We have made every effort to report the information correctly, however reciprocity and recognition agreements are subject to frequent change.

Under Maine law, a person convicted of a felony and prohibited from possessing firearms can apply for a special permit through the state police to be able to carry and use a non-concealable black powder firearm five years after their sentence has completed. § 3011(2), (3). Anyone who has been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces. It is unlawful to hunt with or possess an “automatic firearm” while hunting. § 393(2) allows a person to apply to the Office of the Governor for “a permit to carry a firearm” once at least five years have expired from the date that the person is finally discharged from the sentences imposed as a result of the conviction or adjudication.

Taurus G3C Review After 4 Months, 1K Rounds. In response to COVID-19, on April 14th, the Portland Mayor and City Council adopted Order No. 15 M.R.S.A. Lipman & Katz attorneys do not seek to practice law in any state, territory, or foreign country where they are not authorized to do so. 17-A M.R.S.A. In 2015, Maine enacted a permitless carry law. Herrick’s bill would eliminate this allowance for those whose conviction involved the use of a firearm against another person or who are considered dangerous. A person may not use any firearm other than a shotgun in the Town of Southport or the islands within the confines of the Town of Southport. 20-A M.R.S.A.

Although Maine's gun laws are quite liberal, certain cities and towns with built-up areas do place restrictions on discharge of firearms within their municipal limits or limit hunting to shotgun only. 12 M.R.S.A. The information is not intended as legal advice or a restatement of law and does not include:  restrictions that may be placed on non-resident permits, individuals under the age of 21, qualifying permit classes, and/or any other factor which may limit reciprocity and/or recognition. § 2014. § 393, prohibits certain persons from possessing a firearm or having one under their control: The disqualifying effect of adjudications for certain nonviolent juvenile offenses – generally those that do not involve bodily injury to another person (threatened or resulted) – expires three years following completion of any disposition imposed or until the person reaches 18 years of age, whichever is later. State law prohibits a municipality from bringing a civil action against a firearm or ammunition manufacturer for damages or injunctive relief resulting from or relating to the lawful design, manufacture, marketing or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public.

Unlike federal law, Maine law categorizes black powder guns as "firearms" for purposes of being a "prohibited person." Such permits are not automatic and there is a substantial application process. A failure to do so is a civil for which a fine of not more than $100 may be imposed. The governor also has the authority to issue pardons, based on recommendations by the Governor’s Board on Executive Clemency. The application is made to the Commissioner of Public Safety in the prescribed form. § 455-A(1), (1-A). § 705(1)(E). § 3011(4). A regulation prohibits carrying firearms or other dangerous weapons in the Capitol Area in Augusta, Maine (the land, buildings and facilities of the Capitol Area, the District Court Building on State Street, the State Police Barracks and Garage on Hospital Street, the Blaine House Complex and Blaine Memorial, and the Augusta Mental Health Institute Complex). • convictions, or adjudications for juvenile offenses, for specified drug offenses (including possession of marijuana, butyl nitrite or isobutyl nitrite). § 11211. 12 M.R.S.A. § 923 to a law enforcement officer, upon presentation of a formal written request for inspection stating that the form relates to an active criminal investigation. The suspension ends when the permit holder is acquitted of the criminal charges to which the refusal pertains, if the charges are dismissed by the State or by the court, or if a determination is made that the officer lacked probable cause to require the person to submit to testing. The exceptions include a loaded handgun carried in or on a vehicle by a person at least 21 years old (or between 18 and 21 and on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard or is an honorably discharged veteran) who is not otherwise prohibited by law from carrying a firearm. It is unlawful for a person, while in or on a motor vehicle or trailer or other type of vehicle being hauled by a motor vehicle, to have a loaded crossbow or a loaded firearm (one with a cartridge or shell in the chamber or in an attached magazine, clip or cylinder, or a muzzle-loading firearm charged with powder, lead and a primed ignition device or mechanism). Black powder is an explosive material for purposes of federal explosives laws and regulations.

§ 1058. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. § 393(3) to (5). 20-A M.R.S.A. § 554-B. 25 M.R.S.A. Maine law, 15 M.R.S.A. Lipman & Katz attorneys do not seek to practice law in any state, territory, or foreign country where they are not authorized to do so. The proposal is backed by a lawmaker who argues it is needed to close a loophole that dangerous people can use to get legal guns. Receive important and timely information in defense of your second amendment rights. 25 M.R.S.A. §§ 1051, 1052. Because of the Federal determination, the Maine law has no effect on the federal prohibition. 26 M.R.S.A. Any person whose application has been denied may file a petition for review. She's a wonderful advocate... 5 Community Drive, Suite #3 P.O. 25 M.R.S.A. The purchaser, not the seller, keeps this acknowledgment document. Code Me.

25 M.R.S.A. § 13201.

This automatic restoration does not apply to an adjudication for a domestic violence crime where bodily injury to another person was threatened or resulted, or a proceeding in which the prosecuting authority was required to plead and prove that the person committed the crime with the use of a firearm against a person or any other dangerous weapon. §§ 2003-A, 2004. 30-A M.R.S.A. § 2001-A(3). The governor may deny any application for a permit even if no objection is filed. This does not apply to law enforcement officers, possession of an unloaded firearm for use in a supervised educational program approved and authorized by the school board, or the possession of an unloaded firearm stored inside a locked vehicle in a closed container, a zipped case or a locked firearms rack while the person is attending a hunter’s breakfast or similar event authorized by the school board and that occurs during an open firearm season and outside of regular school hours.

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