What was there to ban? They worked on songs with George Morton, then he worked with us. “Leader of the Pack,” their second hit, featured revving motorcycles, screeching tires, crashing glass, and an infamous adenoidal spoken-word intro. If you’ve followed along on this site for a while, you know how I feel about the Shangri-Las, but, more to the point, you know how I feel about the often ridiculous narratives that were imposed on them–often by the usual well-intentioned sorts paving the usual roads to hell–during Mary’s forty years of silence. So here’s a happier memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QZOX3lYS5g. Ultra Violet was there. She was pregnant at the time. ML: Now you couldn’t have bought those in a store. ML: On the Red Bird recordings, they double-tracked your voice sometimes…. MW: The only rock n’ roll show I attended was in grammar school. I miss him to this day. I bought a gun after somebody tried to break into my hotel room.

“I’m taking it very slowly,” she says. I’m glad he was there. And, in case you were wondering….these guys had their money stolen, too….Which is why they were on the road in February, 1959, hopping a plane so they could get off that freezing tour bus on the day something in the music really did die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEl3UUl1Fmw.

Margie was more aggressive than Mary Ann. MW: Right. Paul Jabara was my closest friend there.

MW: Nobody’s. He lived in St. Albans, the next town over from Cambria Heights.

Maybe it should have (laughs). MW: That was cool! Shadow Morton passed last year. ML: Were the twins like you?

MW: Pretty much. He had a huge loft with a deck and umbrellas and the bathroom had a golden throne. Touring was a blur. I went to a big party at Andy Warhol’s one day.

I went to professional school where you could leave if you had to tour. I can see our attitude. Big project. But, Mary Ann got even with Dusty. What if we all had penises? In 1968, after an attempted upgrade to Mercury Records resulted in two dud singles, the Shangri-Las disbanded amid legal issues that Weiss still cannot discuss. The Gansers were relatively poor. I would have been very nervous if I had known in advance that she was going to be there. As for her former bandmates, Mary Ann Ganser died in 1971; conflicting accounts cite a drug overdose or a seizure. )], (MW is Mary Weiss, BM is Billy Miller, ML is Miriam Linna…I’ve retained the original’s sometimes idiosyncratic punctuation, etc.).

There were these glass panels on the side of the door and all of a sudden I see this arm coming through. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. But, there was one great thing at the end of the Dick Clark tours, because he’d have Caravans going all over the country and we’d all mee in one place and they’d have like a Battle of the Bands type thing with all the stars. At the end of the bridge of “I Can Never Go Home Anymore”–a bridge that is the peak moment in rock and roll arranging (I rank the overall arrangement slightly behind “Midnight Train to Georgia,” where Gladys and the Pips spend four minutes finishing each other’s breaths, but the bridge here is unmatchable) and ups the already impossible emotional stakes five times in twenty-seconds. MW: Can you imagine?

5. She released a solo album in 2007 called “Dangerous Game,” to much critical acclaim. “My mother kind of signed my life away when I was 14,” she says. She waited and waited and the next time we were with Dusty at the Brooklyn Fox, Mary Ann put fish in Dusty’s shoes. Nancy Pelosi now faces a potential revolt. ML: Especially having a girl’s voice saying it. They didn’t survive the century. You seemed to be on it all the time…. BM: Uh, that would have seriously affected the crush I had on you as a kid. “And it was even more amazing,” Rackham says, “to find out we were living in the same town–and had for years. When somebody breaks your heart, you don’t want anyone near you. My father died when I was six weeks old. ‘Trump Has Given Us a Gift’: GOP Insiders See Victory in Potential Loss. Did you meet them? BM: Who’s that singing the lead vocal on “I’m Blue.”, BM: What do you remember about “Right Now and Not Later?”. The comeback was a long time coming. Or filmmaker Allison Anders naming them as the source point for her fantastic, overlooked film Grace of My Heart (and reminding me I need to watch it again soon…even if it did end up being about Carole King!).

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