BIN is often used when referring to eBay listings. Hi, the size tag on Lulu clothing is designed to be ripped out prior to wearing, so its ok that it is not attached. I just bought a pair of Wunder Under high-waisted leggings. I can’t figure out what color this is .

Dont see Nocturnal tho....what I found this page looking for lol. Please send them to my email located on my “about me” page- or through FB messenger, Do you have any clue on men’s shorts? The item is usually no longer in production and sold at a very low price. How can I tell what kind of style lulus are if the size dot is solid? The quality of the top & the stickiness (if you scratch it does it come off?) Any idea if that’s any indication of style? If the pants have the logo (and it looks correct) then that would identify them as Lululemon.

I think I understand what you’re asking though and haven’t been able to reliably figure that one out - I know the format of the size dots has changed throughout the years so it’s inconsistent and I’ve had the same issue with looking up the size dot code at times. Enjoy today. The size dot matches the one you’ve posted so I’m sure it’s fine. White Backed: A term that describes when a print is printed on white fabric. Do you know how to tell the color because sometimes when I look up a code it gives me like 15 search results and they all have the same code? I always have a hard time buying from my buy/sell group because I never know what color it is, they only post the tag. Size Dot: lululemon uses size dots to indicate sizing and style on their garments. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Some Lululemon items are made without a size dot. Thanks for your question!The high waited ones don’t always have the waist band pocket. We Made Too Much (WMTM): lululemon’s sale section on their website. It can be any product and brand. can you help me find it on a love tee? Damage Out: When an item is irreparable and needs to be damaged out by a lululemon educator or Guest Education Centre (GEC). Some Lululemon items are made without a size dot. 10. Required fields are marked *. Should be Right hand pocket.

4. There are thousands of pictures but are organized by category. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. For any other types of pants, including Dance Studio Pants and crops as well as Base Runners, and other tracks pants, generally speaking, the size dot is located in the front left (if you’re wearing them) pocket.

Buy Now. I was wondering if you could help me figure out the color of one of my crop align listings! Thxs, Hello again! 105F Singlets, Cool Racerbacks, my beloved Sculpt tanks, and many other singlet/ racerback-type tanks do not have size dots. No code needed. This post is just educational! Lululemon ALIGN Size Dot Color Codes!!!! The bars work like this from what I can tell, 1 bar=size 4, 2 bars=size 6, 3 bars=size 8, 4 bars=size 10… on the ebb to street pants I have there’s 3 bars on the inside back of the waistband, then there’s a single bar on the side which I don’t understand what that means.

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