Cruz wins the derby, but accidentally trips Mr. Drippy over and inadvertently washes McQueen off, blowing his cover. Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera got married on March 2008. However, Chick might try to get him out of a race or prevent him from winning, as first shown when Chick bumped him off the track and onto the infield while racing at the Motor Speedway of the South.

Mater is one of Sally's friends, just like all of the other Radiator Springs residents. Sally and their friends turn up to the race to support Lightning but is concerned as he is apprehensive about racing again. While he was fixing the road with Bessie, Sally had got Red to wash pieces of cactus off of him, to which he did not understand why she had Red do that. Despite regretting Doc challenging McQueen to a race, Sally cheered along with the citizens when McQueen made a perfect start. Despite being relieved that he would know Mater would be safe being in Radiator Springs, McQueen still feels down, thinking that he should not have been too hard on him. With that, McQueen catches up to Cruz and convinces her to come with him to Doc's hometown of Thomasville. In Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition, Lightning makes another appearance as a playable character, and has received no noticeable changes from his previous appearance in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. Lightning is kind, positive, courageous and brave, and enjoys having fun and spending time with his friends, especially Mater. Seeing Jackson Storm making fun of Cruz - it lefts Sally puzzled, and she calls him "jerk". At that point, McQueen became Sally's boyfriend. However, Mater gets caught up in spy business, and when Lightning phones Sally to ask about Mater, who claimed to be heading back to Radiator Springs, she is confused, and explains that he is not there.

Mater and McQueen do several things together, including going tractor tipping regularly, driving backwards, driving along the Ornament Valley railroad tracks without tire treads, and occasionally racing each other. After a wreck occurs, Lightning makes the call that Cruz will finish the race for him. They also decide to host an unofficial race in the town for McQueen and the World Grand Prix racers to take part in, which is also when Sally is able to meet Francesco, who admits that McQueen is very lucky, and will have to be so that he beats him in the race. • Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy • Moteurs... Action! Having spent time running the Cozy Cone, Sally and the rest of the townsfolk soon gather together to welcome McQueen back home after he wins the Piston Cup for a fourth time.

Parade: Mickey's New Year's Eve Parade • Paint The Night Parade • Pixar Play Parade Allies He also has two other skins, Carbon Fiber Lightning, which can be unlocked by earning the "Agent - Third Class" crest, and Radiator Lightning, which can be unlocked by earning the "Runway Pancake" crest. Taking the lemons by surprise, the Radiator Springs gang helps their friends battle the lemons, which Sally joins Red to blast water at J. Curby Gremlin and his Gremlin fellows. Sally is kind and pleasant, like many of the townsfolk, while also being witty, charming, and intelligent. However, later in the film, when Lightning introduces Francesco to Sally - she disappoints in him. Lightning resides in the small town of Radiator Springs in Carburetor County, where he has his own racing headquarters, as well as his own stadium. Later in the film, Lightning received an entirely new design, which brings back his original lightning bolt pattern while changing it to look more like a flame, Rust-eze logos were replaced with Piston Cup emblem and the "WGP 95" stickers were added on the doors, he got a new spoiler with World Grand Prix logo on top and flames on sides, on his new door skirts is now written "WORLD GRAND PRIX allinol" and on the rear bumper is written "WGP 95 POWERED BY allinol". This image is actually the same promotional artwork that was released of Lightning in his Cars 2 attire.

Hearing them making insults, McQueen challenges them to an off-road race, while Mater takes his place as doing the leisurely tour. Sally Carrera McQueen is one of the enemies of Axlerod in secret when he was thought to be a good guy. Realizing what McQueen meant, Mater tries to make up by suggesting to talk to someone about what happened, but McQueen is growling, berating poor Mater by saying that he wouldn't need his help from him at all.

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