so i am going straight for the part i actually did comprehend.

My friend owns a Mofongo restaurant where you have this Chipotle style of choosing the ingredients/sides of your Mofongo. Then molded the plátanos, set the mofongo in the middle of a soup bowl and then poured a soup around it. Just seeing if I can generate some short-term interest.

© 2020 CHOWHOUND, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. There was no Goya and she didn’t use powdered garlic. says that mofongo in Dominican cuisine can be traced back to Puerto Rico[2][3] but scholarship indicates the dish is ultimately of African origin and is a variant of a dish called "fufu" which is made from various starchy vegetables and was introduced to the Caribbean by Africans in the Spanish New World colonies such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. “Mofongo”, just like the “Pasteles de Masa” originated in Africa. muy buena explicacion todos los dias aprende uno algo nuevo, 1 Fufu de Cuba- es hervido, se prepara con mojito, presentation con chicharrón triturado arriba y el platano es pinton (entre verde y maduro)2 Mofongo de Puerto Rico- es frito, se prepara con ajo y chicharrón, presentación en un pilón, muchas veces se rellena de varias cosas como carne frita, camarones, langosta…y el plátano es verde.3 Mangú de Republica Dominicana- es hervido, comúnmente presentado con cebolla arriba y el plátano es verde. What are you baking these days?

The only difference is that she had a special trick that gave el Mofongo crispy pieces by mashing them, dipping them in salted water and refrying them. Here's what I stumbled upon. Así lo vaticina cándidamente, Ana Matosantos, la única mujer en la Junta de Supervisión Fiscal para Puerto Rico. The African and Cuban fufu and the Dominican mangu are different dishes, plantain based and with the name originating from Africa in the case of Cuba and the DR in the case of mangu, there is no question the variation that is mofongo originated in Puerto Rico in its form of pork cracklings and mashed plantains, I don’t understand the purpose of using all plantain based dishes to claim mofongo, specifically, isn’t from Puerto Rico. Food!” (“Comida, comida”), hasta que los esclavos terminaron designando así —fufú— a este alimento. mangu vs mofongo? Some of its various spellings include, "foofoo", "foufou", and “foutou”. El tercero es el mangu que me gusta a mi jijiiji. © 2020 Hemisphere Media Group, Inc.All rights reserved. You are using an out of date browser. [citation needed] Settlers and migrants from India, Togo and Ivory Coast discovered it and modified it in their accord. La diferencia, es que en Puerto Rico el plátano se fríe porque tienen más arraigada la tradición africana. So very true. Era el alimento que recibían los esclavos en los barcos durante su travesía, según el investigador cubano Fernando Ortiz. Mofongo is also enjoyed in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

I make riotous, but like it with riper plantains.Husband from Jamaica wants green plantain, bacon, and scrambled eggs. are both boiled and then mashed. Te quiero fuerte y saludable en los foros. Ask Question + 100.

I always thought Mofongo originated in Puerto Rico… in researching I found out that it may not be from PR or DR… watch the video… and read my footnotes. También lo he visto hacer en forma de bolitas duras que se echan dentro de algún caldo o sopa. jajaja como es eso?

In Africa, Fufu has a lot of spellings and pronunciations. You have fried green plantains or yucca, mashed in broth, garlic, olive oil then they add bits of bacon or pork cracklings and it doesn‘t stop there.

Que ricura! Is like saying Salsa, Merengue and Plena originated in Africa. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. She had to make her own adobó. O sea de chicharr?n o de camar?n.

of Dominicans to be at the San Francisco ball park holding their platanos. Mi mama me las hacia porque era la única forma que yo comía sopa. Mofongo is from PR just like Fufu is from Cuba and Mangu is from DR. PRESS RELEASE - Mon, 02 Nov 2020 14:00:16, —- The Crafty Chica will appear twice on HSN’s craft day, Monday, November 2nd, 2020 —, PRESS RELEASE - Mon, 02 Nov 2020 13:00:07, NEW YORK, NY - November 2, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Latinas in Business Inc. President and CEO Susana G Baumann is asking Latina leaders in particular, and all members of the Latinx community at large, to support her petition to dedicate November 1st as “National Day of Remembrance of Latinxs Killed by COVID-19.” “As …, PRESS RELEASE - Fri, 30 Oct 2020 14:38:41, — Hispanic Star Miami partners with IMC Health Medical Centers, P&G and other organizations to provide essential care products to over 20,000 families most impacted by COVID-19 so far this year —, Sofrito For Your Soul, 1997-2019 All Rights Reserved, Africans in the Spanish New World colonies, A Taste of The Dominican Republic: A Tour of The Nation of The Dominican Republic, Plus a Recipe Rice and Red Beans, Jimmy Rodríguez brings mofongo to Westchester, Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica, to appear on Home Shopping Network to debut 'Buenas Vibras', her new paper crafting line, National Day of Remembrance of Latinxs Killed by Covid-19, Hispanic Star Miami, IMC Health, Procter & Gamble, and partners reach thousands most impacted by COVID-19 in South Florida. Al viajar plátanos y esclavos por las islas del Caribe, el manjar fue adquiriendo diversos nombres: machuquillo, matajíbaro en Camagüey o mofongo en Puerto Rico; mangú en República Dominicana; bolón en Guayaquil, Ecuador; tacacho en la Amazonía peruana; o malarabia en las costas de Piura, Perú. Algunos lo hacen con cebolla, jamón, tocino. My BFF in middle school ate fufu but I didn't know what it was.

Se le añade caldo, chicharrones y aceite, una variación de la cocina española. 0 1. Baseball's newest rally novelty: Dominicans' rally plantain. [4] Both fufu and mofongo are seasoned after the plantains are cooked and mashed.

Gahh!) Por: Noticentro.TV - hace 4 años. Get your answers by asking now. Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. Existen muchas versiones del fufú. La preparación es casi la misma: se hierven los plátanos y se majan como para hacer puré de papas, aunque dejando ciertos grumos para dar textura. Mofongo may not have had its origins in The DR, but we make it just as good as them Ricans. Join. El primero ese nunca lo habia visto, fufu? The word fufu comes from the Twi language. Yes all these dishes came from african slaves. Agrega sal y pimienta al gusto.

Still have questions? Know one Dominican who lives in Rancho Cucamonga (between San Diego and LA) who will be traveling there with his platano. JavaScript is disabled. FUFU AND MOFUNGO! Necesito aclaracion. There are variations of it in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic but, the Cuban “fufu” and the Dominican “Mangu” although based on the green plantain taste different. Comentarios.

The word 'fufu' has two possible derivations, both deriving from words in the Asante language (asante twi). Join. November 2020 edition!

En fin…tantas maneras diferentes, cada una con su propio encanto. Mofongo. Both dishes were brought to Puerto Rico by slaves. Luego se sofríe todo junto en un sartén aceitado.

Después de esta breve reseña, hago mis conclusiones y respondo tu pregunta: El mofongo puertorriqueño es una adaptación del fufú africano; como también lo es el mangú dominicano y el fufú cubano. Slaves brought the idea to PR and introduced it.

Mofongo the dish and name originated in Puerto Rico. what is a mofongo or mangu?

Made of platano verde. This recipe makes a sweet yet savory turkey dressing or side dish.Prep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 20 minutesTotal Time: 35 minutesIngredients: 4 sweet plantains (peeled and cut into uniform pieces) 1/4 pound of bacon (cut into small pieces) 1 medium onion (diced) 4 cloves garlic (finely chopped), In Caribbean and the nations with populations of West African origin, such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico, plantains or yams are mashed and then other ingredients are added. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Soups are often made with different kinds of meat and fish, fresh or smoked. WOW Siboney!!! Muy bueno el concurso Can you imagine if the game were being played in NYC, Philly or Boston, where there are sizable Dominican and Boricua communities?

Por ejemplo, en la preparación tradicional el plátano es hervido, pero en el caso del mofongo puertorriqueño, el plátano se fríe.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. However each island gave it its own special touch and made those dishes their own. Bones, para mi todos se ve bien rico ummmmmmmmmm yomi yomi, el de la cebollas es de Santo Domingo

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The recipe in this video is the most authentic I have yet to see.

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