[1], During the first years of the City Age, Shaxx led his people to the famous camp that would eventually become The Last City, helping to build the city alongside people such as a younger Speaker and Zavala. Shaxx also fought alongside Zavala and Lord Saladin Forge during the Battle of Six Fronts and participated in the construction of the Last City's Wall and the Towers. He was vindicated when one of those kids discreetly hit Cayde with a ball. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Shaxx also fought alongside Zavala and Lord Saladin Forge during the Battle of Six Fronts and participate… So he created the Crucible, in an attempt to hone Guardians in preparation for another battle as tough as Twilight Gap.

On the anniversary of the Battle of Six Fronts, the Last City and its Guardians were preparing to celebrate the unity of the City and foundation of the Vanguard. Gender: Male.

As he approached the treeline he guessed that a ballista had fired the arrows, reasoning that nothing else could fire so hard, and was astonished when a camouflaged Awoken woman emerged wielding a bow larger than she was.

Over the next few years, as the Guardians handle one threat after another, from the crises on Mars, Mercury to losing a comrade in Cayde-6 and handling a Taken insurgence in the Reef, Shaxx continues to operate his Crucible diligently. He remained behind to continue guarding the civilians, but urged the Young Wolf to wage war upon the Cabal.

However, in Destiny 2 he is located in the Courtyard, behind the vaults.

Shaxx was fascinated by the shard and questioned what the Guardian intended to do with it.

Shaxx even had to personally break up a few fights before they got out of hand. I thought somebody made some comparison and figured humans are about 7 feet tall in Destiny. Shaxx takes his duties very seriously, as he sees the Crucible as less of a glorified arena and more of an intense training ground.

Standing in the middle of a fresh crater, Shaxx beckoned the Guardians to gather around him as they were revived by their Ghosts. When the Great Ahamkara Hunt began on Venus, Shaxx travelled there and fought alongside Zavala and the Hunter Eris Morn one year into the Hunt.

In addition, Shaxx doesn't have a high opinion on the philosophies and religions that have taken form in the City.

He appealed to Zavala to see reason and prevent the assault so they could learn more about the swords and train against them, but he informed Shaxx that this was for the Consensus to decide, not him.

As Zavala advanced, Shaxx and his team waited for Hawthorne to disable the barrier so they could rejoin the battle. [18] He also worked with Holborn's Host to discover the existence of Fleetbase Korus on the Martian moon of Phobos, and they reported to the Vanguard that it was under the command of Primus Ta'aun of the Skyburners.

He informed Redrix and the others that there would not be anymore tests, but that the Crucible was now going to be ranked and that they were all the first to be seeded, and asked that they spread the word among the other Crucible contenders.[37].

In his opinion, he is no "follower" of anything but the forging of better Guardians. I forgot about Felwinter. Join the community. Shoe Size : 9 Friends : Commander Zavala and Lord …

The Young Wolf eventually arrived, and Shaxx gave them access to his armory to take whatever weapons they needed from it and gave them directions to reach the hanger. Pretending to consider their offer, he asked them to meet him in an abandoned district of the City. The Crucible handler was also present during the schism between the infamous exile, Osiris, and his former teacher, the Speaker. While exploring a terraformed asteroid within the Reef, Shaxx was shot by three arrows that pierced through his armor like paper in both his shoulders and one of his thighs. On a serious note, If you suppose all the Guardians are average height (5' 10" / 6' ish) then Shaxx is probably about 6'- 6' 4". As the battle turned against the Vanguard and they were forced off of the Wall, Shaxx was breaking the neck of a Vandal when he heard Saladin over the comms order a full retreat to the Ridgeback District and declared the Last City lost.

This shows he still thinks of himself as a Warlord, suggesting he takes pride in his identity. Despite this violent first encounter with Sjur Eido, upon being revived by his Ghost Shaxx struck up a friendship with the Awoken warrior.

If a Guardian somehow gains a 50 kill streak, Shaxx will remark he doesn't have a medal and after a while, he returns with a crudely drawn smiling sun. Saladin is short though. [17], Shaxx began to desire new Crucible arenas, and personally led a unit of Redjacks to the Cosmodrome and secured a section of the wall there which was dubbed Sector 618 by the Vanguard. [24], Shaxx's interest in Hive swords was rekindled by Oryx's invasion, and he set out to learn how to craft swords for Guardians to wield against the Hive.

He was given command of a fireteam that consisted of Anastasia Bray, Liu Feng, Nkechi-32, Abdi, and Truce. He and Zavala became students of Saladin, although they did not join the Iron Lords.[3].

He praises those who perform admirably or put up a decent fight while being harsh to those who fall short, normally berating them to do better.

The Ahamkara's corpse exploded into green fire, leaving behind a crater in which Shaxx continued to sit despite being aflame. Regardless, he has worked with Saladin in operating the Iron Banner, albeit with little interaction. Others have attempted to get the three Titans to sort out their differences after the battle, but their stubborn nature prevented those efforts from working. Ikora was worried that Yor's corruption was starting again in the Crucible among the Shadows and believed they should monitor the situation.

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