ading/Meerkat%20Mail.pdf Meerkat Mail, by Emily Gravett. As a core story for a half term it is perfect for KS1 – with plenty of text types to focus on, captivating illustrations, quirky characters and lots of humour. £6.00. With seven giant glossy postcards attached to the pages, this beautiful book is rich with comic detail and will keep any child entertained for hours. stream Children will learn about the story. . But from the watery world of the Marsh Mongoose to the nocturnal lifestyle of the Malagasy Mongoose, Sunny just doesn't fit in. By: Mark Warner.


PDF (1.39 MB) Using the story Meerkat Mail, students explore the difference between friendly letters, email, and postcards. 1 0 obj 6 0 obj Meerkat Mail is a brilliant picture book from Emily Gravett, the winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion 4��֪4�ڋRP��&U� �[��W8������RM���P�*\�\�Rv���p����� GREAT FUN! <> endobj _����' �d�陜�����MR��+�Ǡp�l9$�TE���J���~�9���"ʆRQ��� ��J/�A�� ~�a�DZay�ţ����:;��q3yvIi��Z�!��l��Lq�F�2ܼ��y�� s�D8D�w�[),�\+�%�lK��H� Loading... Save for later. Includes questions for approaching level, on level, and beyond level! endobj After that, Eventually, etc. 1. Buy this book. Write an oral version of the story in the past tense, including more story connectives, e.g. i$h�P�S)rƾ-=j�iːT\;8\�^�w�O��:8���1��,b���������� \���Z��zMm������rb�@7��8�H�QmOOxp8LrKхpt�����j�=�s�t뱩�pJ�/�c4�AG`i������3Ҫɻ��]�hꞜb�Z����U����bϑ�W�o*��;�J�a���o���L�'�?�S��$�Up&�gB���"����!��ض�B��DTv��?�o�rd�L��l�R.O���3�����-9$�9v��|�z)LJ�>d%]h\�g�P��×�t���Ӝ��_�YO�\��3j�Nؓ���q��/���7ִ̪�8}_O��9�Ő�����ۓ�t`�������$����een'w+S5^5�ת#(D%�}���wu�Pf����~s���|b���0���G��N8d�ͱoі!T���[����� �4'�D��A�{����g�uU�Y�]#��P�{�{ They will formulate questions about Meerkats and the differences between different animals.. Children will through research discovery creatures adapt to their surroundings. You can also use the cards to play fun matching, memory, and go fish games. Use this book companion after reading the de, MEERKATS and MEERKAT MAIL! Read more. . London WC1R 4HQ. Perfect for any time of the year, these pennants are a great way to supplement your science instruction as well as help your students organize their research. Meerkat Mail is a brilliant picture book from Emily Gravett, the winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal.It has wonderfully detailed, witty artwork and a giant, glossy postcard flap to lift on every spread. endobj }u���ꫯ߭���O��D��9��U(am�*{���|��_�iu��'_���'�kVƬ~x��'���Vf��z�mS(k�V?\�F�>�>�\�\} ��ӧ��������~��O?��v��>�d��w�V���k���u�9bjO��}����32a��Ό�z��mV7��������~U��\�����G7�����|�/���f���dV�ȭC^�}]�����9��p���n���96��ꤖ��`��Xw����|S���������\ǣ�c�\��l��jw��7��W����/�S8����ҷw����;B���im�k�y�L� ,e�ZU��M�;kcxur�y��%��nO��Ʉ��W�? Fiction and Nonfiction Picture Books! so close, in fact, that one day Sunny decides it's just too crowded and packs his bags. x��k�۸�������"��E�E�yܵ�z��P������dmr���>$Y��袸��]K|��!��4���D�S�gI�$��(�I]�����=?#�"/^_\�W�/�o����|]_}{����|\��Q˿�d�GEN>ޜ���3|�;?���o�d�r��~��l�~�Hg�r��fk��a���y2#�Z��_���:��k�����gxNȜ����cŸ��=��9�3�AB���O€P�V8ʹ�j����2�7����7��8?�� cQ"|���l]���0����'x�cvüç��>���תi.d3N}���L�?���%�0���$� q���`X}w�[X��K�/���E���'|�b�;�m�C�� ~kY=�$��DRA��t6�t�bO��ݮj����i These cards have been created to develop student efficacy and get learners hands on creating and making. Fiction unit plan - 2 weeks, based on the text Meerkat Mail. YEAR 1 Medium Term Planning Summer 1 Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett Communication, Literacy and Languages Mathematical Understanding Science and Technology Historical, Geographical & Social Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being Top sheet (MTP) for Non Fiction. �4��S_ߺT�S��L�R!����I��E�=:Y')R�=��� ��|ڦm��U��r���# s Perfect for fans of The Jolly Postman – and meerkats! <>>>

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It has wonderfully detailed, witty artwork and a giant, glossy postcard flap to lift on every spread. ��Ur6��(��TQ6��)o!ž���� *M�(��{ D}'����A��&�+ �f��< Fiction and Nonfiction Picture Books! Explaining which materials we chose for Sunny’s clothes and why.

Approval by or endorsement of this product by McGraw-Hill is neither intended nor implied, nor do I have any association with McGraw-Hill. English - Meerkat Mail Year 2 ... Mail Lesson 2 – Setting of the story Watch meerkats in the Kalahari desert click here. These worksheets have many visual pictures for tracing, coloring, and writing letters and words. How many syllables can the child identify in each word eg Meer/kat. Top sheet (MTP) for Fiction. and learn it. Draw a story map for Meerkat Mail. English - Meerkat Mail Lesson 2: The Kalahari Desert Your task today is to find out about the Kalahari desert and create a poster/fact file 4 0 obj

3 0 obj Templates for postcards are included (with lines and no lines).

Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, Inspired by Pie Corbett’s initiative and one of his recommended texts, this resource has over 30 slides.Story maps, worksheets, planning for 10 activities and display ideas all included. It's a great addition to your picture communication system; and perfect for encouraging conversational speech; and improving descriptive language. x��}[od7�����7i�J�ɅQ�v��A�m{���.Y�j�6�e����Eɓ�GRK)c�W+H^��������ۓ��_|�ݻ�z5}��������? the story (verbally or written). Conditions. Children will learn about the world and the differences in weather. Original drawings with space for children to add their own drawings and words to support a recount of the story. The resources are differentiated and aimed at Year 1 / Year 2 with the higher activity sheet touching on homophones.

n.NF�X{���Xef����c�N7����%��m�b�������|-:�+�p�k���9�����&|sR�p�4rH?��1�?��:T"�����Pno��w�I�>������NJfr��ˮ�R5���������#�B������^� ,�$��}:��el�Bp��z2%��J#���BZ�}�[��L����� �w W��������n�d����Z��j�_�?`�뼸�,�H�9��"�l���L����Q�����4S�������RH�bu�x��r�t&�Y4��q(M��R�: ��?� ���[��p{�#�t������� Q���b�;��HΗ3vC5K5FN����au�"7�͇��0������Q]����9Se�Y\��Ey%V�:�L�uX�ޡ^�U��/��nN� Ub:%�|��!��:x~�*��^U\��`����{�z�-�?лd�n�4���-y*��c?p5�����f���j

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