Also, the first mile and a half is a bit overgrown right now. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend traversing the boulder field, not trying for much elevation gain or descent in either direction. ( Log Out /  But somehow, twenty minutes later, the two of us met up again near the bottom of Secor’s Chute. Perfect temps, no wind, no wildfire smoke.

Once I finished the boulder fields and reached the trail proper, I already had to avoid fully extending my right leg.

The climb back down was slow, as we had to watch every step with the steep decline. What an absolutely perfect day for a Middle Pal summit.

And then a surprising view came into sight – someone was walking their bike to the peak.

This was a brutal hike, but doable.

I was gasping for breath despite walking at a crawling pace up a shallow incline. ( Log Out / 

The trail started a flat and downhill section where my body finally started adapting, and I followed a couple minutes behind Mugwort while slowly getting back up to what I considered a reasonable pace. Nice meeting you on the summit.

Not only was this the lowest elevation to highest elevation publicly accessible by bike, Jeremy completed the ride in just under 23 hours setting the Fastest Known Time for the trip. But that much was the easy part.

Epic trip! The final descent back to my car proceeded much slower than expected for a trail of gentle downhill slope, and my knee pain grew with each downhill step. And from there we reached the boulder fields. The first 3 miles are clearly mark and after that there is no trail. Follow the use trail to the right of Finger Lake and takes you to the ridge which splits the middle Palisade glacier. The climbing itself may not have been difficult from a rock climbing perspective, but neither Mugwort nor I were experienced climbers. But a 14er is still a 14er, and none should be underestimated. The mosquitoes didn’t leave me alone until after I reached the far end of Finger Lake. Instead we slept in until nearly 10 AM before getting on the road. Getting up this chute was an experience especially being solo. It's not technical, so no need for rope, but just beware of dislodging some loose rock if there's anything below you. The tail I super exposed so do what you have to do to protect yourself. You'll need to get on the glacier for about 80' or so. Even the boulder fields were fun as we hopped from one large boulder to the next passing just under the Middle Palisade Glacier.

Started hiking at 3:30 a.m., reached Braineird Lake at 6:00 a.m., went up the far right chute to Finger Lake, then crossed the outlet of the lake, climbing over class 2 boulders up to the ridge. To get there you follow the winding White Mountain Road from the valley, climbing thousands of feet on paved and dirt road while driving through the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Many choose to do Middle Palisade in a day but for my husband’s birthday we wanted to grab a remote campsite and relax for the weekend. Yes, 2 days Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. As part of my adventure, I am fundraising for the Reading Partners Sacramento to provide 1-on-1 literacy tutoring to struggling students from underserved communities.

Reached 13,000 feet, where the bergschrund is. Middle Palisade est un sentier aller-retour de 26.1 kilomètres modérément fréquenté situé près de Big Pine, Californie. Instead I wasted my youth in front of computer monitors, pouring hours upon hours everyday into reddit, manga, and video games. Up to the top across the glacier and down in a two night trip. Aim for the cleft between the Palisade and Middle Palisade glaciers. Progress was slow and strenuous as the air continued to thin, but we never had to worry about a steep fall. You will now see the east face of Middle Pal. The former heads towards Middle Palisade and Norman Clyde Peak; the latter goes to Sill as well as the eastern approach to the Palisade Glacier (which also approaches North Palisade, Polemonium, and Starlight via the U-Notch or the V-Notch). It was interesting to think that there was a class 4 route straight up the face of Middle Palisade.

As much as I wish I could say the descent was uneventful, that wasn’t the case. Trip odo:  15.4 miles Whitney. Still, the steep faces of Middle Palisade and Norman Clyde Peak above were impressive. The clear day gave us a pristine overview of Sierra’s eastern front, showing countless peaks along the range as it towered over the valley below us.

I spent a while looking for the hidden ledge, but couldn't find it.

However our ascent was made with the recklessness only present in those as young and willingly dumb as us.

The sketchiest part is the boulder field just before the glacier.

Although I wanted to invest more time in astrophotography, I learned from Mugwort that we were already past the optimal time when the core of the Milky Way would be lit up, so night gave way to sleep. Trouble at 5:00 AM when I couldn't find then trailhead. With the way I was feeling, I was uncertain if I’d even be able to reach the summit.

We found our way down to the Red Rock alternate which proved a much safer descent then trying to downclimb either of the routes Mugwort and I took on our way up. On the way down, took the more direct way past the shores of Finger Lake. To a non-climber like myself, Middle Palisade certainly deserves its designation as one of the Mountaineer’s Peaks on the Sierra Peaks list. Absolutely gorgeous scenery and weather! Here’s to hoping I can finish the rest in due time.

As for the hike in, overall it's really quite pretty and not a difficult trail. From there I took Red Rocks up to the summit. Now that I’m back in California, I want to experience as much as I can and make up for lost time. Going from Brainerd lake up to Finger lake is the only bad part - because it's steep and loose.

Thoroughly freaking myself out and wishing for a partner on a confusing wall of quality granite. Started hiking at 3:45am and made it to finger lake by 6am. Once the sun came up I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

This past weekend, I found myself driving to the Sierras once more with Mugwort (@anthonyottati).

I personally wouldn't follow the recording around finger lake as it's better to be on the west side of the lake (you gradually gain elevation up to the glacier on the "trail" on the west wide as opposed to having to ascend loose scree if you come up the way it's shown on the map). When we were 2/3rds of the way to the top, we passed a group of three climbers – two of whom had just completed all 15 California fourteeners with their ascent of Middle Palisade – on their way back down.

A few tiny cracks showed and some bare ice. This will lead you to … We departed from the peak after chatting briefly with Jeremy. Saturday was for acclimatization, and our target destination, Middle Palisade, was saved for Sunday. Not only were they both challenging and exhilarating, they helped reaffirm that peakbagging was something I’d enjoy and can continue to pursue in my free time. Beautiful area and the south fork trail is the best route for Sill and this mountain in my opinion. Slept at the overnight parking lot, drove to the day hiker parking lot at 3 a.m. I will be back! Also, the way the snow is melted at the top of the glacier just under the rock wall there is a deep crevice that made me worried since I was by myself. I’m now at 5/15 California 14ers climbed. Furthermore the rock was loose enough where many a step would send a shower of gravel and pebbles flying down. Was I always this out of shape, or was the elevation making things tougher than I anticipated? The trail to Middle Palisade is straightforward with only one stretch of steep switch-backs on the way to Brainerd lake. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jeremy, a beast of a cyclist, rode from Badwater, the lowest point in Death Valley and the United States, up to the White Mountain Peak – from -279 feet to 14,252 feet. Mather Pass looked like a tiny hill out in the distance to the point where I had trouble believing it was the same pass I traversed previously with great difficulty. Two hours later, we summited to the third-highest point I’d ever reached, just short of Quandary Peak in Colorado and Mt. Going from Brainerd lake up to Finger lake is the only bad part - because it's steep and loose. Once we passed the White Mountain Research Station just two miles into the hike, we decided Mugwort would better hike ahead. And that would only be the beginning of a near 1500-ft class 2-3 scramble to the peak of Middle Palisade.

White Mountain Peak is arguably the easiest 14er, certainly the easiest in California. The start is definitely closer to low 5th but once you find the ledge it's pure easy climbing from there.

I was solo and didn't want to risk anything. After seeing dark thunderclouds arriving over the Sierra Crest, I turned back. Despite living less than two hours away from the mountains for most of my childhood, I hardly ever visited the Sierras or did anything outdoors for that matter. In total, we hiked the 15 miles in under 6 hours including an hour’s rest at the peak. The downhill still emptied my oxygen stores, but I was able to proceed much quicker with help of gravity – albeit not as quickly as Mugwort who seemed to be flying down the hill. But we still had another 1400 feet of elevation to gain.

White Mountain’s trailhead is found at 11,700 feet, way high up in Inyo National Forest.

The Sierras look very different late in summer, but there’s still little that compares to their majesty. I wasn’t careful enough and ended up on my butt a couple times. The Middle Palisade “Glacier” would be just a small permanent snowfield if in Washington. The morning came quickly, but neither Mugwort nor I were in any rush to leave. Three months after passing through on the PCT I found myself overlooking the same landscape albeit from a very different perspective – atop one of the very mountains I thought impossible just months prior, the 14,019-ft Middle Palisade. I had no idea South Fork and North Fork started on the same spot. Monstrous peaks in the distance towered over a valley where the Palisade Lakes were hidden.

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