My Pap was Sam Gillingham who lived above the Columbia Bar and Grill. Bound.

endobj �y)��n�����_E!�+ ��. 1909; Republished 1953. 10th Ward football and baseball teams played there. Perspective map not drawn to scale. View 117 Images, Resource: Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Tarentum, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

I lived in 10th ward as a little girl. City of McKeesport Official Zoning Ordinance ARTICLE I TITLE AND PURPOSE . I had friends.....Jimmy, Sonny, and Bobby Boweres.....Thelma Figas, and the Kozak Boys. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Allegheny, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Pitcairn, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Images, Resource:

map; pittsburgh; wards; Additional Metadata. Images. 3 0 obj

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Springdale, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Government; Allegheny County Municipality Map; Municipality Map. It was a gathering place of sports-minded males.

I returned to McKeesport and then moved to Maryland in 1959. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Dravosburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Double-paged plates numbered 1-37. View 100 If we could clone you a few hundred times 10th Ward could return to it's former self.

After my grandmother passed in 1950 my mother inherited the house. %PDF-1.5 Moyer, James - Fowler, T. M. (Thaddeus Mortimer) - Fowler, T. M. "Compiled from USGS 1:24 000-scale topographic maps dated 1953-1960." View 39 View 10 View 7

Find McKeesport, PA land for sale at®. Pitcairn, Wall, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, East Pittsburg. Images, Resource: Port Perry, Rankin, North Bradddock. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.


I grew up in 10th ward in the 80's. View 14 Images, Resource: View 2

View 23 Images. Images, Resource:

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Mansfield Borough, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Images.

View 122 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. I grew up in upper and lower tenth ward. View 99 The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data... View 14 Aug 1914. 1906 Vol.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Glassport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. View 16 Can't believe how they have let it run down. Jun 1924 - Jan 1941. (Skeleton). 117. View 7

Images, Resource: Secretary of the Commonwealth, Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau.

3, 1905.

Dec 1921. Bound. [N��7�=�|Xo���Œ^8lQ��{^��9�`:"B�B�Tx�xHh��!��ڹ~:}�֓b'�@�)���mY2Ɋ�DdX�yB6`��d���$��Q�5�k�З1��ؖ��;��G27�n����݉��k���U���!&Q�)�&I ,�O+dY H#�*lYm F�bRx9,Sؿ��r ��y�} ����|i�0I}Z����0����d����}����tctW�e�@3�`�(�* b˨@`˘A�-M��2�O��+钐���bh$�4]��M�^���e�_�˘�Z��5! Ward For in McKeesport - White Oak on View 40

Apr 1901.

Also covers the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

1884 Vol. AACR2: 651/1.

My sister and husband still live in White Oak.

Bound. Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) and the City of Pittsburgh both publish their data through the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center.

Images. McKeesport was incorporated as a borough in 1842, and the city's first steel mill was established in 1851.

Images, Resource: 200 Lothrop St F675 Puh Department Of Surgery, Eleventh Ward Welfare Association of McKeesport, Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Jeff Ward, Restaurant Equipment & Supply-Wholesale & Manufacturers, Marriage, Family, Child & Individual Counselors, Physicians & Surgeons, Family Medicine & General Practice, Physicians & Surgeons, Obstetrics And Gynecology. Data.json Data.json Metadata Download Metadata. Images, Resource:

On snow days, the young could sled ride from West Fifth Avenue across the railroad tracks to Pacific Avenue.

stream View 2 View 9 Bird's-eye-view. Images. Farm line map of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, View 12 ), 868 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. View 6 Everybody knew everyone that lived in the neighborhood and everyone watched and cared for all.

View 18 Images, Resource: We went to West Side and enjoyed a wonderful time there. Dates.

I grew up as a little boy in 10th ward. Visiting McKeesport over the years brings to mind the thought of what this city could have become under the right leadership of those with vision to see amazing city transformation possibilities and make it happen, with strength to do what needs to be done for teaching and requiring responsible law abiding citizenship, and with the fortitude for championing solutions to the needs of this city and its residents. Images. Bound. $T�� ���+�. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Braddock, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 1. My mother and father raised us there until the early 70s. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. View 4

Visit page . Candy bars from Larson Drug store and sledding on the ramp.

View 3

Scott, Union and West Liberty Townships and Greentree Borough, Allegheny County. 35 X 29 cm. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Homestead, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 115.

Resource: Pittsburgh - 13th Ward 10 Stowe 4 Pittsburgh - 14th Ward 11 Swissvale 8 Pittsburgh - 15th Ward 11 Tarentum 7 Pittsburgh - 16th Ward 11 Thornburg 4 Pittsburgh - 17th Ward 13 Trafford - 1st Dist.

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