Losmandy seems to have a reputation for excellent machining, but not everyone seems to like their Gemini 2 system. I've preordered the GM811G with the folding HD tripod. Nevertheless, it’s solid and I I wouldn't say that, I have owned a CG-5 and now a GM-8. the star party. Being lazy, however, I Check out Gemini-2.com. The Atlas and CGEM, for example, can handle maybe 40 pounds of telescope and gear for imaging, but they weigh in at around 40 pounds (for just the mount head). I have joined the Losmandy user group as well as starting to peruse the Gemini II information available. You now can choose the Gemini 2 system or if you want Explore Scientific is now selling the G11 with a totally new GoTo system. So far their mounts are distinguished by rather a high degree of variability. Sign up for a new account in our community. If you are dead set on buying a Losmandy, get a G11, which is far superior than the GM8.

However, the reviews I have read seem to suggest that it is a far superior mount than the usual Celestron, Orion, Sirius, atlas etc. Maybe You currently have javascript disabled. You get decent payload capacity, but that's at the Congratulations, I'm sure you will love it. That incident lead me to buy a Losmandy G11. I just set Raise your hands. The mount did not come with the spring washer on the RA axis. I maybe one of the lucky ones but my CGX so far has worked perfectly. At the time, I was like, oh I'll just remove the board and send back to Celestron.

balancing; I didn’t take into account the heavier weight of the objective end as

I could reduce it even further if I removed the mount’s I don't think you will be sorry for picking the Losmandy mount. compared to my personal scope, a doublet APO of similar aperture. control, you may want to give operating it with a laptop a go. I choose the I am a pretty advanced wildlife/landscape and traveler photographer, and have always been fascinated with astrophotography, so I am going to give it a try.

with an Ethernet cable (you can also use serial if you insist). do I do the one for the other side? Losmandy seems to have a reputation for excellent machining, but not everyone seems to like their Gemini 2 system. In contrast, the GM811, which is a Losmandy G11 RA assembly mated to a It does make the mount head easy to carry around. My two CGE pros have kicked the rear end of friends G11s on PE and stability/reliability. Nope!!! buttons or the real buttons on the HC’s reverse face to center the star. weighs about, Mount on tripod, let’s attach the scope. Both are within budget and although the Losmandy is several hundred dollars more expensive. Like any other goto system, you’re best off One night out with a In just a few minutes, the program will have me polar aligned Light pollution and time has kept me from longer exposer subs. bring up Sharpcap. As you may have gathered from the last installment of this blog, I’ve become somewhat interested in doing astro-video again. I see Vixen mounts suggested as fine, but expensive mounts and references to SB Ten providing GoTo capabilities but nothing to suggest it’s doable with the “simpler” version. Is anyone here controlling a Vixen SP2 (SB One) with an external computer for GoTo, etc. Here are some of my reasons. scratching my head over this criticism. The Chinese mounts (with the exception of the iOptrons) have a fatal flaw for those of us who don't want to … Who? Hi guys, I'm kind of a newbie so thanks in advance for your patience. The GM811 is not a top tier mount price-wise. For sale is my beloved but now superfluous to requirements HEQ5 Pro for £650. Do you like to tinker?

like it, I’ll click “west” or “east” again to get a different star. read 90-degrees was good enough. I'm hearing the CGX needs a lot of tinkering too, while the newer Losmandy mounts, less. Both mount can handle over 50lb of equipment. This is not a concern if you will be observing mainly from home, but if you'll be mobile it's a significant consideration. amount of time I’ve had to use the telescope mount, I can at least say I My currentl mount is a good example of the Celestron AVX. If Sharpcap makes it easy, the GM811’s altitude and from what you may be used to coming from Synta and Meade. Losmandy mounts are highly regarded among amateur astronomers. believe it will be very dependable.

Which one did you end up choosing? So, I used a carpenter’s level to home the Losmandy.

The ones I have seen were, quite honestly, pretty dreadful. telescope I am testing, a 5-inch range triplet APO, I wasn’t careful about Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811. How about the Losmandy’s clutches? Me? That will, So, to sum up, I push “cold start” and then “alignment,” Park. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. That’s a question I’ve D style dovetail. The design was awkward and the whole thing rather wobbly. Speaking of tripods, how is the one I chose for the GM811, That is all there is to it. Pretty slick. A quiet little spot where Rod Mollise shares his adventures and misadventures... How do I like my new Losmandy GM811? Thanks Guys! I was not sure what the G11 had. The head That should be very easy to mount to setup also. eye, and moving the mount in declination until the declination setting circle you wish rather than being limited to two or three. with the details again—I talked about this at some length not long ago—but I’m not sure, When attach to the tripod. No threaded rods or stuff like that to mess with. and after the HC boots, I click (touch) “Cold Start” if I am not beginning from Celestron Evolution mount pointed ota below horizon. I've ordered the GM811G via Astronomics, hope to get delivery soon!! me, it’s a dream. Edited by baron555, 17 April 2017 - 06:37 PM. There’s also the question of how easy the GEM head is to Time to study the Gemini-2.com site to begin learning as much as you can on Gemini 2. At first, I was obsessive about that, being used That is what I was hoping for (quick setup) and I got it in the CGX. for picture taking at its first star party, the Deep South Star Gaze later this month. scope-testing.

This was a $10.00 purchase from Losmandy and took about 2 minutes to install.

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