Owing to those modest dimensions, the Gemini lays easily on just about any wrist. They look a little bit like tiny trees, with a pine tree every 3 hours. While not the 200m of its predecessor or the Neptune, 100m is more than enough for swimming, making this Falcon truly capable of everyday wear (something my grandfather’s watch was definitely not up for).

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This makes them easily distinguishable against the black dial. Adding to the wrist presence is the incredibly comfortable and solid bracelet that is also finished in brushed gold titanium nitride — a definite highlight of the package. I’m not sure how to fix that, exactly, since shrinking the bracelet/lug width might make it too slight, and then you have a watch with 19mm lugs, and it’s mass hysteria! Quite frankly, it doesn’t look half bad on a watch either. Make sure to read our affiliate disclosure. Flipping the case over, you’ll find a screw-down caseback with–and I am truly so happy with this–absolutely nothing on it. The large crown, thin aluminum bezel insert, domed plexiglass crystal, and the tapered bracelet all add up to one very cool watch—and it’s available at an amazingly affordable price.

Thinking about buying a dive watch from Lorier? The clasp cover is finished like the case with brushing on top and a polished bevel on the transition between top and sides. And boy have they succeeded!

In comparison to Tudor’s Black Bay 36 (more on that later) with its slab sides, the Lorier’s balance of case elements allows it to wear much thinner on the wrist.

Filed Under: Reviews, Watches Tagged With: Lorier, Lorier Falcon II Review, Lorier Falcon Review, Lorier Watch review, Lorier Watches. Required fields are marked *. Rather, it is stainless steel, PVD coated in Titanium Nitride — an extremely hard ceramic material that happens to be metallic gold in appearance and is typically used to lend durability and extended life to cutting edges, industrial tooling, and firearms.

If there was a little break between the hash mark and the lume plot, it would look a bit different. At this price point, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another watch with this much character and value. Including watch & shoes. Want to share a great product? It has an aggressive taper from 20mm to 16mm that helps it have a barely-there quality. For $499, you’ll be hard pressed to find a 36mm sports watch that’s as good as the Lorier. Fashion is temporary and expensive.

That curve is a perfect gradual arc from lug to lug. The 36mm Lorier Falcon stacked on a 43mm Islander Diver. It almost looks like a chase light working its way down the bracelet. The lack of date allows the movement to come in at a thinner height. The lugs are a perfectly reasonable 20mm, and the watch comes stock with a fantastic bracelet, which many people would argue steals the show (they’re wrong, it’s the rest of the case). The subs have a radial pattern with second or minute hashes around the edge. Or subscribe to push notifications to get alerts immediately. From catching on a backpack strap, to getting snagged on some fishing line, the opportunities for your watch to get in the way are endless. Has the successor to the SKX finally arrived?

Product Reviews. It’s a 12-hour, 24-click bezel so you don’t need to move it around as much.

The idea behind the Falcon Series II is that it could be a watch for all aspects of your life. September 30, 2020 By Aaron K | Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. The Lorier bracelet continues to be fantastic — I sang its praises in my review of the Neptune. It’s even easier to look at both of them when I have the Tudor in my personal collection, in blue nonetheless.

If doing the “wrist roll” reveal on Instagram is your thing, the Lorier bracelet has got you covered. Know that according to the Lorier Instagram those will be priced at $499.. Lorier Watches is the product of Lorenzo and Lauren Ortega who wanted to fill a void they saw in the watch market by creating watches … Yes. He’s always looking for the best gear for the job—whether it be new watch, pen, flashlight, knife, or wallet. Copyright © 2020 Dappered.com | Dappered, LLC | Dappered® is a registered trademark of Dappered, LLC, Hat tip: Magazine Pro Theme On Genesis Framework, Dappered does not collect or sell its users personal information | Disclosures: Privacy and Affiliates, Gilt.com, FTC, Another big change to the dial is that the Neptune’s markers have made the jump over to the Falcon. The Lorier Gemini is one of the thinnest (or at least thinnest-wearing) Seagull-equipped chronographs I’ve had the pleasure to wear.

Most of my watches are 40-42mm in diameter.

That’s a tough question and personal preference, budget, and where you find value in a watch are going to answer that — not a watch reviewer writing his opinion on the internet. Lorier also produces and sells nylon mil-straps, which are sold separately. In combination with the carryover waffle pattern, the Falcon is a looker. Wait. It’s a nice touch, and still allows plenty of room for an engraving, as per Lorier’s intention. The watches themselves seem to reflect that very same sentiment; humble, but made with sincerity for the passionate watch enthusiast. I was poised for acquisition: finger on my mouse, credit card ready.

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