can be seen from coast to coast and from Mexico up to Canada.

2/5/20: I was driving east on I70 in Ohio and saw a Leucistic Red Tail Hawk just before I reached Exit 41B. We just saw a leucistic hawk on the north end of Lake Fork Reservoir. This hawk has a nest there.Now all the chickens will be kept in and left out only when someone is in the area. I think I saw one soaring in circles in North Myrtle Beach. Me and a friend of mine were fishing at Lake Breshear just outside of Dawson Springs, Ky. when we spotted a pair of red tailed hawks and one of those were totally white. She has a normal colored mate and they have successfully nested. Saw the white red tail on I-70 headed east toward Columbus Ohio along Huber Heights about 6:40 pm this evening—March 9, 2020. I just spotted one in Eden Prairie Minnesota.

Most were documented with photos or videos. If you should know the phone number of the person you wish to contact please use it.

However when I got closer I discovered it was not an owl but some kind for bird of prey. I saw a White Red Tailed Hawk today in Chicopee ma at Chicopee High School flying over the trees circling around and perching on top of trees looking for prey I knew it was a special sight to see very rare I never saw one before I’ve seen a lot of animals that was very cool to see My son and friends and family were amazed we had to stop soccer practice Lol!

Just saw a white hawk at the top of a tree in my meadow. Sitting on a branch just as you leave Oak Creek towards Steamboat , incredibly beautiful, wish I could have gotten closer, looked to be fully white from my binoculars but it did not take flight while I was looking at it. He is a regular visitor in our home East Longmeadow, MA. I parked and watched it for a few minutes.

Thought it was an owl at first, but after looking at the pictures my wife took of it, she realized it is a hawk. Saw a solid white colored hawk fly and land on a corner of a building near where I work. There was no traffic so we stopped and watched it for several minutes. I spotted a large leucistic red tailed hawk sitting on a dead tree top hunting field mice in Clinton Corners, NY today September 8, 2018. Because I was driving, no photos were obtained. 30350. Tonight, June 22nd was a spectacular viewing. The different types of albinism all have to do with the body's inability to produce melanin, leading to white, gray, or cream-colored hair and skin (but not necessarily red eyes). Yesterday we saw a big white bird flying around thought it was a snowy owl then come to realize it was a white Hawk it paired up with a Nother Redtail hawk beautiful bird flying through the sky! (1) Most times people will refer to colors as morphs. (The word is derived from the Greek word leukos, meaning "white".) Today I got a glimpse of her red tail and of the tail of the animal she was carrying...a raccoon! Our backyard is a forest, and this amazing white bird has been flying through our yard with its huge wing span hunting for prey. I stood and watched it in awe. We have had one of these "white Red-tail Hawks" in the neighborhood for many years now.

March 27,2015. I contacted my local wildlife biologist and he explained to me that he had seen one before, but not totally white. However, the tips of the finger will become dark and appear as if the axolotl has dirty fingertips when the Albino Axolotl is on its way to sexual maturity. Beautiful, amazing bird, i see one on my way to work and it took, myself and many photos to my vet to figure it out. Beautiful bird. 678-538-1200 Hubby said it must be an owl but I saw this up close and as your title states....it ain't no snowy owl! There are 2 birds.. that flew out from the tall trees so I presume there is a nest. Saw a "white" Hawk about 1:30PM in Madeira, Ohio on 3/27/2018. Breathtaking! Some leucistic birds are called "piebald" or "pied" when they have a feather pattern that looks like a patchwork quilt.

Too bad you can't post photos here.

By the way all you sincere birders know vultures are always spic and span clean.

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