Discord.me est un site permettant de créer un lien discord personnalisé redirigeant sur le serveur en question. Dyno Bot also offers your server members the chance to set themselves up with ranks. Click on the logo of the server in the “Manage” tab to be taken to that server’s dashboard.

Pour cela, nous allons lister tout ce qu’il peut faire et comment mettre ses fonctionnalités en place. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

For example with the poll command if you want the question to have multiple words: -poll "whats your favorite color" red blue green2, Shows help about all or one specific command, Shows command prefix of the current server, or the specified server. Invite. Warns a user, warnings are saved using the bot. Whichever server you want Mee6 apart of, go ahead and click the logo.

Mee6 offers various auto-commands such as; banning users, deleting messages, and warning a user that is violating your channel’s standards.


Configuration Settings. Powered by GitBook.

Here you can see all the commands in different sections. Using Bots to customize your Discord app is one of the things that make this messaging application so great. The {user} variables user variables refer to the user who typed the command {user} {user.mention}: user mention | Example: @MEE6 {user.id}: user id | Example: 159985870458322944 {user.name}: user name | Example: MEE6 {user.discriminator}: user discriminator | Example: 4876 Updates a rolemenu, toggling the provided flags and adding missing options, aswell as updating the order. Shows yours or the specified users current rep and rank, Does sentiment analysis on a message or your last 5 messages longer than 3 words. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved. Available timezones​, Sets a role to mentionable, mentions the role, and then sets it back Requires the manage roles permission and the bot being above the mentioned role, List roles, their id's, color hex code, and 'mention everyone' perms (useful if you wanna double check to make sure you didn't give anyone mention everyone perms that shouldn't have it), Create very simple reaction poll. Ce guide pour bien configurer son bot Mee6 a été réalisé avec amour par Dr.TableBasse. Sets your timezone, used for various purposes such as auto conversion. Allez dans l’onglet « Plugins », puis cliquez sur la catégorie « Moderator ».


Shows past usernames of a user.

To manage server roles within the Discord app check out this article. Ready to build the best Discord server ? on peut se rajouter des niveau sans écrire de message quand on est admin du serveur ?

je veux des niveau et c mee6 qui va m aider.

However, you’ll still need to be logged in to get to the dashboard. De façon facultative, il peut vous envoyer une réponse en privé pour vous dire que la commande a été exécutée, supprime la commande une fois envoyée ou retirer la réponse du bot lorsque la commande a été exécutée. MEE6 Discord Chat Commands. Lists Violations summary in entire server or of specified user optionally filtered by max violation age.

An xkcd comic, by default returns random comic strip.

Toutes les actions de vos modérateurs seront listées dans le Channel que vous avez spécifié. Click the “Select Role” drop-down and choose which role or roles you want to make joinable.

Shows server stats (if public stats are enabled). Aside from the role timers available, the Mee6 Bot will allow you to set auto-level up options. Ranks are just like roles but the ability to grant them is determined by the ?rank command. Now your members can add a rank by typing in. Next, you’ll need to choose the server you want to add Dyno Bot to. MODERATOR ROLES You can add moderator roles. From the “Home” tab in the “General” section, you’ll need to give your Dyno Bot a nickname and set up a command prefix. Ready to build the best Discord server ? Roles are a defining feature of a Discord server’s hierarchy. On ne sait jamais, certains bots peuvent spam lors de certaines commandes ou autre et risqueraient de se faire modérer. Finalize your decision by clicking on the, These two proposed bots are very popular meaning that they’re likely to continue to receive support and evolve as time goes on. Shows ranked list of warnings on the server. Help Grow The Bot. Example: Creates an embed from what you give it in json form: https://docs.yagpdb.xyz/others/custom-embeds, [-channel :Channel - Optional channel to send in], [-content :Text - Text content for the message], [-desc :Text - Text in the 'description' field], [-author :Text - The text in the 'author' field], [-authoricon :Text - Url to a icon for the 'author' field], [-authorurl :Text - Url of the 'author' field], [-footer :Text - Text content for the footer], [-footericon :Text - Url to a icon for the 'footer' field], TopServers [Skip:Whole number - Entries to skip], SetRep , RepLog [Page:Whole number], Create [packs:Text - Packs seperated by space, or * for all of them. In Dyno, you can enable the “Autorole” feature from the dashboard in the “Modules Settings” section.

Text arguments containing multiple words needs be to put in quotes ("arg here") or code ticks (arg here) if it's not the last argument and there's more than 1 text argument. Example: -roll 2d6, Creates an embed from what you give it in json form: https://docs.yagpdb.xyz/others/custom-embeds Example: -ce {"title": "hello", "description": "wew"}.

Here is a list of variables you can use. It offers almost as much as the Dyno Bot (in some ways more) while remaining easier to use and navigate. Click on the Authorize button to enable Dyno Bot on your server. The command prefix is key to being able to use any of the commands provided by Dyno Bot. Generates a conversation topic to help chat get moving.

Here is a list of variables you can use. De façon facultative, il peut vous envoyer une réponse en privé pour vous dire que la commande a été exécutée, supprime la commande une fois envoyée ou retirer la réponse du bot lorsque la commande a été exécutée.

Mee6 est le bot le plus utilisé sur les serveurs discord, alors vous vous demandez peut-être comment il fonctionne ? You can un-check the ones you don’t want. An “I‘m not a robot” reCAPTCHA window will prompt itself for authorization. Support.

Not only can you use it to auto-assign roles for members, but it also offers a Music Search option that pulls videos from YouTube for you to watch, an automated Google Search feature to surf the web on your behalf, various custom commands at your disposal, an “Announcements” feature, and much more. Toggle the permissions that you’d like to assign to those who are in your server. For those times when someone needs temporary access to permissions you can toggle the permissions on but will have to manually turn them off once done. Your email address will not be published. Those newer to the Discord bot scene may find the use of Dyno Bot confusing. Click the box and proceed. Shows the current shard this server is on (or the one specified, Shows the current status of the member fetcher, Shows yagpdb status, version, uptime, memory stats, and so on, Returns wether the specified guild is unavilable or not, Bans a member, specify a duration with -d, Delete the last number of messages from chat, optionally filtering by user, max age and regex. Custom Commands Plugin Learn how to add and advance custom commands in your server; Announcement Plugins Notify your fan base when you go live or upload new content; Moderator Plugin Power up your moderation with cool commands and automations!

haem, j’aimerais savoir si il y a une commande pour supprimer plusieurs messages d’un coup ? Liste des Commandes Mee6 du serveur. Roll dices, specify nothing for 6 sides, specify a number for max sides, or rpg dice syntax. You can create a command using Dyno’s many variables.

If a command has this shown it means that one if the options is optional and not needed. Most of these commands … My Bots. Une page s’ouvrira pour que Mee6 mette à jour son Webhook. Click the blue Add button to place the role as auto-assigned. Only shows up to the last 25 nicknames. Clears Violations of specified user optionally filtered by Name, Min/Max age and other conditions. The Mee6 bot is a really cool tool for a server that wants to branch out into a community. Browse All Categories. Server Stats.

Vous pouvez aller le remercier, le contacter ou voir un serveur discord bien modéré en le rejoignant ici : https://discord.gg/bj6uVD6.

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