I used to have my LXD-75 setup by the back door with a c8 as my grab-and-go setup for quick looks that I could carry out in one trip. so that's all my existing stuff.

They're open during normal business hours, the only thing to remember is they are in CA so please account for the time difference.

I’m very happy with how the Losmandy mounts are made. There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. Are you seeing any vibrations when focusing and how long are dampening times? Back then that seemed like such a setup, and it was! Actually the only change I made was to set RA gearing to -270 (yes, minus) and everything else stayed the same.

The build quality and the precision of the individual components are on par with premium mounts and performance is excellent. I'm 99% certain it's a gearbox. Thanks - I agree with you and have contacted Losmandy. If you are someone that can not/will not work on their own equipment I think that the Losmandy mounts are not that much of an advantage from the Chinese competitors from Meade and Celestron besides the nicer machining on them. This is also true if you simply need to rebalance the scope or switch scopes. it's just the perfect upgrade - it was a little too much for the G11, and not so much as to require a Titan (and the Titan price tag), There is definitely an update for the gemini firmware, the gemini hand unit, and there looks like a cgi script that needs replacing as well. The Gemini 1 system was the other component that really took some getting used to after the Meade Autostar and Celestrons Nexstar controllers. I wish I could come up with another adjective but all that comes to mind is..... beefy. Some users have reported issues with the installation process of the Android version. Let’s dive in and see what these mounts are really all about. it's a solid piece of machining. The app connects over WiFi and works well. Just a quick note - the G11T (as it's been explained to me) is basically a G11 with a Titan RA. The G11T has tucked in RA motor already.

Fortunately, they were very receptive to our input and out of that came the PMC Eight Steering Committee to drive the PMC-Eight open source project. The process is well documented on multiple websites, but rather than learn the process, I opted to upgrade to the one-piece worm block on each axis and found the adjustment process to be easy and simple. I'm also bringing up the new 12" rc and the on axis guider, so there are a few variables going on, but so far, it's been a breeze to setup.

Very nice! Would you be able to do full-blown astrophotography with it? I had one for a relatively short time that I got as part of a trade. G11T is much heavier, you need two hands to lift it. I really like them. The Explore Scientific PMC-Eight incarnation is no different and includes the RA Extension option which allows the mount to be used with the largest telescopes sold by Explore Scientific. Not bad at all. The g8 mounts are rated for 40lb and the g11 is rated for 70lb. G11T FEATURES. Are there better mounts? Still very smooth and works great! The mount works very, very well when permanently setup with a good polar alignment. the RA is the silver disk that looks like swiss cheese haha. Overall I could not recommend the Losmandy mounts enough. Refactoring the driver as a server is something that is actively being worked on. Very, very nice!

The EQMod ASCOMPad driver works well with the PMC-Eight and your favorite game controller if you are interested in having a physical controller.

Need any replacement component? I just received my G11T and find that the Titan RA is quite tight / stiff with clutch fully disengaged. First up are some comparisons to the G11 and first impressions (NOTE: if someone can explain to me how to upload pics so they show inline, please pm me because I can't get it to work). You currently have javascript disabled. The driver is not written as a server, so you'll need to use POTH for multiple connections to the mount if you're guiding via ASCOM.

I don't recommend the app for scope control while imaging. It is not hypertuned though and has the standard RA gear. It's possibly a dumb thing to ask but make sure you are loosening the RA clutch (which looks way different than your stock G11) and not the DEC? With the g11 this was no longer possible. Well of course. I'm to the point now where I'm happy to recommend the mount. Growing Pains The Explore Stars app is solid and does exactly what they say it will do. It too has the upgraded clutch knobs and the Gemini 1 GOTO system. It increased the carrying capacity from 30lb to 70lb. In regards to the maintenance of the mount I have not done anything too extensive as it has not been required during my ownership. In all honesty, unless the mount is well leveled and relatively well polar aligned the GOTO accuracy is still not as good as the Meade and Celestron units that I was used to even though they are much more entry-level mounts. i'll be assembling things hopefully tonight and the weekend, and having more info. It is fully collapsible and certainly comparatively light. you buy, the bigger tripod adapter  http://store.losmandy.com/mal, if you don't already have the RA extensions, you'll need to pick that up as well (you can then just pop off your G11 DEC and put it on the G11T in about 30 seconds). What's cost? If 3-D printing is your thing, there are a number of files to download from the Groups.io site and print your own mods, including cable management gadgets, tablet/smartphone brackets,  and an improved mounting bracket for the controller. There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. The reason for this is that have one permanently mounted in a roll-of-roof observatory. Alas, it is just not enough mount for my 178ED…. Photographic instrument weight capacity 75 lbs; Tracking: +/- 5 arc sec. From what I can see the limiting factor is the G11 DEC. A second g11 was the solution. This upgrade has made the tracking error 3 times better than the stock worm form the tracking error report! The SDK contains good examples and is available for download to folks who want to write their own PMC-Eight utilities and applications. unintended consequence: may need more counterbalance weight! Your scope looks right at home on the G11T! I haven't seen any focusing vibrations. It does require the RA Extension kit. You’ll find lots of good info, along with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the early 2000’s I had an observing buddy that had a g11 that he used with a c14 witch created some long lasting memories of the setup.

The two-piece worm block wasn’t a problem until I adjusted the mount and found that working with the two-piece worm block is a bit of a challenge. That I really like especially now that I have one of my g11’s permanently mounted. As I noted earlier, I definitely prefer the iPad version and it performs flawlessly. The mount comes with a high precision worm gear but does not come with the one-piece worm block. One thing that is a chore with the Gemini is that the system really needs at least a 3-4 star alignment to have decent pointing accuracy. If you are familiar with updating your firmware, it's super easy (if not, well, read up!). You can't use both. yeah that doesn't sound right. The mount was nice and I was very pleased with how it handled a 30lb c11 OTA. The Chinese mounts (with the exception of the iOptrons) have a fatal flaw for those of us who don't want to … The ES folks are engaged and accessible on Groups.IO and respond quickly to questions and issues. I would love some feedback on the G11T - when balancing the RA axis of the G11T, how much movement of the weight along the shaft is needed to change from being weight heavy to being telescope heavy ? The UI is a bit less than intuitive in some places, but overall, it’s easy to use. You need to use the "full edit function" after you make a post.....to add pics. Splits into two pieces for transport: R.A. 44 lbs and DEC. 18 lbs; Removable counterweight shaft with safety stop; 1.25” diameter; Includes one 21 lb weight; Split dovetail saddle plate design.

ASCOM Driver code is available for anyone to view. My experience with GEM mounts was not too broad in scope when I bought my g11.

My particular g11 is outfitted with a Gemini 1 GOTO system, hypertuned by Deep Space Products, and has the Olivia gear upgrade. © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. I will start off by talking about what I thought of the mount when I initially got it and progress to the work I have done on it and what I think of it now. Focus motor for Stellarvue 50mm guide scope. the worm block is stainless, and won't be anodized. In contrast, my CGEM DX consumed 1.5 amps when tracking and 2.5 amps when slewing. In fact, when I first got the mount it was a bit annoying at how smooth it really was as any slight imbalance was very evident even when switching eyepieces. Maybe this is a mid-way upgrade that gets you (or me) to full Titan if needed. they can get you anything.

I really like that! I think so as long as you are in an environment with no wind. ES migrated from Yahoo Groups to Groups.IO. The g11 was certainly a much more solid mount! Comments must be approved before appearing. Losmandy g8 / g11 GEM Review. What did was its good weight to payload ratio. And again I really like that everything is made right here in the USA! The smoothness of the mount is matched nicely by the very fine machining of all the components. I also really like that most of the accessories/tripods are interchangeable form the g8 to g11. What I have is the G11T RA, and I am upgrading my G11 to make it a full G11T. I can move an 11 lb weight by more than half the length of the shaft before it moves one way or the other. i haven't had a chance to see what the periodic error is yet, i did some roughed in guiding and it was around 1-2" via PHD2 and ONAG, so it looks okay but seeing here in los angeles in the red zone is probably causing that havoc. Note for those using the PMC-Eight for the first time:  You can use either the Explore Stars app on a tablet or the ASCOM/INDI driver on a Windows/Linux device. Having owned one of my g11’s for about two years I have used it in a variety of conditions from home(where I use it primarily) to star parties. So how about the g8? I can carry out just the g11 but not with a scope or counterweight mounted on it. Keep in mind that this information is subjective based on the experience level of the user. Please ignore the unfinished parts on my G11 dec, that is an early kit of the tucked in motors. The tucked in motors, which are new to the G11T, make for cleaner lines and easier transport. Because this is an open-source project, anyone in the community can take it upon themselves to refactor the driver as well. Fast forward about 15 years and I now own two g11’s and have also owned a g8. I definitely prefer using the iPad version of Explore Stars over the Android and Windows versions, but that's very likely my own personal bias as an Apple user. This G11T RA i'm sure is much higher than that, and probably titan-level. If you are referring to the tucked in motors yes that can be easily done, however for the cost you would need to ask Losmandy. I had no problem centering objects on a 20 mm 70 degree eyepiece in an f/8 refractor. General Build It’s a Losmandy G-11, so it’s solid and the workmanship is consistent and superb.

If you know Titan mount, this is probably old hat for you, but for us poor G11 guys, it's just an amazing thing. The tripod of the g8 is certainly a lot easier to transport and manage than the HD g11 tripod. The mount did not come with the spring washer on the RA axis. I assume it's either an additional "gearbox" or a belt that's been added to couple the worm with the existing gearbox. Conclusions Eighteen months ago, I would have told someone who was interested in getting started with imaging to look for a more mature product that had been out for a while. The other thing that I like about Losmandy is that you can pick up the phone and talk to the guy that makes these things! Looks like you're imaging with the new setup. As an example, switching between the serial port and the WiFi connection was well documented by ES but the process was quite a bit more technical than I felt it should have been.

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