The swearing and beeping reach a dramatic climax at the end of the first episode, and we’re left wondering how Gordon will ever be able to convince Joe to change his ways. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? He eventually decides to meet the staff without Joe there, to find out what the biggest problems are. As the décor is the one thing that Gordon approves of at the Mill Street Bistro, there’s no need for an overnight make-over, so instead Gordon stays in the kitchen late that night designing an entirely new menu, filled with fresher, more reasonably priced items that are more suitable bistro dishes. ‘We all need to change’ he adds, and the staff seems less convinced by his change in attitude. Soon Gordon has removed name tags from all the staff, and he orders his meal, although not before remarking on the expensive prices.

The narcissist owner, Joe, was a delusional sack of manure that quite literally cannot utter even one syllable without (a) degrading his staff, (b) degrading his customers, (c) fabricating self worth from thin air; if you don't believe him, just ask, and bring a book, a pillow, a razor, and a fresh change of clothing because you're going to be there awhile. Gone are the tough elk medallions, now replaced by elk chili, and gone are the pretentious overpriced dishes that were turning the locals off of the restaurant.

Gordon and Tom end the night on a strong note, and when tempers have cooled Gordon gets Joe to agree to stay out of the kitchen, where he causes chaos, and instead to concentrate on managing the business instead. The Mill Street Bistro was located in rural Norwalk, Ohio, but owner Joe Nagy believed that his fine dining restaurant produced exceptional food that was far too good for the locals. Firstly Gordon objects to the name tag that his server Amy is wearing, ‘It’s not a chain’ he remarks, and encourages her to take it off. The meals are leaving the kitchen quickly, but many diners find they don’t taste good, one even calls his meal ‘Gross’. Mill Street Bistro On Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon reveals that Joe has been listening in to the conversation, and several of the staff look horrified, convinced that they’re about to get fired, but Joe comes in and seems to have taken the criticism on board for once. Suspecting that Joe has never listened to feedback from his staff Gordon asks them if that’s true, and it isn’t. Chef Tom revealed that many of the menu items were frozen, and many of the steaks were purchased wholesale. In January 2014 Joe became involved in a legal dispute with the Kitchen Nightmares production company when some items were found to be missing after filming was completed., Eventually the Kitchen Nightmares production company agreed to pay $900 compensation to Joe. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Search for "Mill Street Bistro, Part 1" on, Title: Chef Ramsay finds himself at war with an arrogant restaurant owner on part one. With Bill, Bill Hann, Kaleigh, Joe Nagy. He sends the soup back after only a mouthful and begins sampling his next dish, the oysters Rockefeller.

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