The owner doesn't pretend it's a factory 6R4, which is what counts. I need to see more…, Speedhunters U0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f618. If you want to view an even rarer variant of the 'original' 6R4 have a look at the DAM4100, I've always been a huge fan of the Metro 6R4. I would think the morebastard amount would, Folly dares will be defeated cleverness hesitation.

Supplier of Wössner Products. Metro 6R4 Replica build from start to finish. JavaScript is disabled.

A C32B to be exact. Since it is a 4-cylinder & probably RWD only , shouldn't it be called "4R2" now ? It’s the perfect period-correct exterior in which to hide this Metro’s more modern workings. Approximately 320bhp in a car that weighs around 800kg. As I remember it the only thing Metro on the 6R4 was the name and a very vague resemblance. it's good as. And proper management (I'd run my lawn mower on DTA if I could) probably goes some way to making up for the RWD / AWD business in this instance. Sep 23, 2014 6,204 17,775 Ayrshire Scotland Funster No 33,478 MH Swift Kon-Tiki 640 Exp Since 1964 Gosh that makes me feel old. I could see that it was immaculately finished and blisteringly quick. Martin Schanche & Will Gollop must have went through a hella Lot of these two cars (RS200 & 6R4) remember watching them on Satellite TV. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

TurboHippie Yes, Rallycross is probably why, as that's where a load went. XD, To my knowledge the Metro 6R4 was not a spaceframe covered with plastic panels a'la Lancia, but instead it retained the centre part of the original Metro's steel monocoque including the roof, Yeah, definitely not a fibreglass-clad spaceframe.Here is a restoration of one of the originals: a brilliant bit of engineering well done, but a couple of questions, go to any auto grass club to see much the same configuration used in many shells with engines up to supercharged v8s. jay8393 This 'works' really nicely indeed! i helped fit a 6r4 kit from m-99, if i hadn't been handy with bodywork it would never have looked good, but it looked just right once finished. You must log in or register to reply here.

Welcome to the home of the Metro 6R4 was set up by 6R4 fans Nicky Lindon and Dan Ellmore in 2008, they were joined by David Sims in 2019. hope this helps

This MG Metro 6R4 replica was built by Steve Denner in his UK garage. Subscribers  do not see these advertisements. I beg to differ Jordan, an old work mate of mine had a black MG Metro turbo which was silly quick..... but I do admit it handled like a bucket of crap and er, after possibly cranking the boost up too much the turbo let go in spectacular fashion about 2 weeks after first getting the car! Pop open the boot lid and, rather than be greeted by a 6R4-spec longitudinally-mounted V6, the first thing that strikes you is the instantly-recognisable crackle red painted cam cover of a Honda K20A.

Jordan_Butters roninrs211 Right? It was fun while it lasted though!Great article though, despite not being an original it really doesnt matter. A rather rotten standard Metro body shell provided the starting point, but there’s very little of the front-wheel drive hatchback left today. Performance engine builds, roll cages, fuel tanks and exhausts. it's just the thought of using a crappy metro for the bodyshell, Its quite likely they didn't have the £120.000 plus to buy an original but would settle for a self build rep as a great sense of achievement. I'll have the wings on it before the weeks out. Just in case you are wondering, heres an R64 at Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill climb this year. We're always very interested to hear your own stories as well as to receive your feedback. When I spotted Dave Higg’s wide-arched Metro bombing around the rally stage at Race Retro this year, I instantly knew it wasn’t a factory original 6R4 – the high-revving engine note instantly gave it away – but it didn’t matter. Jordan_Butters pilsbury69 ask and you shall receive: this is the guy behind the DAM4100's website: you know that the original 6R4 engine went on to power the Jaguar XJ220 supercar (albeit with twin turbo's) in later life? roninrs211 Who pissed on your chips? Thread starter ambulancekidd; Start date Aug 20, 2019; ambulancekidd.

A perfect combination, and a car that looks brilliant fun to drive. That’s what made the 6R4 such an unbelievable and wild prospect. when i see a k20 6r4 tribute, i get slightly moist, better than rallying a stock metro, better than spending 6-8 times more money to have the genuine thing with the same amount of happiness give or take when you're on a budget... i love it. The car has an insane amount of mechanical grip. It was probably either your grandma’s shopping wagon, or your mate’s first car; it wouldn’t have been very fast and it more than likely had a horrible colour interior and wasn’t very exciting. What’s more, because the original car was a fibreglass-clad spaceframe, they make for the ideal kit car, or replica. Not sure if that guy is trying to be rude or just sharing a picture lol.

The fact that it's out there, being used and raced, and is built to an incredibly high standard is what makes it worthy of appreciation, real or not. Add to Cart. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Works Replica Decal Kit. The original MG Metro 6R4 is a bit of a rare beast; built from a space-frame tubular chassis, its sole purpose was to compete in Group B rallying. If I can dig out the photos, I'd like to … It's safe to say it's my all-time favourite Group B rally machine. We have helped 6R4 fans make ownership a reality by sourcing cars for them, as well as sourcing 6R4s for magazine … I was hoping for a NSX V6.. It's never easy seeing the ugly side of one's heroes. roninrs211 I'm surprised you didn't type this in all caps with grammatical errors... Jordan_Butters roninrs211 The 6R4 picture I posted is my old car, I'm not a fan of kit cars without the same performance of the originals drivetrain...If you are going through the effort to make a reproduction then do it all the way, at the very least have it all wheel drive.Just my opinion, after all this is a comments section. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a Quaife sequential box and Gripper differential.

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