If you want to clear everything and start over again, just press the clear button. I like my Mac, but iPads are becoming the new Swiss Army module of choice. It has a neat feature called “Snapshots” where you can save the current RhythmBud configuration instantly and come back later. Even if you change the playing note/chord, it will adapt instantly! Mini Ringo is a MIDI tool that doesn’t make any sound itself, ... Signaldust – Dust Arp 32 size 0.5 MB  / 0.6 MB Dust Arp 32 is a polyphonic pattern arpeggiator. RhythmBud MIDI Rhythm Generator For iOS Developer Cem Olcay has introduced RhythmBud , a MIDI effect application that transforms incoming MIDI messages into customizable rhythmic patterns. Its definitely well-thought-out, with good I/O. Tempting. As long as it receives MIDI notes, it will generate your rhythm pattern and send it to your assigned MIDI output port. If you are not happy, you can always undo/redo your actions as well. My impression is that this is very similar to an arpeggiator, but perhaps with considerably more power to program your own patterns? It takes one note as input and shifts it’s pitch according to a sequence, it DOES NOT collect notes ... size 1.5 MB  / 4.8 MB  / 4.7 MB  Ripchord is a simple MIDI plugin for creating and remixing chord progressions. Damn, that feels like a sideways version of the KARMA utility by Stephen Kay, just more tactile. TED – LittleArpy. 4 Editing Mode Send MIDI Notes as Chord tones. Simply put it takes chords of up to six notes and plays them in a predefined sequence in sync ... size 7.20 MB  /  7.85 MB kawaChord2 free is a MIDI chorder. Tap custom rhythms or randomize them. You can create a whole song with that feature in your project. There are 4 modulation signal generators and 8 macro controls available ... size 4.6 MB  / 1.9 MB Harvest Mini generatesmelodies, chord progressions, and drum beats. Midi Note Map.

midi drum rhythm generator free download - HammerHead Rhythm Station, Rhythm Rascal, GH Drum Midi Filter, and many more programs. It supports ... size 0.77 MB ARPocalypse is a 8 step rhythmic pattern generator. Developer Cem Olcay has introduced RhythmBud, a MIDI effect application that transforms incoming MIDI messages into customizable rhythmic patterns. Another great feature is the “Record Mode” where you can record a pattern by tapping the toolbar—like clapping your hands or snapping your fingers for creating a rhythm pattern! Resizable interface. You may also control your snapshots via MIDI CC messages or Audio Unit Parameters. HY-Plugins – HY-RPE2 size 8 MB  / 9 MB  / 7 MB  HY-RPE2 is a 3 tracks grid sequencer. It control your VST instruments and create randomized sequences. It takes one note … It’s a different, more intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder. Here’s what the developer has to say about it: RhythmBud has a pretty easy-to-use timeline editor, where you can create rhythm patterns.

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