Sitting silently as Ritsuka fixes his guitar strings, Mafuyu remains distant until Ritsuka states that he is spacing out too much. He explains that people often tell him he looks like he does not care about anything, even sometimes he thinks so himself. omoi nimotsu o kakae teru [30], In class, Ritsuka is confronted by Shogo pointing out that he has been hanging around with Mafuyu a lot lately. Mafuyu's face is brightened complete with sparkly star eyes hearing that Ritsuka is composing a song for him. He registers that Haruki has crouched down to his level and is unable to guess what he is talking about what he will need if he wants to play music seriously. Debuts

Ritsuka ponders he did not indeed think Mafuyu would turn down his offer but remembers how good Mafuyu’s voice was. Alive His silence intensifies as the boy grows further disheartened beside him. [28], Teaching Mafuyu one on one, Ritsuka shows him the parts of his guitar and advises he try and memorize some chords. At a crossing and in front of the school to staying in his class during the break for homework, though Ritsuka comes across him, Mafuyu is clearly distant. Yawning off a request to play basketball from another person he only thinks it feels nice arriving at his location at a secluded stairway. あなたのすべてが [26], At work in a convenience store, he crouches staring straight ahead.


This is then shoved into him when he merely stands spaced out. He understands what Akihiko means on his insights regarding Mafuyu’s voice. He blushes nervously as Akihiko speaks along those lines and agrees with his assessment that Mafuyu’s voice is husky and beautiful. He is also unsure of his favorite music but does know the one that plays in his head all the time and sings it aloud.[3]. For clothing, Mafuyu is seen wearing a cardigan over a buttoned, collared white shirt and dark trousers tucked into a pair of boots. One winter, Mafuyu remembers not feeling lonely despite not being able to see someone again. He hears their friendship is a hot topic due to Ritsuka being seen as not sociable and completely different from Mafuyu. [20], Afterward, he walks and wonders aloud why he has to take Mafuyu all the way to the station. 16 (start to chapter 28)17 (from chapter 28) Not returning to the steps where they met, Mafuyu eventually returns to the studio where Haruki had let him in. やさしい振りして舞い落ちる頃に He was in the basketball club (SF) in Middle School. [31], He is found by Mafuyu and they both head to practice on the stairway.

Mafuyu is the first character seen in the Given manga. nē

Uenoyama shows little consideration for small talk and can be quick to be irate.

From Japanese 冬 (Fuyu, yu) meaning "winter" combined with 真 (ma) meaning "true, reality", which translates to Midwinter.[1]. Alias

[44], Wide-eyed Mafuyu hearing Akihiko saying he is unlikely to write the lyrics if he keeps practicing endlessly in the studio, Mafuyu is asked if he is fine riding a motorcycle as Akihiko offers to take him home.

He knew he should have asked her hearing it described as scratchy. Mafuyu's MotherMafuyu's Father Instrument(s) [11], The next day, declining another friends suggestion to play basketball, Ritsuka says sorry as he heads to the stairway. [40], In his room, Ritsuka practices his guitar and scribbles down changes. Yano Shougo (anime)Saitou Souma (drama cd) After the performance, he walks over to Ritsuka where they head off stage.

Wondering why he is offering a seat, Ritsuka takes it anyway sitting beside him with Ritsuka initiating conversation that he could have just said something. [49], Overall agreeing with how Mafuyu’s voice makes him feel Ritsuka asks how Akihiko can suddenly laugh. Note, this is the manga page for Ritsuka, for the anime page view Ritsuka Uenoyama Anime. Sometimes he thinks it cannot be fixed anymore, but if there is someone that can put a new string on then would the wound not heal. まだ解けない魔法のような sayonara dekizu ni Agreeing and beginning to draw her he is unsure of what to make of Kasai wondering whether Mafuyu likes him.

He still has not found the words to say it yet but he will keep holding onto the thing he treasured. He thinks that Hiiragi does not interfere feeling that it has no meaning, and Mafuyu is aware Hiiragi knew he and Yuki were dating.

They pretend to be kind and around the time they fall down my face boku to issho ni No longer staring at the sky, Mafuyu asks him if he can come again.

Ritsuka replies no to Mafuyu's question if he can come again, and additionally for him to stop requesting that he teach him the guitar. Catching up to him Ritsuka manages to get his arm asking if he hears him. Height Ritsuka spits his drink everywhere upon hearing that Akihiko used to think like that before and he looks fearfully at Akihiko before informed that was in the past. Mafuyu Sato (佐藤 真冬 Satō Mafuyu) attends the same school as Uenoyama. Yano, Shougo (Japanese)Dallas Reid (English) Mafuyu later messages Ritsuka on the effect pedal, at school listens to the song he made.[6].

He interprets that to mean that things did not work out even with a great guy like him.

tsumetai namida ga sora de As he walks back Mafuyu wonders what lyrics he should write. Connecting the strings to the guitar bridge he continues that he would feel bad if he were to just leave now, but seriously wants his nap time back. katachi o nakushite mo His anger transforms into confusion as Haruki points out to him that Mafuyu has changed his guitar strings by himself.

Thinking then that he could not play like Thom Yorke or Keith Richards right away he continued practicing until he played correctly. Gender Partner [37], Nice and warm napping on the stairway, Mafuyu realizes Ritsuka has joined him and though he has come to sleep Mafuyu asks if he can talk to him. [29], Wanting to say something to Ritsuka but unable to say it Mafuyu can only look forlornly at Ritsuka as he remembers Kasai spending time with him. Ritsuka’s eyes react when he realizes Akihiko has been working on a song to fit Mafuyu’s voice. He loves music, is not lonely and is having fun. At school practice continues where Mafuyu divulges his guitar is not from his dad, he does not have one.

He clutches his jacket as the person draws closer but is resolutely speechless to questions on why he is here, or whether that it Yuki’s guitar he has.

don'na ashita o sagaseba ī no Occupation

Releasing Mafuyu, he asks him to sing since he likes that song. Finding Mafuyu at the stairs he outwardly acts in a manner to sleep before a game but internally he feels careless about coming here. 173cm

As he pictures Shogo, he thinks it must be a lie before hearing the next day from Ryou that it is true, but the Shogo he knows is not that kind of guy. [7], Awakening and pleased to see Ritsuka again, He has returned to his staircase and sits upright snoozing. Wanting to scream and cry but not being able to express it.

When invited to join Ritsuka's band after showing he can sing, Mafuyu declined. He is very diligent when it comes to his band such as paying attention to how they play to taking up a part-time job and being serious and committed to it. Joining his band at a barbeque restaurant, they discuss their upcoming performance. Confirming that he visited the light music club, Mafuyu shared that he saw many different things, it seemed fun only Ritsuka was cooler.

boku wa kono koi o don'na kotoba de tojitara ī no Upon the band rules, they all need to pay for the studio they are currently renting and then the idea of getting a part-time job would be helpful.

永遠の中を紡程っているよ Age 16 Hearing that it will be good for him since he was super hyped up during the jam session directly causes Ritsuka's facial expression to undergo a sudden and drastic change. Stating that Mafuyu is an amateur who knows nothing, Ritsuka points to him under the impression that Mafuyu is probably expecting some kind of godly performance. It is recalled by Hiiragi how Mafuyu grew up with Yuki. His heart is beating rapidly and when checked by Mafuyu, Ritsuka raises his face to his to ask that he join their band.[34]. 僕はこの恋を He can be smug when showing his high test scores and says he can understand theory-based subjects. [52], Nodding off at school un-awakened by Shogo’s enthusiasm about basketball, he takes Ueki's suggestion to find a place to nap before the match. Child Without a reply, Mafuyu brings up the lyrics he has decided to give a try and there divulges that he had someone he was in love with in the past, but he guesses Ritsuka is already asleep. He also has an impressive singing voice.

Salmon Ritsuka turns his head away as the boy asks if he can fix it right away, Ritsuka guesses, and when asked for now, he replies now is a bit before trailing off. Blood Type nē With the band at an indoor barbeque, Mafuyu listens to Haruki's suggestion they play a song with lyrics before Akihiko and Ritsuka move to eat the meat.

With this, another request for him to teach him guitar is delivered. Calling his name he runs over, reminiscent of a Pomeranian. [17], Tutored by Ritsuka on where the sounds from on the guitar, Mafuyu simply says yes to the points about that, chords and learning a tune starting with the introduction then verse. それとも呪いのような 立ち止まったままの僕と一緒に Following Ritsuka after school, Mafuyu then is then taken to meet his band consisting of drummer Akihiko Kaji and bassist Haruki Nakayama and listens to them play and is in absolutely entranced. A flashback shows Mafuyu as a child sat by himself under a tree. Salmon pink That's all there is to this story Status In class, Ritsuka slams his head on the desk. Male

Arriving back, he asks a forlorn-looking Mafuyu if it is okay if he fixes the strings. あなたのすべてが On the day of the concert, he feels it cannot be helped, that they will have to perform without a song which is fine since they were an instrumental band to begin with anyway.

Hair Color どんな明日を探せばいいの Mafuyu is quiet, introverted and reserved. Parting ways somewhat as they went to high school, Mafuyu and Yuki would experience what was deemed a childish fight. Mafuyu stares helplessly ahead and can only think it is always like this, he does not know how he should react. [27], He is discussed by Kasai’s friend as being in a relationship with a guy during middle school. tachidomatta mama no

Mafuyu deems the idea impossible before his face is cradled by RItsuka and is encouraged to do it with his face cheeks squished by him as well. [6], Mafuyu is remembered by Ritsuka as he recalls him asking if his guitar can be fixed. [68], Driven home by Haruki, Ritsuka points out twice that the lights are green before he hears Haruki share that he feels Akihiko stopped the practice before of him. Saying he had asked Mafuyu if he wanted to join his band, he recalls that Mafuyu declined the offer, and he just does not get why. He finds someone sleeping in his place, and reacts by thinking for him to not just sleep there. Eye Color Mafuyu is considered a quiet, introverted and reserved type. 16

Mafuyu asks if Haruki has someone he loves, but not asking to put him on the spot, Mafuyu continues to speak what if one day that person suddenly disappeared from this world, what would he say. Guitar (Gibson ES-330 - Red)[1] Child Along with me who was unable to say goodbye or move on Personal Status Although Ritsuka thinks to himself that he really wants it, he brushes off the cash telling him he does not need to pay him. Asking what he means and what Mafuyu's actual name is their conversation is joined by Kasai which startles Ritsuka.

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