Your car won’t start. My Module Is Water damaged Can it Still Be Cloned ? Our services come in various formats which include software and hardware modifications to your engine ECU. This service will take longer than our normal 24 hours if we have to make the solution. We need the following original matched components from your car: EZS ignition switch  ESL Electric Steering Lock One Original working key. FBS2 EZS - IFS - Immobiliser box versions using a … All your remote keys will continue in a normal manner. View Details.

Our service will not delete a dashboard immobiliser error message or light if the problem is external to the ECU or a by-product of the bypass. Mercedes Immobiliser Bypass Services. Mercedes Immobiliser Bypass Services. Quick view Details. Recommended. Our services are designed for enthusiasts and professionals, it is your responsibility to carry out the diagnostic work prior to, CONTACT US WITH YOUR PART NUMBERS AND REQUIREMENTS, WE OFFER A RENEW FOR PERSONALIZING SERVICE FOR MOST MB PETROL & DIESEL ECU'S. it is a system mercedes has put into to prevent theft.

We offer immobiliser bypass options for each of the following system types.FBS2 EZS - IFS - Immobiliser box versions using a fixed password for Petrol & Diesel ECUs.FBS3 EZS - Petrol & Diesel using HASH data for drive authorization. Once the computer This is our own solution we do not subcontract.CLONING:We can clone your original into a compatible replacement making it plug and play.RESET TO NEW:This service will unlock all aspects of a used ECU, With the correct equipment and knowledge, you will be able to update the VIN, personalize & activate in the same way you would with a new part.

Posted by Terence Aspartin on 2nd Sep 2020. STATIC BENCH TEST:If you have a no communication issue we can do a static bench test and investigate a possible repair or replacement option.We require your engine ECU, immobiliser box and key with your contact details.

Posted by Mike - Etats Cars on 16th Mar 2020. 1708201726 Chrysler Crossfire RFL - SKREEM Bypass. What Does Clone My ECU / BCU / BSI / UCH / Electronic Module Mean ? After three years of R&D in house, we have made a solution to free run these engine ECU version which uses the, 1708201726 5WK48697 Siemens Immobiliser box. Flush Tool. This service is made uniquely for the original vehicle ECU, all coding and VIN remain original. NOTE: Bypass solutions offered for FBS3 are services for modified engine use for example. SIM4 LE - SIM4LE Mercedes Start Error - Reset To New - Cloning Plug & Play - Immobiliser Bypass Versions With 1708201726 5WK48697 Siemens Immobiliser box, Service Immobiliser Bypass - Additional Charge With ECU Purchases, 0261208353 | 0 261 208 353 | A1121535779 | HW 38.03 | Bosch ME2.8 Chrysler Crossfire Immobiliser Bypass Service, Mercedes Benz 170 SLK | A1111533779 | 5WK90422 | SIM4 LE - SIM4LE | Mercedes Start Error - Reset To New - Cloning Plug & Play - Immobiliser Bypass.

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